Shrimp Benefits

Health Benefits of Shrimp

Shrimp with its ever moving antennae is a small, clean and crisp tasty crustacean’s sea fish having a head, legs and tail. It comes in a wide range of colors from pink, gray, brownish or yellow and over 300 different species. Average shrimp measures about six inches and can be long up to 12 inches. It is found almost throughout the world.

Shrimp is today used as one of the tasty healthy food around the Globe.  After cooking the flesh becomes opaque and cream or pinkish in color.

Research shows that people have been enjoying shrimp as a food since time immemorial.

Fresh shrimp appears to have a firm body attached to its shell and is free from black spots on the shell; neither should appear yellow or gritty giving an indication of bleach use on its shell. Quality shrimp smells slightly like saltwater. Shrimp that is displayed are better than the packed one.

My dad used to buy this funny looking creature while I was still ten. Initially I showed my apprehensions, later when they were cooked and served, I just gulped them due to its amazing taste. Later during my high school, we were given small shrimps for dissection of their digestive and nervous system.

Since then, whenever I happen to buy the fish, my eyes always search for this very nutritious sea food.

And so today I am happy to write this article on ‘30 benefits of shrimp’ with the desire that reading it would give you insight into the preciousness of this food.

1. Shrimp can be cleaned easily as it does not have many entrails like other sea fish.

2. Shrimp can be frozen for longer periods and thus have longer shelf life.

3. Shrimp can be used as canned food.

4. Shrimp can be cooked shelled or unshelled. If cooked shelled, the shells can be removed easily without reducing its nutritional value or taste.

5. Shrimp farming provides employment to many.

6. Shrimp is an excellent source of selenium which induces DNA repair and synthesis in damaged cells of the body.

7. Shrimp selenium also helps in neutralizing the injurious effect of free radicals which are the main causes of degenerative diseases like cancer.

8. Shrimp has good protein which is a low calorie one.

9. Shrimp is excellent source of Tryptophan which helps in regulating appetite, sleep patterns, and mood.

10. Shrimp contains good amount of vitamin D. This vitamin regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorous resulting in strong teeth formation.

11. Shrimp provides good source of vitamin B12 which keeps the levels of molecule homocysteine low, thus keeping the risk of cardiovascular disease low.

12. Shrimp also contains vitamin B3 that aids nervous system and digestive tract function.

13. Shrimp provides Potassium which regulates blood pressure and helps in cramps.

14. Shrimp contains Iron builds hemoglobin and regulates body temperature.

15. Shrimp supplies the Zinc mineral. It helps in eczema and acne.

16. Shrimp is good in copper which builds immunity and provide relief in throat infection.

17. Shrimp also contains magnesium which provides bone health.

18. Shrimp contains the health booster Omega-3 fatty acids. These are helpful in prevention and control of high blood pressure.

19. Shrimp provides with Omega-3 fatty acids which work as good anti-inflammatory agents preventing gum swelling and have the ability to prevent the formation of blood clots.

20. Shrimp contains Omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) which prevent the development of rheumatoid arthritis and helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

21.  EPA in Shrimp promotes anti-clotting and anti-inflammatory actions which help in healthy blood supply to the brain.

22. Shrimp is a source of HDL (good cholesterol) thus reducing the level of triglycerides responsible for

23. Shrimp Omega-3 fats DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) greatly reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

24. Shrimp Omega-3 DHA slows the accumulation of protein ‘tau’and decreases beta amyloid formation (by increasing the protein LR11) which are the two types of brain lesions seen in Alzheimer’s disease.

25. The increased intake of omega-3 and decreased consumption of omega-6 can provide some protection against depression.

26. Shrimp Omega-3 also provide good protection against leukemia, multiple myeloma, and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

27. The intake of EPA not only improves the blood flow, but also affects the hormones and the immune system which helps in the proper functioning of the brain.

28. Shrimp intake provides anti-arrhythmic protection by lowering the resting heart rate.

29. The presence of Omega-3 in shrimps lifts up the mood and reduces depression.

30. Shrimp Omega-3 benefits in easing the systems of premenstrual syndrome.

Shrimps contain Purines which produce uric acid, accountable for “gout” and kidney stones. It is advised that Shrimp consumption be avoided by person suffering from these.

With the above mentioned 30 benefits of Shrimp, one is tempted to go ahead and include it in the organized diet. I am sure this knowledge will encourage you to eat shrimp without any inhibitions. Do also encourage friends, and others who have been missing on these benefits.
I wish you all the best in the endeavor of maintaining your health.

About the author: Emerson Noble Scott is a graduate in Science and in Theology. He is an educationist, counselor, writer, and social worker. He also enjoys photography, bird watching, cycling, traveling, gardening, playing games (indoor and outdoor), listening to people and making friends. A family oriented person, practices contemplation, believes in being creative and takes life as a gift from Almighty.

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