Onion Benefits

Health Benefits of Onion

The intake of processed food has inreased in recent times thus leading rise to either deficiency diseases or heart disease ,cancer and obesity.

This is a small reminder for people,the tasty recipes grand mothers made from different nutritious greens,which kept you healthy also.

Onions have been cultivated since pre historic times. Indigenous in area ranging from Palestine to India.

One of the most widely consumed vegetables in world, BULB which grows underground.

Onions have been consumed since centuries not only for flavor but also because many believe that it has divine powers of curing many diseases.

Onions or Allium cepa belong to the lily family, the same family as garlic, leeks, chives etc.

There are around 600 species of onions distributed all over Europe, North America, Northern Africa and Asia. The different varieties of onion are red, yellow, white and green, each one has their own unique flavor and gown all around the world.

Onions are pungent, gives bad breath, they make your eyes water when you cut them due to release of organic  Sulphar.

In   general  stronger the onion, the healthier. If one shed more tears while cutting equals more protection against disease and infection.

One gets the best benefit if they are eaten raw.

If one can pass the bad breath, they are surely on the list of super foods.

BENEFITS: Anciently onions are considered as the cure for many illnesses.

1= AS it has high content of iron, it is beneficial in treatment of anaemia.

2= Eating one onion daily, onions can lower cholesterol and help prevent heart attacks.

3= It also lowers triglyceride level.

4= It reduces the symptoms of arthritis and gout due to presence of anti inflammatory agents.

5= Onions fight the infections caused by bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella.

6= Effective against tuberculosis, urinary tract infections such as cystitis due to its anti bacterial and anti septic nature.

7= Onions lowers the blood pressure.

8= Onions   thins the blood, dissolve blood clots, clear the blood of unhealthy fats due to presence of Adenosine.

9= Onions help to correct   thrombosis, lowers the LDL cholesterol and prevents heart attacks.

10= Helps in colon and ovarian cancer prevention due to presence of Fructo- oligosaccharides  which stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the colon and help reducing the risk of tumors developing in colon.

11= It removes constipation and flatulence.

12= Chromium present in it helps diabetics by lowering the insulin level and improving glucose tolerance.

13= Onions act as diuretic and blood cleanser by helping to counter fluid retention.

14= In some culture the onion juice is used to stop ringing of the ears.

15= Onion juice applied to hair scalp for a long time can cause hair re growth.

16=The   pungency   wards off flu and cold by causing sweating.

18= Onions lessens the osteoporosis, due to presence of compound that prevents breaking down of bone.

19= Juice of onion mixed with honey  if taken for 2-3 days will liquefy  mucus and prevent it to form thus making respiration easy in Asthama, cold and flu.

20= White variety of onions are good aphrodisiac.

21= Onions   should be used for the treatment of poor appetite and to prevent  atherosclerosis.

22= Onions decrease the spasm caused by bronchitis.

23= In India onion paste mixed with jaggery  is used  to treat sore throat.

24= Onions helps in curing insomnia.

25= Helps in treating acne and boils.

What would be life without onions? The onions are used as an ingredient in various dishes by many cultures.

Onion is the second most horticulture crop grown.

Onions are most effective if eaten raw and eaten for over a long time.

Onions are highly valued herb, possessing the most culinary and medicinal value.

Onions can be added to any food, salads can be processed, fried or barbequed , cooked into stews, soups and omletes, baked, boiled sautéed or creamed.
Studies have shown that communities which do not consume onions have much higher cholesterol and triglycerides.

People who cannot tolerate raw onions should cook it well to preserve   phytonutrients  like quercetin.

During   WW2   the vapors of onion paste were used to reduce the pain and accelerated the healing of  wounds of soldiers. Alexander the Great  fed  onions in huge quantities to his troops to strengthen them for battle.

Most easily available, cheap and the best medicine, a doctor at home.

What can you more ask from the nature?


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