The Shower


I have had many expeirences in my house, but this one freaked me out! We have a glass shower in our moms bathroom and I was showering in it one day.and there are two closets in the bathroom, one for our mom and one for our dad.

So, anyways, our moms closet door was a little cracked opened but I didn't mind so while I was reaching for the shampoo, the water got real cold, so I turned around to make turn it on warmer. but in my moms closet, there was the face of a women! I screamed and called for my sister, luckily she was watching tv in my moms room so she came running in, What? She asked look! do you see the face of a women in mom's clset?! I asked, No, the door isn't even open I just blinked and asked her to stay in there with me for the rest of my shower....

But that scared me a lot because the door wasn't even open..... I thought It was a sign that something was wrong in our closet or something, but my older sister doesn't believe in ghosts so she always makes fun of me, but my younger sister has seen strange things too.

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Posted by Ocoeeknightchick [ Views]
Posted on Sat, Mar 23, 2013 - 6:31am
Tags: the shower, scary story, scary stories.

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