Peanut Benefits

Health Benefits of Peanut

A tempting nut which always leaves you asking for more is a peanut.

Be it while watching a movie with friends or enjoying a party ,this nut surely finds a place  in a bowl next to you.Not going by its size this nut provides all that one needs to treat your taste buds and charge  your body.

Not belonging to the  family of nuts the peanut is from legume family.

I, Dr.Neelu Khanna based on my research will  try to shed some light on the benefits of peanuts.

Peanuts is rich i proteins, vit B , niacin , vit E , calcium ,phosphorus ,potassium ,iron and bioflavanoids.

1. Being  good source of monosaturated fats  they decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lower the noxious bad cholesterol level.

2.As it contains an high content of  p-coumarin  acid  it plays a role in being an effective anti oxidant.

3 .Peanuts have a high fiber content .This makes it effective in maintaining a healthy gasrtrointestinal health.

4. Peanuts consumption helps in prevention of formation of gall stones.

5. It  is also beneficial in reducing the risk  developing colon cancer.

6. The calcium content of peanuts helps in keeping the bones and teeth healthy.

7. Good news for people suffering from  type II diabetes or  who are insulin resistant.With low glycemic  index rating peanuts help to regulate the rate at which the sugar or insulin levels rise.

8.Peanuts offers an effective shield against alzheimer’s and other age related cognitive diseases.This is attributed due to its richness in niacin.

9. Peanuts consumption  suppresses your appetite,thus it is useful in cases where weight loss is the aim.

10. Peanuts contains iron which is good for the red blood cells in our body.

11. Protein content of peanuts makes it an ideal option  for people interested in gaining weight or in fields of body building.

12. Resveratrol ,a content in peanuts has been shown to have anti ageing effect.

13.Peanuts are good for pregnant women.The high content of folate and niacin helps in preventing birth defects.

14 .Adequate supply of minerals like magnesium ,potassium , phosphorus , zinc and sodium ,it is needed for the normal functioning of our body.This ensures minimal risk to diseases  caused due to mineral deficiency.

15. Essential vitamins provided by peanuts helps  the body to fight infections and regulate the body metabolism.

16. Healthy circulation of blood flow to the brain accompanied with  brain health is attributed to the niacin content in the peanuts.

17. The mono unsaturated fats in it help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and also plays a role in reducing strokes.

18.The co enzyme Q 10 in peanuts plays a role in protecting the heart during oxygen shortage ,especially in high altitude areas.

19. Peanuts provide high energy to the body due to its protein content.

20. Last but not the least peanuts play a role in accelerating the growth of male and female hormones.

A word of caution here for individuals suffering from thyroid problems.As it contains goitrogens , it can effect the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Also seen are  cases of peanut allergies.So these group of people should avoid consumption of peanuts.

 Available in lots of varieties both salted , unsalted ,fried or roasted  they maybe small in size but are packed which energy and nutrition.

So if you are looking to gain or loose weight along with a healthy heart and brain circulating equally healthy blood into  your  body your answer lies in peanuts.

Leaving you here with the wonder nut i make my way to grab a packet of the same to  live and think healthy.

Author Brief Bio : Dr.Neelu Khanna , is a Dental Surgeon by profession with a past short stint in the Indian Army.She enjoys reading fiction, is a writer, and a keen orator.Currently pursuing an online  diploma in counseling  and guidance.

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