Signs your Webmaster is in a Cult


15 Every link seems to take you to

14 Repetition of same banner ads: Stoli, Mott's... Stoli, Mott's...

13 He brings twenty-three wives to the office Holiday Party.

12 Instead of counting up visitors, your site counts down days to the apocalypse.

11 Suddenly your travel agency's site is featuring inter-planetary excursions for comet watching and one-way tickets to Guyana.

10 His home page says "Best viewed from the Mothership."

9 Your website's "Hall of Fame" inductees required to do stint handing out flowers at airport.

8 Your website is honored as the David Koresh Fan Club's "Site of the Day."

7 She has 38 roommates, yet is oddly stress-free.

6 Insists that Sabbath actually begins when "X-files" ends.

5 Frequently mutters about the "Prophet Steve Jobs" returning to rescue the true believers.

4 Not only does he understand Unix, he *IS* one.

3 Big "N" on your browser replaced by spinning head of Charles Manson.

2 He only answers to the name, "Doe-bert."

1 Ugly clothes; insufficient diet; lack of sleep; goofy haircut; lives in a mansion; has many followe... Hey, wait a minute! That's Bill Gates!!