Yoghurt Benefits

Health Benefits of Yoghurt

If given a choice to chose between a  full fat bowl of yogurt to a  bowl of  low fat yogurt  do not think twice and opt for the low fat yogurt.

It  is a boon for calorie conscious people who want to eat healthy  and yet  want to avoid fat.

Before i let you know about the benefits of low fat yogurt lets be clear of one thing.

Just because it has low added to it does not mean that the nutritional value of this product is compromised.

It offers equal health benefits and better still it has less amount of saturated fats.

Low fat yogurt is a good source of calcium,iodine,vitamin B12, Pottasium, moybenum , zinc , pantothenic acid , protein and phosphorus.

Based on a research conducted on the benefits of low fat yogurt i present before you its various benefits.

1. Low fat yogurt is extremely beneficial in people who have lactose intolerance.

2. People who find it difficult to digest milk  because of the lactose content can easily switch to low fat yogurt as the milk sugar lactose already breaks down into glucose and galactose.
These are the two sugars which are easily absorbed and play no problem to lactose intolerant people

3. Low fat yogurt is very good for colon.

4. A medical truism states that "you are  only as healthy as your colon".

5.Low fat yogurt contains lactobacteria which is intestine friendly.Lactobacteria facilitates the growth of acidophulus which promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the colon.

6. The lactobacteria present in the low fat yogurt helps in reducing the conversion of bile into carciogenic bile acids.So the more the content of these in your colon lesser are the chances of contracting colon diseases.

7. Low fat yogurt is rich in calcium .Thus it is very good  for people of all age groups .Be it a child or an adult or an old man.Consuming low fat yogurt ensures healthy bones  and teeth.

8. The calcium content of low fat yogurt  is also helpful  in contributing to the good health of the colon.

9. Low fat yogurt improves the bioavailabilty of other nutrients.
It helps in increasing the absorption of calcium and  B-vitamins.

10. Low fat yogurt helps in stimulating the infection white cells in the blood stream.

11. Low fat yogurt is effective in gastrointestinal conditions and  aids in preventing antibiotic associated diarrhea.

12. Low fat yogurt consumption helps in reducing the cholesterol level thus improving your cholesterol profile.

13. Low fat yogurt helps in preventing and curing arthritis.Lactobacilus a probiotic bacteria found in it helps in reducing inflammation and hence is useful in cases of arthritis.

14. It also helps in reducing and curing ulcers by acting on helicobacter pylori the bacteria responsible for ulcers.

15. It is proven to reduce halitosis.Consumption of low fat yogurt acts upon hydrogen sulphide and other  sulphide compounds  responsible for bad breath.

16. It also helps in reducing  dental plaque,and gingivitis.

17. Studies have shown that it helps in treating vaginal yeast infections.

18. Popularly known as growth food it helps in easy absorption of minerals thereby improving digestibility.

19. It also finds a special place in externally beautifying your skin.Application of yogurt on face helps in combating the tanning effect as it lightens the skin.

20. It can also be mixed with lemon and applied on your hair.It is known to have excellent cleansing effect on your hair and also promotes hair growth.

It can be combined with cucumber and had as salad, or can be had in its original form.

Anyway you have it the aim is to make the most of it. Make sure it now finds a permanent place in your refrigerator.

This white wonder has very conveniently made its place in the market owing to its benefits.

It is available in various brands and names. So if you want to lose weight or look good and keep good health dip your spoon into a bowl of yogurt and live a healthy hearty life.

My aim to present to you the benefits of yogurt end here with a hope that you all would soon switch over to low fat yogurt.

Authors Brief Bio: Dr.Neelu Khanna is a Dentist ,who has served the Indian Army for 5 yrs. She has served in the  2nd highest battle field of the world Drass. An avid speaker,writer and reader she is currently undergoing  online training in counseling and guidance.

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