Blind Date Guide for Men


She's a dandy little house keeper ~means~ she has been married three times and kept all the houses.

She has a wonderful disposition, a fine character and a spotless reputation ~means~ she's ugly.

She loves children ~means~ she's pregnant and needs a husband.

She has a great sense of humor ~means~ she's fat.

She is the outdoor type ~means~ she hunts, fishes, chews tobacco, and shaves just like the fellows.

She's ready to settle down ~means~ she is over thirty, in panic and dying to marry.

She likes to have a good time and is lots of fun at parties ~means~ she gets drunk and makes an ass of herself.

She is a mature woman yet has the appearance of a young school girl ~means~ she is twenty eight, looks thirty eight, but dresses like she were eighteen.

She is casual ~means~ she dresses like a slob and her apartment looks like a pig pen.

She understands men ~means~ she has been married and divorced four times.

She's a good sport ~means~ she knows two hundred jokes and can drink you under the table.

She looks and dresses like a model ~means~ she is five eleven, weighs seventy-three pounds and wears her hair like Joe Cocker.

She is a well known show business personality who has appeared before thousands ~means~ she is the bearded lady in the traveling side show.

She has traveled a lot and met many interesting people ~means~ she has looked everywhere for a husband and hasn't found one yet.