Potato Benefits

Health Benefits of Potato

Can we imagine cooking  most  of our vegetables without potato! A vital ingredient which always finds an important place in our kitchen basket , potato is here to stay.

So while you enjoy those French fries and baked potatoes  I ,Dr.Neelu Khanna  will present before based on a diligently conducted research the benefits of potatoes.

Potato in itself is known as a complete food.

Prof Hinhede of Denmark a food scientist during the last war proved that a person could on potatoes for a long duration of time without any depreciation of body energy.

So now  savor the abundant benefits of potatoes which i will be enumerating below.

1. Potatoes are a rich source of vit B6 , vit A ,vit B ,copper , pottasium ,iron , manganese and dietary fiber.

2. It is the most  efficient food for energy  production  as  the energy produced by it gets stored  in the form of glycogen in the muscle and liver.This energy is then available during strenuous exercises .

3. Potatoes  find a very important place in a the diet of sports persons due to the energy it provides.

4. Potato is recommended for scurvy cure as it is rich in vit C.

5. Potato juice  if consumed raw helps in relieving  an acid condition thus giving relief to people suffering from rheumatism.

6. Potato juice helps in treatment of stomach and intestinal disorders.

7. Potato helps in relieving gastritis if the juice of it is consumed.

8. Potato also helps in treatment of stomach ulcers if the juice of potato is consumed before meals.

9. Potato strac is used as an anti inflammatory  for  gastrointestinal diseases and toxins

10. Potato juice is beneficial in treating  skin blemishes.  The high content of phosphorus and chlorine helps in  cleansing of the skin.

11. Potato pulp is also useful  to apply on wrinkles to  and other blemishes due to ageing.

12. Potato has vit c and starch which along with the enzymes combine to  nourish the starved  cellular tissues of the skin , thereby imparting a glow to the face.

13. Potato  being alkaline helps in antiseptic action and can be externally applied  on the skin for soothing effect.

14. Potatoes being  less in roughage can be used in treatment of acidosis.

15. Potato is also useful in treatment of catarrhal conditions.

16. Pottasium  content of the potato is considered as the healer of the body and acts a s a good source of rejuvenation.

17. Being strongly alkaline the potassium of the potato  is good for liver activation , elastic tissues and supple muscles.

18. Potato soup is effective in treating  diarrhoea if  cooked along with milk.

19. The high content of potassium is good to combat high blood pressure as it  acts as a vasodilator thereby increasing the size of the blood vessels.

20. Potato is also known to have a diuretic effect.

21. Potatoes  due to the potassium content are very good for blood clotting , wound healing and immune system.

22. Potatoes contain phyto nutrients which have an antioxidant property.

23. The vitamin B6 content of the potatoes is good for the nervous system as it helps in creation of amines which is a kind of a neurotransmitter.

24. The skin of the potato helps in lowering the cholesterol levels.

25. Potatoes also help in controlling blood sugar levels thus good for people suffering from diabetes.

So who so ever coined the potato as  the lowly potato was surely not aware of the energy packed power house qualities of it.

With the inflation and soaring high prices of all the commodities including vegetables one can without any hesitance pick up a kilo of potatoes and enjoy its nutrient value.

You can mash it or bake it.

Eat it fully cooked or have its raw juice.

You can apply it on your face or fry it as fries.

This wonderful potato is going to be your best friend for years to come.

So do not be under the impression of becoming a couch potato by consuming it rather make the most of this gift of nature.

I hope i have  been able to put forward to you the benefits of potatoes . Leaving you here   so that you can go ahead and shop some potatoes for yourself.

Author Bio Brief : Dr .Neelu Khanna is a Dentist and has served in the Indian Army for  a period of 5 yrs.She is a keen reader and a writer who has penned down number of poems.A sportsperson and a music lover.

Article 4/98.