Lychee Benefits

Health Benefits of Lychee

Hello every one! I am Sonia Sharma and welcome you all to my article on ‘Benefits of Lychee’.

I hope you find them helpful and beneficial.

I find lychee very delicious and sweet. I think anyone who eats the lychee fruit immediately falls in love with it. But thinking of the fact that lychee is so delicious doesn’t convince you to try it, I am sure knowing the various health benefits of lychee will make you fall in love with it.

I have compiled the collection of benefits of lychee to share with you its wonderful benefits.

Lychee is a Chinese word which means “a present for a joyful life” and its qualities absolutely match to its name. Lychee provides a real taste treat along with super health benefits. It is considered a symbol of love and romance in China.

Lychee is a juicy fruit belonging to the soapberry family. It is a tropical fruit. Lychee originated in South China and also found in Southern Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines. India also has lychee as a seasonal summer fruit.

Let us look at the ‘20 wonderful benefits of lychee’.

1. The lychee fruit is rich source of nutrients – 100 gm of lychee provide 72 mg of vitamin C. It is also a great source of minerals like potassium with 171 mg, the phosphorus content is 31 mg with magnesium. There is 5mg of calcium and other minerals like iron, zinc, selenium. It is extremely low in calories.

2. Lychee is good for our bones, skin and tissue – Lychee is extremely rich in vitamin C, which is good for our bones, skin and tissue.

3. Lychee Helps in curing colds and fever – Being a rich source of vitamin C eating lychee benefits those suffering from colds, fever, and sore throats.

4. Lychee helps to prevent diseases like cancer – Lychee has flavonoids in the pulp which helps to prevent fatal disease like cancer.

5. Lychee helps to prevent heart diseases – Lychee fruit is an excellent source of natural vitamin C, which aids the body in fighting against heart diseases.

6. Lychee is very good for weak and elderly people as it can enrich the blood and improves physical strength.

7. Lychee has the ability to cure tumors.

8. Lychee helps in relieving pains.

9. Lychee has high contents of calcium which helps in bone growth and reduces the risk of bone related ailments like osteoporosis in both men and women.

10. Lychee provides essential minerals to the body that is required for cell development.

11. Lychee improves digestion – Lychee fruit aids the body in proper digestion of food. This provides better nutrition and boosts up the body health in general.

12. Lychee boosts up the natural immunity of the body.

13. Lychee reduces the risk of breast cancer.

14. Lychee helps to prevent blood clots.

15. Lychee has very low fat content. Hence, it is an excellent fruit for those who are dieting.

16. Lychee has the ability to shrink the swollen glands.

17. Lychee is a good source of carbohydrates and fiber, which is very essential for the body.

18. Lychee has protein, which is necessary for the development of lean muscles.

19. Lychee helps to beautify the skin – Consuming fresh lychee daily refines your skin.

20. Lychee enhances the feeling of well being.

So, here you have 20 amazing benefits of lychee.

I am very fond of lychees and use it in various ways like adding lychee slices to fruit cock tails, juices etc.

I also add fresh slices of lychee to my favourite pineapple ice cream and it tastes too yummy that I just love it…

Now, that we know how beneficial this fruit is, we must use it as a regular part of our diet. So, enjoy it as a fruit, as a beverage or in any form as I do.

On this note, I Sonia Sharma leaves you all to enjoy the sweetness of lychee.

Stay healthy naturally. Good bye!

Author Brief Bio – Sonia Sharma is a Life Skill Teacher, Tarot Reader, Crystal Therapist, Vaastu  Expert and a Reiki Healer. At present she is doing a course in Guidance and Counseling.

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