Oatmeal Benefits

Health Benefits of Oatmeal

Hi! I am Cassandra presenting to you the Benefits of Oatmeal.

My mother would always put it in my head that the most important meal of the day should be your breakfast to stay fit and healthy.

Well they say mothers are always right so if your looking to start your day with a bang a bowl of Oatmeal is just the treat you should have.

Oatmeal is rich in protein and is excellent for a healthy start.

There are many benefits from having Oatmeal :

1. It is excellent in calcium when added with milk. The calcium is good for strengthining of bones, teeth and hair.

2. Oatmeal has a good source of vitamins and minerals.

3. For those trying to lose weight, it is an excellent breakfast meal as it is a low-fat food.

4. For patient's with diabeties it is good cause the soluble fiber in Oatmeal deters the consumption of starch, so the patient won't experience a rise in insulin after eating.

5. Soluble fiber in the Oatmeal helps to lower LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol.

6. When the soluble fiber lowers LDL in cholesterol it raises the HDL (High-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. This HDL is needed cause it takes away the cholesterol away from the heart.

7. Experts beleive that HDL defends against heart attacks.

8. Oatmeal can be made fun to eat also by adding chocolate chips, cinnamon, nuts or raisins.

9. The phytochemcials in oats may also have caner-fighting properties.

10. Having Oatmeal daily helps to reduce hypertension.

11. Oats have a high fiber content hence it helps in the bowel movements and constipation.

12. Oats are a source of carbohydrates which provide calories for energy needs.

13) Insoluble fiber's cancer-fighting properties are due to the fact that it attacks certain bile acids, reducing their toxcity.

14) Insoluble fiber's makes stools heavier and speeds their passage through the gut, relieving constipation.

15) Oatmeal has a good number of carbohydrates which help in raising energy levels.

16) Oatmeal has plenty of vitamin B, which is important for the brain and nervous system to function properly.

17) Oatmeal baths are supposed to be good for relief of neurodermatitis ( a skin disease that can leave one with itchy inflammed skin).

18) Oatmeal is also good for the hair, it makes it soft, strong and clean.

19) It is good for helping to keep the colon clean by forcing along food particles out of the system.

20) It also helps to prevent acne and dry skin.

The nutritional value of Oats : (100 gms)
Energy : 390 kcal / 1630 kj
Carbohydrates : 66g
Protein : 17g
Calcium : 54mg
Iron : 4.72mg
Magnesium : 177mg
Phosphorus : 523mg
Potassium : 429mg

Oatmeal is good for health as well as it can be used in many home remedies :
1. It can be used in a bath to take the itch out of any rashes caused by allergies or illnesses such as chickenpox.

2. By applying a paste of Oatmeal and water it helps to soothe insect bites, bee stings and the itch caused by poison ivy.

3. Oatmeal makes a wonderful face scrub. Mix with water and have your own facial done at home. It also softens the skin.

So if you are bored of the same old breakfast and plan to start a healthy day make sure you try out the Oatmeal. You will love it.

Authors Brief Bio: Cassandra Barboza BA Graduate, loves Psychology and helping people find happiness in their lives. Presently doing an Advanced Diploma Course in Counselling, loves to travel and make friends.

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