White Wine Benefits

Health Benefits of White Wine

Hello to all my readers. I am Akshaya Kawle, and as you read further, you will realize that this article will give a lot of people more reasons to say ‘CHEERS’. This time I am going to share with you the benefits of white wine, a drink that is relished by most of us, all around the globe.

Wine is made by fermenting grapes, using yeast. It is an alcoholic beverage. The earliest production of wine is known to be in around 5000 B.C. in Georgia and Iran. India too has a history of wine making, dating back to as early as in the times of Chandra Gupta Maurya, and Chanakya.

In more recent times, due to the increasing indulgence of people in wine making, and drinking, the wine production all around the world has increased to a very large extent. Due to this very reason, many researches and surveys have been conducted regarding wine and wine consumption. These have led to astonishing results of how wine can be beneficial to our health!

One of the most known studies has been Serge Reynaud's 'French Paradox' paper in 1991. This study showed that, even after consuming food with high calorie and fat content, the French people have healthy hearts and have lower risks of heart diseases. Reynaud showed that the reason for this was the regular and controlled intake of wine that formed a part of the regular diet of these French men. This study however has made people have this notion that only red wine is good for their health. Therefore, in this article, I would like to present before you the benefits of white wine.

The primary difference between Red and White wine is that, the red wine is made along with the grape skin, while white one is made of white grapes, i.e. the grape flesh without the skin and seeds. This however does not take away its health benefits. “The flesh of the grape can do the same job as the skin. We can safely say that one to two glasses of white wine per day works exactly like red wine,” says Dipak Das, a molecular biologist at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine in Farmington.

Some of benefits of White Wine are:
1. Just like the red wine, white wine can also protect your heart and keep it healthy. Moderate consumption of white wine (1 glass a day) can lower the risks of heart diseases, and other heart related ailments. You can definitely enjoy that one drink with your family and say ‘Cheers!’ to a healthy heart.

2. Moderate consumption of White wine helps in avoiding blood clotting and can help in improved blood circulation.

3. In many places, a lot of elders are advised by the doctors to include moderate consumption of white wine in their daily intake. This is because white wine is known to help the elderly to have healthier blood vessels.

4. Since white wine is made by fermenting grapes, it contains gallic acid which has an anticarcinogenic quality. It reduces the occurrence of cancers or reduces the severity of cancers.

5. The antioxidants in white wine also help in reducing the harmful free radicals in our body which remain the primary cause of many diseases, including cancer.

6. Antioxidants in white wine also help people to prevent or control diabetes. However, this too is characterized by moderate level of consumption of white wine.

7. These antioxidants are also responsible to reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease. So drinking white wine in proper quantities regularly can help you cut down on the risks of getting Alzheimer’s.

8. Similarly, the antioxidants work against the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Studies conducted in various parts of the world have shown that non wine drinkers were at a greater risk of getting Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, as compared to those who had white wine as a part of their regular intake.

9. White wine is also often related to improved lung function, as compared to red wine. This is another reason why a lot of people are changing their preference from red wine to white.

10. The antioxidants in white wine, known as Polyphenols help avoiding cell deaths due to oxidative stress. This help in protecting brain cells, and also protecting the brain from internal injuries. Studies have shown that people who have white wine in proper proportions, have reduced risks of brain strokes, as compared to the non white wine drinkers.

11. People who have wine moderately have more brain power than those who avoid it. Drinking White wine can actually keep you sharp, even as you age. Wow, that is a very good reason for you to open your White wine bottles.

12. In many parts of the world, white wine is used as a substitute for cooking oil. This is because it intensifies the taste of the food, as well as reduces the fat content in your food, which would have been added by the oil used otherwise.

13. The antioxidants in white wine also help pose as a preventive cure for gallstones.

14. Drinking white wine in moderation can also help in controlling high blood pressure.

15. Drinking white wine has shown to have benefits on the kidney function as well.

16. White wine is also known to be useful as a preventive cure for kidney stones.

17. Moderate consumption of White wine can help in reducing the bacteria’s that are responsible for causing ulcers.

18. White wine is also known for inhibiting virus that are harmful for our body.

19. Some of the flavanoids in the grapes used to make the white wine help in reduction of allergy symptoms.

20. The gallic acid in white wine has antimutagenic qualities. Mutagens are physical or chemical materials that change the genetic material, usually DNA of our body. White wine helps in reducing these mutagens.

21. Similarly, the anti-inflammatory quality of the gallic acid in the white wine helps reducing soreness or swelling.

22. Drinking white wine regularly and moderately can help you improve your digestive system.

23. White wine also helps in calcium absorption. This makes you have stronger bones with proper intake of white wine.

24. Research also shows that white wine could prevent many diseases and ailments related to bones and joints. This is because white wine has antioxidants like tyrosol and caffeic acid, which help in preventing conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis

25. White wine has fewer calories than red wine (although it could vary). However, for people watching their weight should go in for white wine.

26. White wine is comparatively less alcoholic, so the chances of you getting a headache, especially migraines, are really weak.

27. White wine boosts your estrogen levels. Estrogens is the main sex hormone in women and are essential to the menstrual cycle.

28. White wine is also considered to be an Aphrodisiac, especially for women. So all the men out there, you have a reason to raise a toast of white wine with your lady love!

29. Like most alcoholic drinks, white wine too serves as a stress buster, and gives a nice tipsy feeling all alcohol drinkers like to enjoy!

30. And to conclude, white wine makes a perfect drink for occasions to get your family and friends together. Since early times, it has represented good times, and is a perfect mood lifter!

These are the various benefits offered to you by White wine. But remember, all these benefits come under one condition, and that is MODERATELY consumed. For most of us, one glass a day should suffice (especially for women). It will provide all the health benefits, along with the high feeling most of us crave for when we drink any sort of alcohol.

Consuming too much wine, like all other things can have adverse effects on health, which need not be elaborately discussed, as most of us know what they are. Other than heavy headaches, and really bad hangovers, it also causes other health hazards, and cancels out all the other benefits. For example, white wine increases estrogen levels in women, which has it benefits. But too much wine drinking can cause various problems in women due to higher increase in estrogen levels. Also, pregnant women are advised not to consume any sort of alcohol, which includes white wine as well.

So if you want to enjoy your glass of white wine in a healthy manner and enjoy all the benefits it has to provide, remember that one or two glasses are just fine. You can have a good time with your family and friends, and also enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Happy Drinking!

Authors Brief Bio: Akshaya Kawle is a Bachelor of Arts with Political Science Majors, is currently pursuing her MBA (HR), and is a professional swimmer, and dancer.  A keen learner, she is also pursuing a course on Counseling and Graphology. When not working on her various hobbies like driving, interacting with people, and spending time with family and her pets, she volunteers for an NGO for stray animals.

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