Orange Juice Benefits

Health Benefits of Orange Juice

Living  life  in  this world of fast-foods, ready mix soups, and cans we forget the value of freshness.

Welcome to a world of freshness full of enriching potential to rev up your  heart and health.

Hi ,I am Dr.Neelu Khanna and based on my avid research i bring to you the Benefits of fresh orange juice.

What can be more healthy and delicious than a freshly diced orange,with its juice extracted and immediately served to you at your breakfast table.

Though when we buy the cartons and cans of juices from the market with an equally healthy intent we fail to acknowledge the actual benefit of the same fruit if consumed fresh.Its beyond comparison.

So next time you lay your hands on that attractive carton placed on that shelf,beckoning you to take it home think twice.

All that is displayed on the carton is not true.There is much more than what the eyes can see .

The aim is not to discourage you from shopping for juices but to encourage you to have them in a fresh form taken out at any clean shop,juice corner or at home.

To begin with:
Fresh orange juice is not heat treated or has no shelf life to worry about.

Fresh orange juice offers plenty of goodness to ones health.

Fresh orange juice is a rich source of vitamin c ,folic acid ,vitamin B6,potassium ,magnesium and calcium. It is also high in fibre content.

So let us make ourselves aware of the  benefits of fresh orange juice.

1. Fresh orange juice contains vitamin C, which helps in keeping our immune system healthy to ward away infections.

2. The vitamin C content helps to fight against common ailments like cold ,flu and cough.

3. Fresh orange juice is enriched with the goodness of antioxidants which  help in making us less susceptible to diseases like cancers especially cancer of the colon ,breast and prostrate.

4. It also helps in reducing the signs of imflammatory diseases like osteoarthritis,rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.

5. Fresh and ample intake intake of orange juice has shown to  offer protection against cardiovascular diseases. A 248 page report  A Health Benefits O f Citrus Fruits released in Dec 2003 by australian research group shows that high citrus fruit diet offers significant protection  against various types of cancers.

6. Fresh orange juice also helps in relieving the pain of arthritis due to its anti-imflammatory  quality.

7. The  folate content present in the juice  plays a major role in reproduction of new cells and also aids in healing.

8. The essential requirements of potassium too are adequately met by consuming fresh orange juice.

9. The anti-oxidant property enables effective weight loss.

10. Fresh orange juice helps in increasing  absorption of iron in the body thus preventing deficiency of iron.

11. Drinking fresh orange juice allows quick absorption of all the nutrients .

12. The various flavonoids and phtyo nutrients present in fresh orange juice  helps the body fight against degenerative changes.

13. The fiber content of fresh orange juice helps in keeping the  blood sugar level under control.

14. Fresh orange juice works wonders in people suffering from constipation due to the rich fiber  content .

15. Fresh orange juice cures irritable bowel syndrome and hence is helpful in cases of diarrhoea.

16. A study published in the British journal of Nutrition has   studied and found that if a women drank 1 litre of orange juice everyday it helps in reducing the urinary pH value and citric acid excretion is increased , thereby dropping the risk of formation of calcium oxalate stones.

17. Fresh orange juice also helps in reducing ulcer formations  and reducing cancer risk of the stomach.

18. Presence of beta cryptoxanthin in orange helps in reducing the risk of  developing lung cancer.

19. The calcium content present in fresh orange juice is helpful for bones and teeth.

20. Fresh orange juice is effective in scurvy which is caused by vitc deficiency.

21. The niacin present in  orange metabolises the food we eat into energy.

22. Fresh orange juice contains vitB6 which helps in processing of proteins and carbohydrates and helps in production of haemoglobin.

23.  Healthy muscle action is also ensured due to the rich content of calcium in fresh  orange juice.

24. The skin of the fresh  orange juice can be dried and  ground to be used as a face pack.

25. By consuming fresh orange juice one can reduce the damage the free radicals are doing  to the cellular structure of our body.

So if we squeeze out about 5 minutes from our hectic schedules to drink a glass of fresh orange juice we would be doing our body a great service.

The fresh orange juice can be obtained from shops or can be taken out at home using juicers. Just add a dash of salt and pepper and you have a brilliant recipe ready to keep you ticking for the day.

Just a word of caution ,as it is acidic in nature after consuming it take good care of your teeth as it may erode the enamel and cause sensitivity.
I hope i have been able to effectively  put across the amazing benefits of fresh orange use.

Lets not get carried away by brand names and go the artificial way instead get hold of the delicious looking oranges peel them and squeeze out its goodness for better health.

Author Brief Bio: Dr.Neelu Khanna is a Dentist by profession ,an ex-Major from the Indian Army Dental Corps ,national  level debator ,winner of National youth parliament as deputy leader of opposition ,fond reader and writer, who enjoys music and sports. Is currently undergoing training in Counseling and guidance.

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