Tofu Benefits

Health Benefits of Tofu

The food is the source of all the components that make up the human body.

The human body and its physiology is very complex and there are many hidden secrets  and  hence it is difficult  to get a perfect  and healthy diet plan.

Tofu also known as soybean curd ,originated in china as a chance discovery today tofu is a dietary staple throughout  Asia.

Tofu is made from coagulated soya milk.It is also known as soya cheese.Tofu has bland taste and therefore best used in recipes where flavor is imparted by other ingredient.

Tofu is available in 3 textures, firm, extra firm and silken.

Tofu contains Isoflavonoids, very high protein content, calcium, iron, vitamin B,B2,B3.It also contains phytic acids. Low cal, low sodium level, protease inhibitor, copper, manganese selenium.

1= The population which consume tofu regularly has low heart related problems as it lowers LDL cholesterol and triglyceride.

2= tofu regularly eaten can lower the cholesterol level by 30% . tofu is a cholesterol fighter as it contains protein and isoflavones.

3= The omega 3 fatty acids  found in heart is present in tofu which is healthy for heart and help blood to clot  properly.

4= The isoflavones in tofu acts as a estrogen in the body which is beneficial to women in perimenopause  and menopause.

5= It regulates the fluctuations of estrogen  and thus maintains the hormone level and lowers the risk of osteoporosis ,breast and gynec malignancies.

6= Isoflavones also help in fending off prostate cancer in men.

7= Studies say that isoflavones also lowers the growth of prostate gland.

8= The protein in tofu helps in muscle building.

9= The nutrients like copper, selenium and manganese maintain energy level.

10= The anti oxidants help prevent against myriad cancers by protecting DNA.

11= It is a very good source of dietary calcium, protecting bone, weakness, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

12= It can be one of the part of diet plan as it has low calorie content.

13= Tofu helps in avoiding atherosclerosis or diabetes.

14= The regular intake lowers the risk of stroke.

15= It prevents hot flashes during menopause.

16= The iron content increases the hemoglobin.

17= The copper and manganese  content improves the flexibility in blood vessels, bones and joints.

18= The fatty acids reduces inflammation in heart vessels.

19= Selenium  reduces the level of bad free radicals.

20= The selenium reduces the risk of colon cancer and saving colon cells and in DNA repair system.

21= Tofu has low sodium level hence good for people with low sodium diet.

Tofu is a good source of calcium and thus a good news for  non meat eaters.

Tofu is a food for every one.The silken tofu can be used as in dips, spreads, sauces, dishes,dressings, protein shakes, desserts as it has custardy consistency.

The firm tofu is cut into pieces and can be smoked, marinated, fried, grilled, baked, sautéed, diced, and added to all salads, fruits as well as vegetable.add it to soup, stews. Make burgers  by combining it with veggies and bread.Tacos, pizza. Pasta and what not. Make tasty tofu tortillas or wraps.

Tofu has great soaking power , put it in chocolate sauce and it soaks the whole and gives the best dessert when chilled.

Instead of eating processed foods if one sticks to natural food for longer period of time in moderation,one can easily boost the immune system.

For now, some yummy dessert to treat yourself.

Brief bio of Author : The author is Jigna Chinoy, a medical lab tech. ,served a well known Hematology lab and Blood bank  for over 14 yrs. Served as a hon. Prof. of general microbiology, practical microbiology and genetics, for 10 yrs at a post graduate level. Volunteered marrow donor registry of India, A yoga trainer  and a reader, a student of Diploma in Counseling and Guidance.

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