Spinach Benefits

Health Benefits of Spinach

Hi all, I am Dr. Ankita Thakker and today I am going to present you the benefits of spinach.

The idea of undertaking the task of unveiling the benefits of this leafy vegetable struck to me by obviously watching “Popeye- The sailor man.”
If it is depicted as an energy booster on world television then definitely it has great underlying potential. Being a complete power pack veggie it is absolutely nutritive.

It is boon for all you calorie conscious people out there.

Rich in various vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and many other essential nutrients spinach is a must buy commodity these days.
A little compromise can be felt at the criteria of taste but with good recipes spinach lovers have made it ahead. Anything for good health is the motto of today’s fast moving generation.

Spinach comes to our minds when we are anemic and our doctor has recommended a diet rich in iron. But besides this, there are various benefits which I would share with you, so the next time you take a bowl of spinach you will realize that the most power pack veggie is all set to help your body.

It is famous in diet circles as the most nutritive, energy booster,  nutrition superstar and Popeye’s energy source and it is undoubtedly the king of salads and vegetables from the perspective of its nutritive value.

With Popeye gulping an entire tin before any fight and suddenly his muscles and energy popping out, this leafy vegetable is rightly named with the above mentioned titles.

Too much of introduction I just can’t wait to share its benefits with you.

This time I would love to start it in the head to toe pattern so that all you spinach lovers can feel it right there with me.

1. The rich protein content of spinach helps in faster hair growth. Besides this, its high iron content helps in better oxygenation of hair thereby giving you beautiful lustrous hair.

2. If your brain feels stressed and you feel that you need some antioxidants to feel fresh then spinach is the right choice of vegetables.

3. It also helps in age related oxidative stress thereby helping you combat age related problems of brain.

4. Migraine can be prevented by this green veggie thanks to the magnesium in it. It helps in keeping the brain supple and healthy.

5. With its rich vitamin E properties the mental performance of the geriatric age group is also maintained well thus enabling them to work more efficiently with their brains.

6. So the next time you serve your elders definitely include this in their salads or regular diets so that they don’t face age related brain problems.

7. It is also very useful in cases of nervous fatigue.

8. Then as we move down it will help you gain better eyesight the reason being the vitamin A content of spinach. The nutrition value of vitamin A in a regular cup of raw spinach is as high as 2813 IU.

9. It is also very useful for night blindness as it is rich in vitamin A.

10. For beautiful healthy eyes spinach is very useful as it will soothe your strained eyes and also prevent them from getting weak.

11. Cataract and macular degeneration of eye can be prevented by spinach as it strengthens your eye muscles and because of the presence of lutein in it. Lutein is a part of many green leafy vegetables and spinach is one of them.

12. Tooth caries and cavities can be prevented by this super veggie. It strengthens the gums and also helps in pyorrhea.

13. Then let’s move down to the cardiovascular system. Spinach is very rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. These two vitamins prevent the cholesterol in the blood from getting oxidized. Oxidized cholesterol is the main cause of atherosclerosis as it sticks to the inner walls of arteries thereby blocking them. Thus if spinach is in your day then cholesterol can be kept away.

14. Besides this, being rich in folate spinach helps in converting the malicious homocysteine into other benign compounds. Homocysteine levels when increased in the blood invite diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Hence folate rich spinach can help you avoid both.

15. Spinach also helps you lower your blood pressure. It is indeed a blessing for all hypertension prone people.

16. Our respiratory system is protected from inflammation because of spinach. It has anti inflammatory properties. It is recommended for asthmatics also.

17. It is also helpful in bronchitis as well because it reduces the inflammation.

18. Then comes our digestive tract. The role of spinach herein is again vivid. It helps preventing colon cancer because of its rich folate and vitamin C content. The beta carotene is again helpful from saving the digestive tract from the trauma of free radicals. Hats off to its antioxidant properties.

19. It also aids digestion and is also used to relieve constipation and dyspepsia.

20. The dietary fiber in spinach gives good roughage for the movement of bowels.

21. Spinach helps in controlling the blood sugar of the body. Hence it can be used in diabetes as well.

22. Let’s see the effects of spinach on the bones of your body. Well to start with; the anti inflammatory properties of this super nutrient will help you keep osteoarthritis and osteoporosis away.

23. Spinach is a rich source of flavonoids which are very good antioxidants and they exhibit anti cancer advantages also.

24. Anti ageing is again a benefit because the antioxidants in spinach help in combating the free radicals which are responsible for ageing.

25. Rich in vitamin K, it helps in increasing the clotting capacity of blood. So the next time you fall and bleed the vitamin K will help you in clotting so that you don’t lose much of your blood.

26. Immunity is greatly enhanced and thus it gives you protection from various illnesses.

27. Iron in spinach has variety of uses. It is used by anemic to increase their hemoglobin. It can be used by menstruating females as they are prone to anemia. The adolescent age group is also benefited by spinach.

28. The oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin is enhanced because of iron and this oxygen reaches to all the cells of body via blood. This makes you feel more energetic and you can work better.

29. It is also very good for children who suffer from malnutrition. The basic idea of feeding Popeye with spinach was that the children will start eating spinach after looking at the cartoon.

30. It is also very good for infants because of its wide spectrum of nutrients which include vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and various amino acids.

31. It is recommended for pregnant women as during pregnancy the iron stores of women must be filled.

32. It is very good for lactating mothers.

33. The folate and folic acid content of spinach is very important for normal development of fetus.

34. Folate rich spinach also contributes to the betterment of female fertility.

35. Spinach being rich in vitamin A and beta carotene helps in the maturation and healthy development of lungs of fetus.

36. It can be used by convalescing people.

37. It is also useful for asthenic people as it is a rich source of energy. Hence weakness is recovered very fast by this vegetable.

38. Spinach is freely available. You don’t need to hunt a lot for it.

39. Affordability is another leaf of glory in its benefits. Even the common man can afford it and enjoy its nutritive value.

40. Well last but not the least spinach lovers can relish it raw as well as cooked. It is readily absorbed in the body and shows its nutritive effects very soon after consumption.

I think I need some energy now after this research.

Kudos to Popeye, now I understand what tempts him to gulp a tin of spinach before doing anything and everything.

How about I take my bowl of spinach soup while you ponder about using this in your diet.

Bye for now…

Author Brief bio: Dr. Ankita Thakker is a practicing Homeopathic Consultant and is specializing in the field of psychology. She is also a Child Health Specialist, Reiki Healer, Acupressure Therapist, Clinical Research Scientist and Medical Coder and is currently working into the field of psychology.

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