Papaya Benefits

Health Benefits of Papaya

Hi, I am Dr. Neelu  Khanna and I will fruitfully apprise you of the wonders of Papaya.

It is a readily available and a affordable fruit which is  not only delicious and nutritious but of great use in reducing our visits to the doctors and beauty parlours,due to the health and glow it imparts to us.
Papaya is a fruit rich in  various enzymes and vitamins.It contains the enzyme Papain,Arginine and Carpin.

Let me now open the pandora's box and let out the various benefits of Papaya.

1. Papaya aids in digestion-It contains an enzyme called papain which helps in digestion,thereby is of great use for people suffering  from dysentry,dyspepsia,constipation and hyperacidity.

2. Papaya contains folic acid,vit c,beta carotene and  vit E, these have been associated to aid in reducing risk to colon cancer.These nutrients provide synergistic protection for colon cells from free radicals .

3. Papaya is known to have rejuvenating properties-it is believed that daily intake of papaya helps in controlling  premature ageing.Experts like Dr.Lytton Bernard have claimed about its rejuvenating property.

4. Papaya is extremely beneficial for skin-Pimples,acne are removed by rubbing the skin of the fruit on the face.It also brings lusture and glow to the face.It also helps to reduce wrinkles on the face.

5. Papaya helps in lightening of the skin-it is also used in various skin products ,face packs as it helps to dissolve the dead skin and aids in opening the pores.

6. Papaya helps in Cystic-Fibrosis-Papain is used in prescriptions of digestive enzyme to treat individuals with cystic fibrosis or pancreatic conditions by helping them to produce what is naturally not produced.

7. Papaya is excellent for weight loss and diet control-as it is low in calories and high in nutritive value it is an excellent option for people who want to loose weight by following a rich diet.

8. Papaya has antioxidant effects-Rich sources of vit-c,carotene,vitE helps in oxidation of cholesterol,thus it is beneficial in prevention of heart disease,atheroscelrosis and in conditions like diabetes.

9. Papaya helps in male-fertility-It contains  enzymes arginine and caprin which are essential for male fertility.Arginine boosts the nitric acid in the body which relaxes the muscles surrounding the blood vessels which supply the penis.

10. A more concentrated form f this enzyme arginine is used in treatment of erectile dysfunction.

11. Papaya helps in reducing inflammation-people with diseases worsened by inflammation like asthma,osteoarthritis,Rhuematoid arthritis have found this fruit to reduce the severity of their condition by regular intake of papaya.

12. Papaya also helps women during menstruation by promoting regular flow.

13. Papaya is known to be of use in treating dandruff,and is used in various shampoos for the same purpose.

14. Papaya also helps in strengthening the finger and toe nails.

15. Papaya is an excellent source to fight cold and cough; the rich vitamins source helps in making the immune system strong.

16. Papaya is used in treating and curing external injuries caused by trauma or burns.Application of the external skinof the fruit has proved beneficial in treating wounds.

17. Papaya helps in restoration of the normal bacteria in the gut-in cases where excessive use of antibiotics has been there it helps in restoring the normal bacteria.

18. Papaya has folic acid which helps in conversion of a substance called homocysteine into benign amino acids.If unconverted,it can directly damage the blood vessel walls which is considered a risk for heart attack and stroke.  

19. Papaya is a wonder fruit for women suffering from morning sickness.Daily intake of papaya helps in reducing nausea.

20. Papaya is a blood purifier and also helps in maintaining and promoting healthy lungs,in case of smokers due to its rich source in Vit A.

So here we have a fruit which has all the potential advantages which are a key to good health,body and mind.

You can consume it as a fruit,make  a shake or even a smoothie.It can be mixed with other fruits to make a salad.Raw papaya is also made in vegetable form. It can also be made into pickles and chutneys.

Starting from your hair to eyes,lungs,heart ,skin,stomach to your immune system  it  takes care of one and all.

So lets not pop in those pills instead visit your nearest fruit vendor and tuck in a Papaya right into your shopping bag.

Author Brief Bio:Dr.Neelu Khanna is a Dentist,an ex-Major from the Indian Army Dental Corps,national level debator,writer,badminton player,plays guitar and is undergoing training in Advance PG Diploma in Child counseling and family guidance.

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