Understanding a Man's Penis

by The Sex Information Experts

Understanding a Man's Penis, Understanding the Male Sex Organ - Dick, Prick, Boner call it what You may - Basic Male Sex Organ Information

The age old question, "Am I well hung?" Well, find out for yourself by doing the measurements and seeing where you stand. Penis size consists of two components, the length and the circumference. The average erect penis length is about 5.5 to 6.5 inches and the average circumference is 5 inches, depending on the study you refer to. Most studies indicate that averages among races are almost identical. However myths have arisen over the years, none more famous then that of the "black penis"... There is a little truth to the rumour, although the average size is the same, when we look at what we call an "over-sized" penis, black men do make up a larger percentage then other races. We will be conducting surveys on this topic and many others so stay tuned and make sure to check back often!

Penis Length
Your erection length is defined as the linear distance along the dorsal (top) side of the erect penis, from the mons veneris to the tip of the glans. This means, in non-medical jargon, your penis is measured in a straight, or for some arced, line on the top side of the erect penis, from where your belly meets the shaft to the tip of your penis. Take multiple measurements over the course of a few days and then average the values. This is done because your erections can vary slightly depending on your level or arousal, mood, room temperature, and even the duration since your last sexual encounter.

Penis Circumference
Penis circumference is defined as the linear distance around the widest part of the erect penis. Either use a piece of string or, even better, a fabric ruler and wrap it around the widest part of your penis, one time. If using string, mark the string at the correct spot and then mesure the portion with a ruler. As with penis length, this should be done over a few days and the result averaged out.

Does Size Matter?
The famous question, "Is it the size of the ship, or the motion of the ocean?"... Both are correct, so yes, size does matter. As covered in other sections, the majority of a women's nerve endings are in the first couple inches of her vagina, so how much size matters is a controversial topic. Most women agree that an average size penis, along with an understanding of her genital regions will get the job done. In fact, they would perfer that to a large penis as it could come along with a lot of pain for the first few times together for them. To make a long story short, although its nice to know how you measure up, outside of penis pumps and surgery, what you have is what you have. Learn to use it properly, and more importantly, learn how to please her without it. Skin is the bodies largest organ and it is filled with nerve endings. There are so many ways to pleasure your partner, from massages to cunnilingus, so learn how to be a complete lover as you will always win over one that tries to rely on his size alone.

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