Lime Benefits

Health Benefits of Lime

Weight loss programme associated with nutritional food habits is the key to health.

Lime a member of the genus Citrus, similar to lemon and green in colour.It originated in tropical and sub tropical south east Asia. Orange, lemons, grape fruits are cousins of lime.

Mostly all the members of the genus citrus are hybrids.

Most production of lime is in Mexico, followed by India, Argentina, Iran,  Brazil and supplied all over the world.

Two main variety of lime is grown.

1=Sweet lime, has increase sugar content but has insipid taste and is less nutritive.

2= Acidic or sour lime, extensively cultivated, as has medicinal as well as culinary value.

Source of free citric acid, natural sugar, highest source of vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus.
Phtyo chemicals, flavonoids.

In India, in Vedas it is mentioned as a sacred fruit, anciently used in driving away the evil spirit.

Charaka, the most ancient  physician mentioned lime as a therapy for various bones and joint diseases.

1= Vitamin C - increases body resistance.

2= Lime is famous as a cure for scurvy, the disease caused by deficiency of vitamin C due to which one gets cough and cold frequently.

3= In olden days lime was served to soldiers and sailors to keep them away from scurvy.

4=The deficiency  of vitamin C is most seen in children, workers in furnace, painting shop,heat treatment plants, cement factories, mines etc. Lime is distributed  to them in form of juices.

5= Flavonoids in lime ,such as Limonin Glucoside,which have anti oxidant, anti carcinogenic, anti biotic and de toxifying properties which help healing of peptic and oral ulcers.

6=The oil fron lime is used in anti congestive pastes like balm, vaporizers, inhalers lower the intensity of congestion in cold , sinusitis and cough.

7= Scratching the peel of lime and inhaling it gives partial relief in nausea and congestion due to presence of   Kaempferol.

8= Vitamin C protect eyes from aging and macular degeneration.

9= Flavonoids  help protect  them from infections.
10= The anti oxidants, vitamin C and flavonoids, block the formation and accumulation of free radicals and toxins like uric acid  and controls gout in the body by detoxifying them.

11=The root cause of gum problem is vitamin C deficiency ,which gives bleeding and spongy gums and infections. Lime treat  gum problems.

12= Ulcers and wounds from bones also can be cured by lime.

13= Lime inhibits microbial growth in gums and teeth.

14= It gives relief in constipation and helps in good digestion.

15= Lime also heals ulcers in digestive system as well as excretory system, eradicate the root cause of piles.

16= The high potassium content of lime is effective in removal of toxic material and precipitates the deposited in kidneys, urinary bladder, effective medicine for cystitis.

17= The infections of urinary tract are cured by sufficient intake.

18= Calcium deposits in prostrate results in prostrate growth, these deposits are removed by lime thus stopping the growth of prostrate.

19= It help s cure arthritis and rheumatism.

20= Cures prostrate and colon cancer.

21= Very effective in cholera infection.

22=Helps lowering arteriosclerosis, diabetes, fatigue, heart diseases and fever.

23= Effective in treatment of tonsillitis.

24= Effective treatment against sting of scorpion,if applied externally.

25= Cures obesity if taken with water and honey for a long time with low cal diet., thus reducing the weight.

26= Helps in keeping the bad breath away, keeping the teeth away from decay and dental carries.

27=The juice helps in lessening vomitting thus reducing dehydration.

Lime has high food value.It is an indispensable ingredient of salads. In fruit salads it retains the color and imparts tart flavor.

Mixed with raw and cooked food, pulses, soups, sauces, gravies to make it tasty.

Highly astringent, citrus fruit is incorporated for the best flavor in food and beverages.

The  most important adjunct in everyday meal, can be eaten as pickles.

The health building food if taken regularly in form of juice is highly beneficial.

It  can  be diluted or sweetened and added into a drink, being used as a garnish for a drinks, flavoring of desserts, condiments, meat dressing and vegetable dressing.

Recent studies say that Phyto chemicals present in lime are high in anti oxidant, and affect cell cycles.

It can modulate the initiation of cell division ie. Mitosis process  and the cell death ie. Apoptosis.

It can even boost the activity of white blood cells.
The rind of the lime has volatile oil which helps  in  digestion.

The lime can be effectively used in beauty treatment as a cleansing agent ,an astringent if applied on the face.

Lots of beauty products has lime in it.

Lime can also be used for skin treatment.

Some perfumes also have lime in it.

It is since ages that all of us use lime routinely as the availability is great, light to the pockets.

The phrase can be well said that, Lime is as dear as salt.

Brief bio of Author : The author is Jigna Chinoy, a medical lab tech. ,served a well known Hematology lab and Blood bank  for over 14 yrs. Served as a hon. Prof. of general microbiology, practical microbiology and genetics, for 10 yrs at a post graduate level. Volunteered marrow donor registry of India, A yoga trainer  and a reader, a student of Diploma in Counseling and Guidance.

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