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Amongst the array of alternative healing therapies that are in use today, the name of magnetic therapy occupies a vital place. It is basically a complementary and alternative medicine practice, which involves the use of static magnetic fields. The core of this therapy lies in the fact that the
human body as well as the earth operate under a magnetic field. As, and when, there arises a disturbance between the magnetic power of the body and the earth; physical problems are experienced by a person.

Magnetic therapy is nothing new in the world of science. As futuristic as it may sound, magnetic therapy has actually been practiced and its benefits enjoyed for thousands of years beginning with ancient eastern cultures. The curiosity of the human race in concern with magnets has been inevitable. Several civilizations have conferred utmost eminence to the use of magnets with the ability to create a difference in our life as well as well being.

Today in Japan and other Asian countries, therapeutic magnets are licensed as medical devices. Magnetic therapy has found favor in Australia, Russia and many European countries, especially Germany where medical insurance covers some of the costs. Contemporary western medicine uses magnetic energy for diagnosis with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and, as a method to accelerate the healing of bone fractures. Magnetic therapy is becoming increasingly popular among progressive health care practitioners, veterinarians and professional athletes as well as the general population.

What is Magnetic therapy?
Magnetic therapy operates on the knowledge that the human body is controlled by magnetic fields and charged ions and benefits from its balance. When an area of the body is injured, positive ions flood the area, causing pain and swelling. Magnetic therapy causes the positive ions to flee the affected area, allowing the body to return to its normal negative state. This allows an increase in circulation and oxygen flow to the injured area, thus promoting the benefits of natural healing. Benefits of magnetic therapy include healing without the use of traditional medication and promotion of natural body function. Benefits of magnetic therapy can be felt within minutes in some cases.

Practitioners of this therapy use negative magnetic fields which have a beneficial effect on health. By placing magnets near or on an injury site, a force field is created that encourages muscle relaxation and increased blood flow, while reducing inflammation. Devices range from small, simple magnets to large machines capable of generating high magnitudes of field strength.

How it works and relieves pain?
In this therapy, the body comes continuously in contact with magnets, which generates warmth in body, activates the whole working system and accelerates blood circulation. Thus it provides strength and tones up the body as a whole. This treatment is considered as safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes.

It is a user friendly curative system that is infiltrating the medical mainstream. It works on the premise that magnetism binds together all that exists, connecting everything to everything else.

Our body produces small electromagnetic fields by the movement of charged particles called ions. As a result of the movement of these ions, our physical and mental processes are controlled, maintaining the electromagnetic balance within our bodies. When our body is injured, the electromagnetic field is put out of balance and pain and swelling is the result.

When applying magnetic therapy to an injured area, the capillary walls surrounding the muscles and connective tissues relax and increases blood flow. More oxygen and nutrients are then supplied to the affected area, resulting in normal ion concentrations. The result is normal ion concentrations being restored, which in turn relieves pain and swelling, promoting faster healing.

Products include magnetic bracelets and jewelry; magnetic straps for wrists, ankles, knees, and the back; shoe insoles; mattresses; magnetic blankets (blankets with magnets woven into the material); magnetic creams; magnetic supplements; and water that has been "magnetized".

Magnetic therapy is beneficial for light conditions as well as for serious diseases.

1. Magnetic therapy has been seen to provide relief from ailments like arthritis, achilles tendon and tendonitis.

2. Those suffering from back bone problems have discovered immense respite after going through the therapy.

3. This therapy has been found to have helped in the treatment of patients suffering from sciatica and even lumbar spondylitis.

4. This therapy has been effectively used to heal chronic headache in a large number of people.

5. It has been claimed that magnetic field therapy helps improve blood circulation and also increases blood oxygen.

6. The therapy has been found to help decrease the deposition of toxic materials in the walls of blood vessels.

7. Apart from aiding the patients of high blood pressure, magnetic therapy has been effectively used to treat depression.

8. The people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome have been claimed to have benefited from the therapy.

9. Magnetic field therapy has been successfully applied in the alleviation of post-surgery pain.

10. Many people have derived stress-reduction benefits from the therapy. Some also claim it to be the perfect treatment for insomnia.

11. People have experienced an increase in their energy levels, after going through magnetic therapy.

12. This therapy has helped many people successfully get over circulatory problems.

13. Magnetic field therapy has been seen to have anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and even faster-healing benefits.

14. The Electromagnetic Activator is used in the treatment of the cases of advanced cancer. The cancer cells cannot exist in a strong magnetic field. As
the deadly cancer cannot exist due to the strong magnetic field, no other ailment can survive too from which a human being can suffer.

15. The application of strong magnetic fields by the researchers has given a positive side effect in restoring the pigmentation in the hair. In several such cases, the colour of the hair changed from silvery white to the original natural colour.

16. The use of magnetized water is also found to act very favorably on the human diseases and has worked as a beneficial medicine in many cases. The stones in kidney and gall bladder can be treated by using magnetized water. The magnetized water has very good effect on digestive, nervous and urinary systems of man.

17. The magnetic field can be created by a magnet within the bounds of its effect on all the biological systems of plant, animals and human beings. The magnetism of the earth helps in the propagation, growth and sustenance of life on its surface. Treating the life cutting diseases with the use of magnets can also increase the life span of all living creatures. Treating the seeds with magnetic fields can increase the strength of the plants. In this process, the seeds are exposed to different strengths of a magnet for different lengths of time. Increasing or decreasing the strengths of a magnet can check the effectiveness of the magnetism. In this way, the needed strength for production of the biggest and the best plants can be fixed. same premise can applied on animals too.

18. The brain produces magnetic fields of very high intensities. In fact brain is said to work under the magnetic field unto the magnitude of 3x10888 gauss, especially during sleep. These fluctuating values are greatly altered during diseases like epilepsy.

19. Similarly, Heart also produces the peak value of about 100-kilogauss, which are altered during diseases like myocardial infarction and ischemia (curtailment of blood supply to the heart).

20. Magnets impart tremendous boost to various faculties of brains such as memory, intelligence, concentration and understanding.

21. Application of magnets leads to an intense meditation level.

22. Magnets help in various psychosomatic disorders, which are on an increase.

23. Excessive fat is deposited in the body in the form of adipose tissue. This storage causes obesity, which in turn bestows many adverse consequences like diabetes, high blood pressure and high risk of heart impairment. Magnets are found to have a favorable effect on the adipose tissue and slowly dissolve the fats to lessen down the obesity factor. A regular use of magnets also helps in correcting the inherent tendency of certain individuals to the formation and deposition of the adipose tissue. In this way it comes to the aid of people who are trying to lose weight and gain back their figure.

24. The joint effect of internal heat of the body and external heat caused by the magnet improves the function of internal secretion of hormones. The transmission of blood is done rapidly against this heat. The capillary vessels spreading all over like a net around hormone secretion tubes expand to a large extent and thus concentrates oxygen, which gradually supply hormone secretion into the tubes. By using the magnets continuously, various diseases caused by the lack of hormone secretion can be improved. The magnetic flux enters the tissues and works to regulate hormone secretion which preserves youth by providing energy and by normalising the functions of the internal organs.

25. The Pituitary gland in human body is a ductless body located at the base of the brain, which always discharges hormone secretion. It helps in the body growth. The magnets can help the boys and girls to increase their height to some extent up to the age of 14-15 years in normal cases by increasing the secretion from this gland.

26. The magnets affect the reformation, resuscitation and promotion of the growth of human cells. The magnetic flux generates a comfortable warm feeling in the body. The warmth strengthens the function of cells and cures inflammations and spasms.

27. Magnets also help in effective and faster elimination of Wastes. The wastes are often the end products of diseases such as pus, decayed and damaged cells and proteinous waste. The toxins are also regularly removed through this elimination process.

The treatment with magnets should be carried out properly or it may not give good result. The application time should be for a particular duration for a particular ailment. Normally, the magnetic treatment should be given for about 10 minutes only once a day.

The duration of application of magnets increases in chronic cases of Gout, Paralysis, Poliomyelitis, Rheumatism or Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc. The time of treatment can be gradually increased even up to half-an-hour daily or for 15-20 minutes twice a day.

In the case of the treatments of children, however, the time may be reduced upto 5 minutes a day. It again depends upon the age of the child, the disease and the tenderness and the power of magnets. The magnetic treatment has no fixed course or time-limit. It should be continued till the disease is diminished fully. The disease can be cured in different periods in different cases, depending upon the nature and length of the disease, the age and strength of the patient and the power of magnets to be applied. The effect of the magnetic treatment can be noticed within a few days, in some cases or it may take duration of about two week and in some chronic cases, it may take a few months.

Generally, no irritation is felt in the magnetic treatment. However, if any pain seems to increase in the first instance in any case, it may be due to the fact that the magnet in the process of eliminating the pain draws it out from the internal parts of the body to the skin.

1. Never use magnetic therapy treatment if you are pregnant or wear a pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump or any other implanted electronic medical device

2. Keep magnets away from:

a. Computer disks, audio/videotapes, credit cards, watches and other items that are sensitive to magnets.

b. The abdomen for 60 to 90 minutes after eating - may interfere with digestion and cause mild abdominal discomfort.

c. Close proximity of transdermal drug patches as they will interfere with the drug's effectiveness.

The magnetic therapy treatment is not habit forming. If the person using the magnets does not use them for some days or weeks, he does feel anything wanting or any urge for using them. The users of the magnets remain fresh, energetic and youthful.

It is a safe, drug free, cost effective and easy to use method of self-treatment, without any of the side effects associated with conventional methods of pain relief. Magnet therapy, which involves placing small magnets close to the skin in order to relieve muscle or joint pain, has interested many patients who want to avoid pain medications or who seek alternative treatments.

Thus we can conclude that one can enjoy a better and peaceful life after using the magnets.

Authorís Brief Bio - Latika Bhojwani, is a Post Graduate in Management with Major Specialization in Marketing and Minor in Finance, presently working as a Free Lancer in a Shipping Agency, also practicing as a Reiki Healer and Tarot Card Reader. Her favorite pastime activities include Crystal Healing/Readings, Hypnosis, Reading, Travelling, Exploring Gadgets.

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