Pomegranate Benefits

Health Benefits of Pomegranate

Amongst all the fruits gifted by the nature, pomegranate is the most beautiful and amazing; with about a hundred small pearls like red seeds inside protected by thin skin. It has very unique sweet –sour taste and hence is very popular amongst all age-groups.

Pomegranate, like any other fruit has a vast range of benefits. Not only the fruit but also the skin, leaves, flowers and roots are known to have therapeutical as well as nutritional value – making it a complete power house of nutrients.

The numerous benefits of pomegranate are listed below.

1. The pomegranate has a high water content which makes it a good antacid and cooling agent.

2. It is very effective as an anti-emetic and relieves nausea too. It also proves beneficial in morning sickness in pregnancy.

3. During peak summer season it helps in preventing sun strokes and restlessness.

4. The sweet-sour taste of the fruit helps in relieving the tasteless feeling in the mouth during illness and also increases appetite.

5. The high water content and juicy property helps in quenching one’s thirst. The juice prepared with honey helps in relieving headache and acidity.

6. This fruit consists of anti-oxidants three times more than wine or green tea. These anti-oxidants such as polyphenols, tannins and anthocyanins fight against the free radicals and prevent diseases such as Alzheimer and cancer.

7. It is also used in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol of the body and also lowers the blood-pressure level and prevents heart disease.

8. Eating pomegranate also benefits in preventing halitosis or bad breath. The skin of pomegranate is powdered and boiled in water, rinsing the mouth with this water helps in getting rid of bad breath.

9. The flowers of pomegranate help in the strengthening of teeth and gums. It also helps in reducing the dental plaque built up and prevent gum disease.

10. The rind of fruit and bark of the pomegranate tree is effective in treating diarrhea, dysentery   intestinal parasites and other digestive disorders.

11. Since it is rich in iron, pomegranate is effective in treating anemic conditions.

12. Juice of pomegranate is also beneficial for the function of liver and cardiac disorders.

13. The pomegranate also helps in stopping nose bleeds and gum bleeds.

14. Pomegranate is rich in vitamin C, this therefore is effective in treating the symptoms of cold, cough and throat infections.

15. It is also known to be effective in treating hiccups.

16. It helps in reducing the risks of developing artherosclerosis and osteoarthritis. Pomegranate prevents the formation of enzymes in our body that are responsible for the breaking down of connective tissues.

17. It is beneficial in diabetes too. The juice of pomegranate can be consumed by diabetic patients and prevent the coronary diseases.

18. Pomegranate is effective in reducing the premature delivery chances during pregnancy and is also good for the weight of the fetus. The amount of folic acid in this fruit is quite considerable for considering this benefit.

19. It also helps in relieving the menopausal blues, especially depression and dejection.

20. It is a very good skin tonic. It helps to control the aging problems like wrinkles. It helps to maintain that youthful look and glow on face.

21. Pomegranate juice can also be used in treating problems of erectile dysfunction.(as stated in the Journal of Urology).

22.   Recent studies have also shown that pomegranate has the quality increasing libido in both men and women.

23. Some other interesting uses.

i. Wild pomegranate seeds are used as spice to flavor the dishes (anardana), especially in the countries of Indian subcontinent.

ii. Pomegranate fruit is often used in various cultures throughout the world to symbolize fruitfulness, fertility, abundance and marriage.

iii. It is used for bonsai, may be due to its flowers and for the twisted bark of old specimens. The juice of pomegranate is used in preparation of dyes for synthetic fabrics.

All the benefits listed above ensure that you have all the more reasons to love your favorite fruit more. So, go get one today and adorn your health with the jewels inside it.

The author of this article is Rashmi Nandgaonkar, a registered nurse and mid-wife currently managing her own hospital in India. She has also successfully completed numerous workshops in special education on special children and ayurvedic cooking. Recipient of the Mayors award for the title of Best Nurse during her working experience. She is an avid reader, enjoys creative cooking and spending spare time with her kids.

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