Pasta Benefits

Health Benefits of Pasta

Hello everyone, I am Ruby Agarwal and this is my article on the benefits of pasta.

Pasta derived from Greek clan, is a food item prepared from unraised dough of flour and water.

Pasta is one of the food items which is liked by every age group and as well as they are very nutritious.

Pasta is available in almost six hundred different shapes which leaves you with ample of choices.

Nutritionists have found that as pasta is made up of whole wheat grain they are highly nutritious. The whole wheat grain contains all important minerals, vitamins, phytonutrient.

Pasta is one of the ideal base foods to build good health. The meal comprising of pasta is regarded as healthful and contends your tummy.

They are also clubbed with good and healthy partners like green veggies, whole grains, fruits, tomatoes which are amazing source of anti oxidants and cheese that is flooded with protein.

Besides these there are many health facts about pasta that normally people are unaware of. Let us now discuss those benefits:

1. Pasta supplies carbohydrate which is in the form of glucose and is regarded as the most essential element for the better health of brain and muscles.

2. This is the complete cholesterol free food item and besides, it is low in sodium. Even a single cup of pasta can offer an excellent source of numerous important alimental that comprises of various B-vitamins and iron.

3. It is also good source of fiber and therefore pasta provides almost twenty five percent of daily requirements of fiber in the body.

4. Dietary fibre, which is a carbohydrate, helps keep the bowel functioning correctly.

5. Pasta is flooded with folic acid that is very much important for the women who are expecting child. They contain huge amount of vitamin A that helps would- be mother to fight with the stress and weakness during pregnancy. Pasta is very good source of folic acid so instead of gulping down some pills it is very much better to munch on pasta.

6. In addition to folic acid, a typical two-ounce serving of non-egg dry pasta contains valuable levels of iron and the B-vitamins riboflavin, thiamine, and niacin. The same two-ounce serving contains only one gram of fat, no sodium or cholesterol, and roughly 200 calories.

7. Usually while preparing pasta we club with many veggies and all of these veggies are flooded with vitamins, minerals and iron that make it a nutritional packet.

8. The sauces that are served with the pasta are highly beneficial as they are prepared with garlic, ginger, pepper and many of such herbs that also have many medicinal values.

9. It is cholesterol free and flooded with all the rather nutrition it is useful for the women who are intending to loose their weight. Pasta won’t let you gain weight.

10. The low proportion of glycemic that is present in pasta very calmly taken by the blood stream which doesn’t let the level of sugar rise in the blood line. It also guards against insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

11. Pasta can be beneficial for those with diabetes.

12.  If you're a diabetic, nutritionists recommend "including, at each main meal, some carbohydrate food that releases its energy slowly" .

13. Pasta may reduce the risk of breast cancer.

14. Pasta meals with tomato-based sauces may reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Lycopene, a potent antioxidant found in tomatoes, acts to repair damaged cells in the body. This positive effect of lycopene this is thought to help prevent prostate cancer.

15. Pasta does not lead to abdominal obesity. Eating vegetable oil, pasta and low-fat milk are associated with a healthier distribution of body fat around the hips, rather than around the waist.

16.  Pasta does not cause food cravings.The findings of a study looking at the long-term changes in food cravings in a calorie-restricted research program suggested that cravings are actually for calories, not foods high in carbohydrates like pasta.

17. Lower triglycerides: This can happen by adding whole wheat grains like pasta to your diet.

18. Pasta is part of a well-balanced diet. Current dietary guidance calls for up to 65% of daily calories to come from carbohydrates.

19. Alzheimer’s and the Mediterranean diet. Researchers concluded that following a Mediterranean diet, in which pasta is one of the cornerstone foods, may reduce the risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease.

20. Semolina pasta, the type most of us buy, is made from durum wheat and is almost always enriched with iron and vitamin B complex. Semolina yields 2 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein per serving.

21. Pasta is very low in sodium and is an ideal food for people with high blood pressure as it tastes great, is low in fat, and is satisfying.

22. Pasta is popular for not only carbohydrates, but also for being a heart-healthy alternative to meat-based meals.

23. Basil, a commonly used herb in pasta cooking or salad, is ideal for nerve tonic, remove fatigue, anxiety and depression. It  is also good for fighting bronchitis, cold, fever, gout and stomach indigestion.

24 .Parsley, widely used in garnishing and culinary, is a diuretic herb. It helps kidney, urinary problems and water retention. It is rich in iron and other minerals. Iron is essential for blood cell formations and liver functionality. Parsley also contains vitamin A for maintaining healthy skin, hair, and eyes.

25. Rosemary, another commonly used herb in pasta baking, is popular for its antiseptic qualities. The oil is steamed and distilled from the flowers and leaves, and has a powerful, woody aroma. Rosemary helps counter obesity, bronchitis, colds, diarrhoea, flatulence and headaches. It has therapeutic effect of a stimulant used to stimulate memory and circulation.

26. Sage and thyme are both mild antiseptics and have a wide medical application in liver disease and respiratory tract infections. They help to ease throat infection and bacterial infection. Sage also helps reduce water retention. Thyme is also good for helping to relieve fatigue and anxiety, ease aches.

So, these are the 26 benefits of pasta.

Thus don’t get worried while you eat pasta. Just be cautious while shopping for it, check the nutrition label before buying.

Always buy the pasta that is prepared from whole grain wheat as it is very nutritious.

“Pasta is architecture designed for the taste buds. Every single shape is a brick, different in form, consistency and colour, to create an extraordinary
construction, both physical and mental, a true expression of taste...” L’Enciclopedia della Pasta.

Author Brief Bio - Ruby Agarwal is a psychology graduate, pursuing her MBA in Human Resource Management. She is also doing her Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Guidance. She practices Pranic Healing and is working with a few NGO’s, highly creative and a guitar player.

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