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Certificate in Digital Photography
Duration = 2 Months (9 Sundays)
Class Timings = 2.30pm to 5pm on Sundays
Course conducted by Mr.Savio DSilva.
Course Fees: Rs.5000
Course starts on 21st November, 2011.

100 Pages of Course Notes and a FREE Photography Learning DVD is provided to every Student.

Students get a Free CD of the 7000 best photos ever taken.
Students get FREE Access to over 30 Photography Ebooks.

Register on 9820262263 NOW!

You can register by Cash or Demand Draft.

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Join the best weekend course in Photography in Mumbai and take good indoor and outdoor photographs including wedding, modelling, nature, product, still, glamour, child, micro and macro photography. This digital photography course can be pursued by anyone living in Mumbai, India.

Savio DSilva Classes is ranked the best institute, school & college for digital photography courses in Mumbai. Savio DSilva Classes (SDC) conducts the best courses for public speaking, personality development, English fluency and foreign languages in India. SDC recently opened it's doors to students in Mumbai and 100 other cities in India to take up this excellent digital photography course in Mumbai.

Our top rankings are thanks to a great photographer being the course director, excellent course content, institute's reputation since 1999, instruction using a professional photographer's methodology, system designed to make you think and act like a pro photographer, easy weekend part time learning class and course being suitable to join for anyone above 14 years old living anywhere in the world.

Digital Photography Courses in Mumbai

SDC's Digital Photography courses can be pursued by anyone living in Mumbai, India, Australia, Singapore, Canada, United States, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Dubai, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Nepal, European Union countries and 200 other countries.

Our course has a worldwide recognition and trains you in mastering digital photography through weekly assignments and course material in the form of 30 Ebooks.

"Digital photography is an art which you can master easily along with our classroom training and regular course assignments. I promise you that you will become an excellent photographer after completing our weekend course". - Savio DSilva

People living in Mumbai have found that there is no other Photography institute, school, university, association or college training their students to be professional photographers like SDC does.

Learn to take Photos better than these

SDC Photography Course Benefits in Mumbai

Practical training through weekly assignments where you click photographs, send them to the director and get graded on each assignment.

Free CD containing over 7000 photos by top photographers to learn more about this field.

Weekly assignments for each students on different & simple topics.

Free access to over 20,000 photos online on hundreds of different topics.

Weekly interaction with the course director even after the course.

Free photo gallery online provided to each student to upload their best photos.

Monthly chat session with the course director for added learning & sharing.

Priceless experience gained through weekly photo assignments covering major aspects of digital photography.

Get feedback from one of the best digital photographers in India.

Global recognition for photographs posted by students online.

Free access to over 30 photography Ebooks to help you master photography.

Photography Course Eligibility Criteria

--> You should be above 14 years old.

--> You must own your own digital camera.

--> Dedication, interest and passion for photography.

Photography Course offered in Mumbai

SDC offers a Certificate course in Photography for anyone above 14 years old.

Duration of the course is 2 Months with 4 weekly assignments to be completed each month.

You will gain in-depth knowledge of digital photography through the free Ebooks provided online.

You can click amazing digital photos of almost anyone or anything on course completion.

Students can sell their photos, work as freelance photographers or setup their own photo studio in Mumbai after completing this course.

Click photos better than these on course completion

Certificate in Photography Award

Students are awarded a certificate in Photography on completion of the weekend course and after submitting in the prescribed assignments. The certificate is widely recognised in the photography industry and gives you an immense edge over photographers with no formal education or training in photography. The certificate allows you to charge high fees for clicking any kind of photo portfolio in India.

Director's Message

For a change here is a refreshingly practical course in digital photography that fulfills not only your hobby of taking pictures but also trains you to earn a living as a professional photographer in Mumbai or anywhere on this planet. The assignments will satisfy your heart's desires and make you happy deep inside. Photography is a true work of art and we train you to become an international artist and not just a good photographer. You are free to join any other course in photography if they provide even half the practical training and international exposure in digital photography that our course provides each and every student in Mumbai that registers with us.

Certificate Course in Photography Syllabus

The course material provided in the form of notes and Ebooks covers the subject of digital photography almost completely.

Photography Definitions

Parts of a Digital Camera

Understanding Resolutions, Pixels, etc.

Understanding Memory cards, batteries, etc.

Understanding Focus, lighting, red eye reduction, etc.

Shooting in different backgrounds

Shooting in different lighting

Clicking a good picture

Lighting techniques

Understanding& Mastering Exposure

Lens types & uses

Basics of Clicking potraits

Basics of Landscape photography

Basics of Glamour photography

Basics of Sports photography

Basics of Product photography

Basics of Macro photography

Basics of Child photography

Basics of Wedding photography

Basics of Still photography

Basics of Photoshop

Taking care of your Equipment

Selling your photos online

Cropping pictures, applying effects, etc.

Photo manipulation and correction techniques

Filters, tripods, cases, etc.

Be prepared

Copyrights, licensing, etc.

Photo sharing and gallery creation online

Top photographers secrets revealed

Free CD containing 30 top digital photography Ebooks as well as exclusive training in analysing photographs through photo descriptions, case studies and online photo gallery research.

The course is highly practical in nature with 20 photos that need to be clicked by you each week covering all aspects of the above topics. The course syllabus is complete in nature and trains you to be a complete photographer anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

KINDLY NOTE : This course involves owning your own Digital Camera as well as clicking photos of some outdoor locations. You may have to go outdoors to click photographs of buildings, sunsets, sunrise, flowers, trees, clouds, monuments, mountains, transport, lakes, seas, roads, seasons, etc. in and around Mumbai.

Top Photography Courses in Mumbai at SDC

The Only Photography Course in Mumbai with Real Practical Training! - We are proud to say that our Photography course is the only such course in Mumbai which offers practical training in taking photographs through weekly assignments. Each week our photography students take 20 or more photographs with their digital cameras based on simple topics given by SDC and upload them onto our online photo gallery website. Thousands of visitors view these photographs taken every single day!

The Only Photography Course with a Proper Exposure Platform! - Our Photography course is the only such course in India which offers a free exposure platform to both display and share photographs with thousands of our regular visitors and students not just in Mumbai but the entire world.

Students of SDC's Course become experts in Digital Photography as they get ample practice in photography due to the weekly course assignments and through exposure on our photo galleries.

One of the World's Best Digital Photographers is the Course Director! - Need we say more. SDC's director Savio DSilva has taken hundreds of high quality digital photos over the last 10 years which have been viewed online by more than 10 million people living in over 200 countries. There is no other digital photographer in Asia that has uploaded more than 40,000 digital photographs online in such a short period of time.

Classroom courses in photography offer lecture based training with limited or no practical exposure offered to their students. At SDC, students click hundreds of pictures every month and get exposure for them online in front of thousands of our visitors every day.

In the last 10 years over 30,000 digital photos have been uploaded on our photo gallery and have been viewed by over 30 Million people in over 200 countries. Is it possible for any other photography course in the world to give you such massive exposure for your digital photos. We don't think so. View one of our photo galleries online

Students of SDC's Course can chat with the course director and email him several times during the course tenure as well as after course completion.

SDC was and is one of the first institutes to start an Online Course for Digital Photography. So, it comes as no surprise that we are amongst the best ranked photography courses in Mumbai.

SDC is the only institute in the World that has a 24x7 online photo gallery and student chat room which greatly increases the skills of the students in Photography. Students can view great photos, share photos or discuss photography for hours on a free platform that is both secure and restricted to offer complete freedom of thought, expressions, words and ideas amongst our students.

SDC is possibly the only institute offering photography courses in Mumbai which is run by a top digital photographer who is ranked amongst the best digital photographers in India.

SDC is the only institute for photography in Mumbai whose course director personally evaluates each photo assignment submitted. Students in Mumbai will learn a lot by interacting with a true expert and grow massively as digital photographers.

SDC is amongst the only photography schools in Mumbai that has chat sessions for the registered students. During the chat sessions valuable advice on digital photography is shared and students can ask questions to the course director.

Over 40,000 photos have been taken already! - Savio DSilva and his team of expert photographers have taken over 40,000 quality digital photos. You can view many of them online on our photo gallery amongst our other photo gallery websites.

Best Photography Institute in Mumbai

SDC is listed highly for Photography Courses in Mumbai, Photography Courses in Mumbai & Basic Photography Courses in Mumbai. Registered students spread the word about our Photography courses to others. We are also ranked highly on major search engines & websites online for Digital Photography courses in Mumbai.

SDC has secured excellent rankings for 'Photography courses in Mumbai' & 'Photography course in Mumbai'. Our weekend course in Photography is popular, practical in nature and has more course contents related to the field of Photography than any other school, university or college photography course in Mumbai.

Thousands of students have already completed courses through SDC and are already practicing in various related fields in various parts of the world.

The contents of the course are designed to enable you to provide professional photography services to anyone in Mumbai. You become a certified Photographer and can offer photography services related to all kinds of photography.

This Photography course is extremely suitable for those above 14 years old and for those who wish to pursue photography as a career or hobby and for anyone else who would like to be a certified and trained Photographer.

Students from any country can join the certificate courses in photography but preference given to those who are interested in making a career as a photographer in Mumbai. In this photography course it is neccessary to complete assigments which increase your understanding of this field.

Course material is regularly updated. Students must complete all weekly assignments to recieve their certificate.

This short term course in photography can be joined every month. No previous knowledge is assumed, and whilst the content is never less than challenging, the pace of the course is gradual and it is intended that the course and the theory sessions should be well understood by anyone.

Although our course in photography is originally designed for beginners, many seasoned professionals have found the course useful as a way of refreshing their practice through working in new or different ways. All are welcome to join - the only requirements are punctuality and a commitment to working with determined effort during the course.

You will learn Photography with proper guidance at every step of the way. During the Course you will learn to take excellent photos. You will be more knowledgeable and ready for a dynamic career in Photography after this course. Our courses have more assignments than most other courses in India, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa or France.

We train you in topics that are important for your future career as a certified Photographer. Our course is a must for those hoping to excel in Digital Photography. To put it simply 'It's the only photography course that really matters' and the most practical course to do in Mumbai.

Top Photography Classes in Mumbai

SDC is listed amongst the top Photography classes in Mumbai, Photography classes in Mumbai & Digital Photography classes in Mumbai. It is therefore the most ideal course in photography to join in Mumbai.

It is emphasised that the Course in Photography concentrates on theory, assignments, case studies and interaction. Our course in Photography ensures you learn everything about a career in Photography that there is to know. The approach on this course is to work hard to ensure that any technique introduced is of use in your future career.

Photography can be exciting & joyful! It is sometimes approached as a heartless, mechanical, activity - a daily chore to be endured at all costs through gritted teeth. This is simply the wrong approach. In our course we take the middle way and integrate what might be called both "heart" and "head" practices to teach you Photography more easily.

We have students joining our online Photography courses from all parts of the world. We have students from the east & west, south & north of the world joining our classes. Students from USA, Australia, Africa, Canada & Asia register for our courses in Photography.

Our Photography Course is vital to train you in the basics of digital photography. The course is now running primarily in Mumbai and online. The course is led by Savio DSilva, an experienced Photographer based in Asia, and you will have the opportunity to discuss your future career with him. Instructions are given in regular units & supplemented by explanatory material in the classroom.

Savio DSilva Classes runs the best courses in Mumbai for Public Speaking, Foreign Languages & Personality Development. Fortune 500 companies and top Instituions have been on the recieving end of our training & expertise in the last few years.

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