Muesli Benefits

Health Benefits of Muesli

I, Neerja Bhatnagar  welcome  the readers to my article benefits of muesli.

After a detailed research on this topic I have tried to furnish the facts and the great benefits associated with Muesli.

In the present time of high stress and lack of time, Muesli is a magical breakfast which provides all basic nutrients, which a healthy body needs.

Muesli is a cereal made from whole oats, nuts, fruits, and wheat flakes. It is constituted with whole grains hence is a rich source of dietary fibre, minerals, vitamins, trace elements and proteins.

It was invented by a Swiss Doctor named Dr. Maximilian Birchner – Benner to provide a healthy diet to his patients. He made muesli an important part of his therapy to prove the wonders done by it in healing the patients. It worked .

The word muesli originates from Swiss – German word Mus , which means mixture and which is related to the old English word moose meaning stew or pottage . It became popular in western countries by 1960’s as a part of healthy food.

There are two varieties of Muesli which can be equally nutritive.

One is the dried muesli mixture which can be had with ease by mixing with milk, yogurt, coffee, hot chocolate, fruit juice or just plain water.
The other variant is the fresh muesli in which the oats are soaked overnight in the water or fruit juices and then blended with apple or banana.

Now coming to the benefits of the magical muesli in our life, some of them are mentioned below.

1. Muesli being a very rich source of dietary fibre both, soluble and insoluble helps in lowering the blood cholesterol.

2. The soluble fibre in muesli helps in avoiding dramatic changes in blood sugar level.

3. Muesli having oats and nuts, contribute plenty of phytochemical agents call lignans which decreases the risk of problems like breast cancer, prostate and ovarian cancer.

4. The insoluble fibre in muesli reduces the probability of carcinogens in gastro intestinal tract.

5. The daily consumption of muesli reduces hypertension and hence reduces the need of hypertensive medication.

6. It is also seen to reduce the blood pressure to a great extent.

7. Muesli provides huge amount of energy instantly due to high content of carbohydrates.

8. It is a rich source of protein which strengthens the bone and increases the growth of hairs.

9. Muesli’s regular intake helps the person to heal the wounds faster due to the presence of beta – glucan in it.

10. It helps body of a person to fight any bacterial infection faster.

11. It controls the obesity also. The reason lies in the fact that the fibers swell up absorbing water so leaving lesser space for the intake of more food in the stomach.

12. Muesli is also considered to be a very good food to control the BMI [Body Mass Index].

13. Due to the presence of folic acid in muesli, it helps in generation of red blood cells (RBC).

14. Being a very rich source of minerals it helps in improving the metabolism of the body.

15. Being a rich source of vitamin E along with having  anti oxidant properties, muesli improves the blood vessel elasticity.

16. Muesli also controls the plaque accumulation.

17. Muesli is the best supplement  of the trace element Selenium which act as a catalyst in metabolic activity.

18. The vitamin B complex present in it takes care of the regeneration of body cells, nerves and bones.

19. If mixed with honey, it acts like an antiseptic, anti oxidant agent and as a cleanser in our body for a good health.

20. Muesli mixed with fresh fruits provides all natural nutrients to fight against seasonal diseases.

21. When used with vegetables muesli increases the vital substances and micro nutrients, which helps us to increase our hemoglobin hence fighting against anemia.

22. Muesli detoxifies the body.

23. Muesli is helpful in libido enhancement.

24. The presence of manganese in muesli along with low saturated fats keeps our heart safe.

25. Muesli is a rich source of omega – 3 fatty acid which helps in development of the nervous system.

26. Muesli is a rich source of calcium.

27. When consumed with fruits,muesli improves the skin tone and its glow.

28. Muesli with cinnamon has a healing property for cold and cough.

29. Muesli also helps in reducing the risk of age related diseases like arthritis etc.

30. Muesli being a rich source of fibre relives constipation by improving the bowl moment in the intestinal tract.

It is evident from above that muesli provides unlimited taste of nature.

It is very easy to prepare and serve. The preparation involves following ingredients-
2cups of oats
¾ cup diced dried apples
½ cup toasted wheat germ
½ cup raisins
½ cup silver blanched almonds
¼ hulled but not toasted raw sun flower seeds
2 tablespoon packed light brown sugar

Mix all of them in a large bowl or air tight container. You can store in a cool place or can also store in the refrigerator. Whenever it has to be served just add milk to some part of it and mix and then serve. The above recipe can be changed depending on the choice of the variants one prefers.

The dry muesli can be stored for long and can be served with mixing milk, yoghurt; coffee, hot chocolate, fruit juice or even calorie conscious person can go in for just adding it in plain water.

If you have missed having it for so long, just shop for a good brand of muesli pack and enjoy the goodness of it.

So wishing you all a very good health with a bowl of muesli on your table in the morning breakfast.

Author Brief – Ms. Neerja Bhatnagar is an environmentalist, a lecturer, a social worker, a classical dancer and a soft-skill trainer/ consultant. She is a recipient of various academics and literary accolades including President’s Gold Medal and Directors Silver Medals at university level. Travelling and good music are her passion. Presently  engaged in pursuing an advanced diploma in counseling and guidance.

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