Pineapple Benefits

Health Benefits of Pineapple

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Read on and get some useful information about the Pineapple.

The pineapple is a member of the bromeliad family You will be surprised to know that  rarely  bromeliads produce edible fruit. The pineapple is

the only available edible bromeliad today. And did you know that it  is a multiple fruit. dozens of individual flowerets that grow together to form the

entire fruit.  That means one pineapple is actually made up of  many flowers which grow into one.Each scale on a pineapple is evidence of a

separate flower. Surprisingly  pineapples stop ripening the minute they are picked. No special way of storing them will help ripen them further.

Remember that the color is not important in determining ripeness. So you have to choose your pineapple by smell. If it smells fragrant, and

sweet, it will be a good fruit. Look for a fruit with  more scales on the pineapple, then  it will be sweeter and juicier. Its good to know that if you cut

off the top, you can plant I so that you can have this luscious fruit in your own garden.

Pineapple is a remarkable fruit. We find it enjoyable because of its lush, sweet and exotic flavor, and it may be one of the most healthful foods available today. The benefits of pineapple can be achieved through eating fresh, canned, or frozen pineapple or by drinking its juice.

Here then are some of the benefits of this exotic fruits presente  to you by me, Vijaya Kurup.

1.Pineapple is high in manganese, a mineral that is critical to development of strong bones and connective tissue.A cup of fresh pineapple will give  nearly 75% of the recommended daily amount. Therefore it is helpful to older adults, whose bones tend to become brittle with age. The important benefits of pineapple are due to the  vitamins and minerals the fruit has. Its nutrients include calcium, potassium, fiber, and vitamin C. In addition it is low in fat and cholesterol.

2. If we take a more detailed look at it, we will find that pineapple is valuable for easing indigestion, arthritis or sinusitis.

3. The juice has an antihelmintic effect; it helps get rid of intestinal worms

4. Bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme, is the key to pineapple's value. Proteolytic means "breaks down protein", which is why pineapple is known to be a digestive aid. It helps the body digest proteins more efficiently Bromelain aids and promotes digestion due to its protein digesting capabilities,

5. Bromelain  may relieve symptoms of stomach upset or heartburn.

6. Bromelain is also considered an effective anti-inflammatory. Regular intake of at least one half cup of fresh pineapple daily is reported to relieve painful joints common to osteoarthritis as it produces mild pain relief.

7. In Germany, bromelain is approved as a post-injury medication because it is thought to reduce inflammation and swelling.

8. Studies have shown bromelain to display fibrinolytic and antithrombotic activity, and two clinical trials on heart patients have shown a practically complete elimination of thrombosis.

9. In Germany, where bromelain is approved by the German Commission E for the treatment of sinusitis, it was found that children diagnosed with acute sinusitis recovered significantly faster when treated with pineapple bromelain compared to other treatments.

10. There is some clinical evidence that suggests the effectiveness of bromelain as an anti-inflammatory, and may reduce swelling, bruising.

11. Pineapple reduces healing time after surgery or after physical injuries.

12. In a clinical trial involving patients with periarthritis of the shoulder, and also patients suffering from painful osteoarthritis of the knee, it was found that there was considerable pain reduction with the treatment of  pineapple as it has the  proteolytic enzyme bromelain.

13. Pineapple is very good for the  gums-. By eating pineapple, the gums are strengthened.

14. Eating pineapple prevents  macular degeneration.Pineapples contain a lot of beta-carotene that is good for the eyes and for the vision.

Studies show that eating three or more helpings of pineapple a day may lower thechance of getting age-related macular degeneration, the main cause of vision loss in older folks.

15.For those who have arthritis pain, eating pineapples can reduce the pain of arthritis. Pineapple prevents arthritis by strengthening the bones and giving extra iron to the  bones.

16. Pineapple is a very good source of vitamin C, hence it offers the body an excellent protection against free-radicals which are  substances that attack healthy cells. A build up of free-radicals can lead to atherosclerosis , diabetic heart disease and  an increase in asthma.

17. Pineapple has a good amount of Vitamin C,  the most important water-soluble anti-oxidant which has proven itself invaluable in fighting against many type of cancers caused by the build up of free radicals.

18. Owing to its vitamin C content it is also an excellent cold and flu fighter as it improves the proper functioning of the immune system.

19. Fresh pineapple  has the ability to reduce mucus in the throat. If you have a cold with a productive cough, add pineapple to your diet.

20. In Europe, pineapple is used as a post-operative measure to cut mucus after certain sinus and throat operations. Those individuals who eat fresh pineapple daily have fewer sinus problems related to allergies.

21. Pineapple is also known to discourage blood clot development. So it will be useful for people who fly frequently. Other people  who may be at risk for blood clots should also add it to their diet.

22. Pineapple juice  is an old folk remedy for morning sickness . Fresh juice and some nuts first thing in the morning often makes a difference.

23.Eating pineapple keeps the mouth healthy as the  the fresh juice discourages plaque growth.

24.One of the most important benefits of pineapple is that it helps to build healthy bones because pineapples are very rich in manganese, a trace mineral that is needed for the body to build bone and connective tissues. It has been found that one cup of pineapple provides 73% of the daily recommended amount of manganese. So it helps in the strengthening of bones in older people.

25. Another important benefit of pineapple is that the  bromelain content, has been found to help suppress coughs and loosen mucus.

So, dear folks ,now I am sure all of us feel that its imperative to include the pineapple as a must buy item in the vegetables and fruit list, right? No doubt itís a bit cumbersome to cut that hard  and unwieldy looking fruit,but then its worthwhile  to add it  in your salads,raithas,kadhi etc. But the best way to eat it I guess is as the juicy ,luscious pieces,just plain or may be with a sprinkiling of sugar if its sour.

Have a nice time eating the fruit in as many ways as you can!

Author Brief Bio - Vijaya Kurup worked as the Principal,Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Higher Secondary School  and Ramakrishana Junior College in Secunderabad, India for two decades, presently practices Reiki, writes poems in English and Hindi, sings Hindustani Classical music and helps run a childrens' home in Nairobi.

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