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Certificate in Digital Photography
Duration = 2 Months (9 Sundays)
Class Timings = 2.30pm to 5pm on Sundays
Course conducted by Mr.Savio DSilva.
Course Fees: Rs.5000
Course starts on 21st November, 2011.

100 Pages of Course Notes and a FREE Photography Learning DVD is provided to every Student.

Students get a Free CD of the 7000 best photos ever taken.
Students get FREE Access to over 30 Photography Ebooks.

Join the best weekend course in Photography in Mumbai and take good indoor and outdoor photographs including wedding, modelling, nature, product, still, glamour, child, micro and macro photography. This digital photography course can be pursued by anyone living in Mumbai, India.

Savio DSilva Classes is ranked the best institute, school & college for digital photography courses in Mumbai. Savio DSilva Classes (SDC) conducts the best courses for public speaking, personality development, English fluency and foreign languages in India. SDC recently opened it's doors to students in Mumbai and 100 other cities in India to take up this excellent digital photography course in Mumbai.

Our top rankings are thanks to a great photographer being the course director, excellent course content, institute's reputation since 1999, instruction using a professional photographer's methodology, system designed to make you think and act like a pro photographer, easy weekend part time learning class and course being suitable to join for anyone above 14 years old living anywhere in the world.

Top Photography Classes in Mumbai

SDC is listed amongst the top Photography classes in Mumbai, Photography classes in Mumbai & Digital Photography classes in Mumbai. It is therefore the most ideal course in photography to join in Mumbai.

It is emphasised that the Course in Photography concentrates on theory, assignments, case studies and interaction. Our course in Photography ensures you learn everything about a career in Photography that there is to know. The approach on this course is to work hard to ensure that any technique introduced is of use in your future career.

Photography can be exciting & joyful! It is sometimes approached as a heartless, mechanical, activity - a daily chore to be endured at all costs through gritted teeth. This is simply the wrong approach. In our course we take the middle way and integrate what might be called both "heart" and "head" practices to teach you Photography more easily.

We have students joining our online Photography courses from all parts of the world. We have students from the east & west, south & north of the world joining our classes. Students from USA, Australia, Africa, Canada & Asia register for our courses in Photography.

Our Photography Course is vital to train you in the basics of digital photography. The course is now running primarily in Mumbai and online. The course is led by Savio DSilva, an experienced Photographer based in Asia, and you will have the opportunity to discuss your future career with him. Instructions are given in regular units & supplemented by explanatory material in the classroom.

Savio DSilva Classes runs the best courses in Mumbai for Public Speaking, Foreign Languages & Personality Development. Fortune 500 companies and top Instituions have been on the recieving end of our training & expertise in the last few years.
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