Swordfish Benefits

Health Benefits of Swordfish

Swordfish also known as Xiphias gladius are very large, migratory fish named for their long flat bill which can be one third of the entire length of the fish.

They have round bodies and have no teeth or scales after reaching their maturity. Their tail fin is stiff with keel-like back fin. They can be up to 14 feet long and the females can weigh up to 1,500 pounds. The swordfish have bluish-grey skin on the back and a whitish shade on their belly.

Swordfish swim in temperate and tropical oceanic waters around the globe. They concentrate in areas where food for them is abundant.

The use of swordfish is discovered in the 20th century. It is considered a healthy food in the modern world.

I present to you easy to read 29 benefits of swordfish....

1. Swordfish is available throughout the year.

2. Swordfish is harvested by different methods including gillnet, harpoon and long line.

3. Swordfish meat has a very unique rich flavor and is firm in texture. This makes it more sought after dish.

4. Swordfish can be frozen up to two months.

5. Swordfish comes as steaks or loin pieces in the market.

6. Swordfish can be cooked skinless as fillets, chunks, or steaks. This is done since the fish skin is tough and has strong taste.

7. Swordfish can also be prepared through baking, pan frying, broiling, stir-frying, poaching and steaming.

8. Swordfish provides a low-calorie, low-fat diet for those who are health-conscious.

9. Swordfish are rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.

10. Swordfish omega-3 acids benefit in combating rheumatoid arthritis.

11. Swordfish omega-3 protects from heart attacks.

12. Omega-3 works in clearing the clogged blood arteries thus providing health to the heart and protects it from Atherosclerosis.

13. They provide relief in different kinds of asthma.

14. Swordfish omega-3 works in inflammatory bowel disease.

15. They bring healing in the migraine related headaches.

16. Omega-3 is beneficial in multiple sclerosis and psoriasis.

17. Omega-3 fatty acid keep the control on  high blood pressure.

18. Swordfish contains vitamin A. This helps in skin, hair and eye care. It also works as an antioxidant.

19. Swordfish is good source of vitamin D which is vital for kidney function and parathyroid gland function.

20. Swordfish protein is very beneficial in building muscles.

21. Swordfish has 0.0g carbohydrate in its 100g piece. This is good news for those who are weight conscious.

22. Swordfish is excellent source of vitamin B12 which is essential for RNA and DNA synthesis. It helps in building and protecting nerve sheaths.

23. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) is found in swordfish and enables body to use carbohydrates, fats, proteins (to provide energy), and amino acids.

24. Potassium found in swordfish is helpful as it regulates heartbeat, maintains fluid balance, and helps muscles contraction.

25. Sodium is available in swordfish and is important in maintaining a proper acid-base balance in the body.

26. Swordfish is excellent source of selenium which helps in building immune system, and is necessary for body’s normal growth and development.

27. Swordfish is also good in zinc which in needed to build major part of the immune system. It is involved in developing sense of taste.

28. Swordfish weighing about 100g when cooked (dry heat) provides omega-3 fatty acids EPA (0.138g), DHA (0.681g), and ALA (0.238g). ALA delays platelet aggregation and is considered to reduce heart arrhythmias. EPA reduces the stickiness of blood platelets preventing blood clots. DHA helps prevent irregular heartbeats.

29. Swordfish provides an economically valuable industry, thus providing employment for thousands.

Since there is a possibility of high amounts of methyl mercury in some swordfish nursing mothers, pregnant women and small children are advised to avoid the regular intake of swordfish meat.

About the author: Emerson Noble Scott is a graduate in Science and in Theology. He is an educationist, counselor, writer, and social activist. He also enjoys photography, bird watching, cycling, traveling, gardening, playing games (indoor and outdoor), listening to people and making friends. A family oriented person, practices contemplation, believes in being creative and takes life as a gift from Almighty.

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