Tangerine Benefits

Health Benefits of Tangerine

An orange colored citrus fruit that is smaller than an orange. Besides been good to the taste buds (as its less sour than an orange), its also great for health. So ladies this is one that is good on the lips as well as on the hips.

I, Donnabelle would like to introduce to you the awesome fruit called ďTangerineĒ.  I love to start my day with a tangerine. I also make sure I carry some with me in my bag as itís good when I am travelling . Not at all messy ,easy to peel and a great snack. It also helps me personally with motion sickness. Itís aroma just adds to the breath of fresh air and gives me that extra zest when I need it. And so with that introduction on the delicious and healthy tangerine let me expand by sharing some benefits.

1. Tangerine is a rich source of Vitamin C.

2. It helps prevent cancer.

3. It has a high Vitamin A content.

4. It helps reduce fever.

5. It is beneficial for the immune system.

6. It relieves congestion of the liver.

7. It is an excellent source of Beta Ėcarotene.

8. It helps in lowering cholesterol.

9. It helps fight viral infections.

10. It contains high anti-inflammatory properties.

11. Itís good in promoting overall health.

12. Patients with asthma have been asked to have tangerine.

13. Helps in various skin ailments.

14. It induces relaxations and gives relief from spasms.

15. It helps in purifying the blood.

16. It helps to sedate depression.

17. It soothes the stomach and gives relief from inflammation.

18. It helps to maintain oil in the skin.

19. It eases constipation as well as treats diarrhea.

20. It helps in the excretion of unwanted substances such as extra salt, water and uric acid through sweat.

21. It increases oxygen retaining capacity.

22. It can be taken orally as well as applied on open wounds and acts as an anti septic.

23. It fine tunes the metabolic functions like absorption of nutrients and decomposition of food.

24. It helps in killing bacteria.

25. Itís high in fiber.

26. Itís easy to digest.

27. It controls our blood sugar levels.

28. It helps prevent heart disease.

29. It has a relaxing effect on our nerves.

30. It helps one stay alert and active.

It is also helpful in Obesity,asthma,Arthritis,Pneumonia,Rheumatismand various skin ailments.
Well just writing about all these benefits makes me want to grab a tangerine peel it and ...gulp. I think you should have one too.

Just a caution if you want to gain weight stay away from tangerines as if you eat too much it is a good way to lose weight.So I guess this is the time I take your leave as I go to enjoy my yummy tangerine.

Author's Profile: Donnabelle Philips having a BLA in psychology and music is a social worker/lay counselor ,trainer and event coordinator working with women who have been rescued from human trafficking and street children. She is passionate about her work and loves to see people develop  and discover their strengths and overcome their weaknesses and focus on positive living. Her quote of Life:We make a living by what we get ,We make a life by what we give.

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