Top Ten Black Plays Coming To A Theater Near You


10 - Lord, Momma Done Burnt the Chicken Again

9 - I Ain't Seen My Daddy Since the 80's: Tales from the Ghetto

8 - Menace II Society 2: The Return of Kaine, Tupac, Biggie and introducing Big Pun

7 - Momma, It's the 1st and the Check Ain't Here: A Ghetto Tragedy

6 - A Tale of Two Baby Daddies

5 - Momma, I'm Pregnant...Again!

4 - Momma, It's the 15th and the Check Still Ain't Here: The Sequel to the Tragedy on the 1st

3 - Lord, How Can I Keep My Lexus and Range Rover on A Secretary's Salary?

2 - Lord, I Hate My Baby Momma: Starring Shawn Kemp and Bobby Brown and Headlining, O.J. Simpson

And the Number One Black Play coming to a theater near you is............

1 - Who Drank All the Damn Kool-Aid: A Ghetto Mystery!