Pleasing her in Bed

by Elsa Fernandez

At the beginning of foreplay, avoid going straight to the action spots (eg genitals). A slow build-up involving kissing, stroking and caressing is far more effective. Rembmer ,anywhere there is skin is an erogenous zone.

If your partner moves your hand slightly or adjusts the position of their hips when you're touching their genitals, this is exactly where they want you to stay, so don't move back to where you were before.

Some men react to exclamations of pleasure from from their partner by doing whatever it is harder and faster. This is a mistake and can break the spell. Just carry on doing more of the same.

Although the term foreplay suggests that sexual play (without penetration) is only a starter, some people find genital and clitoral kissing, touching and teasing the most satisfying parts of sex. So if your partner is clearly enjoying things, allow their orgasm to happen before moving on to intercourse.

Use a lubricant and keep it nearby. Penetration and thrusting are very exciting, but not if they're painful. Be gentle and don't feel you have to keep going for ever if your partner is not getting there - a woman is less likely to have an orgasm if she feels it's compulsory.

Afterplay can mean a lot, so try not to roll over and go straight to sleep. Your partner will feel much more special if you stay entwined in their arms and continue to cuddle and say sexy things.

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