soteriophobia meaning, symptoms & treatment

Soteriophobia is a fear of dependence on others.some people have this phobia because they only want to be independent for fear of loosing control.

-Soteriophobia is considered to be a social phobia.It can be in family,arising in child hood but can be seen developing in adults.

-Most parents want their children to learn how to become independent so that when they grow up they have a better understanding of how to engage the world with confidence.These are those who take independence to an extreme level.

-These people are not only self reliant but also fearful of ever needing to rely on anyone else.

-A parent might stress the importance of living on your own.This is more common in western countries where children leave the house after high school to study and start to earn.This can give the feeling of being alone in the world and it is not possible to rely on others.This gives the fear that you can trust only yourself for your future and not others.

-To rely on others is thought of as a weakness or the result of an order disobeyed.Also the greatest fear associated with soteriophobia is the fear of failure and they handle the pressures on their own.They are afraid of what might happen if they accept the help.

-They remain reluctant to receive any kind of help and may become angry on any insistence of help.They will attempt most task on their own even managing home and car repair.

-The general symptoms are frustration, trembling,screaming, anger, anxiety, elevated heart rate.

-Soteriophobia is one of the most difficult fears to treat as the phobic would hardly agree to take help as they have to rely on others.

-Underlying social fear involves intense fear of being scrutinized,judged or embarrassed and one may go to any length to avoid situations that would trigger it.The good news is that many effective treatments are available to overcome the anxiety and reclaim your life.

-One of the best treatment for soteriophobia is Cognitive behavioral therapy which include role playing and social skills training.

-facing the situation one fear in a gradual, systematic way,rather than avoiding it.

-Channelling negative thoughts to more useful , more balanced views.Change the way one thinks.

-Control the physical symptoms through relaxation tech.and breathing exercises.

-One of the most beneficial therapy is group therapy which is interdendent and the whole group gains from each other which lessens the fear.

-Observing each other,exchanging views and logics and taking up a group hobby. The aim is to spend some time with similar problemed people.It is a kind of share and gain business.

-Extreme cases can be given anti depressents and even alternate line of treatment is beneficial.

-according to William Ward, the pessimist borrows trouble, the optimist lends encouragement.

Ones mind is a sacred enclosure into which nothing harmful can enter except by ones own permission.