Top 16 Favorite Movies of Jenna Bush


16. Rebel Without a Card

15. Austin Bars: The Guy Who Snagged Me

14. Bar Trek: The Next Jennaration

13. Me, Myself and I.D.

12. The Little Barmaid

11. The Keg and I

10. 101 Libations

9. Bend Hurl

8. The Hunt for OctoberFest

7. License to Kill Your Dad's Chances of Re-Election

6. Drunk and Drunker

5. The Clodfather

4. 9 Weeks-of Community Service

3. Heaving Las Cervezas

2.Honey, I've Drunks for Kids!

and the Number 1 Favorite Movie of Jenna Bush...

1. You've Got Bail!