Lettuce Benefits

Health Benefits of Lettuce

Hi! I am Sonia Sharma and I welcome you to my article on “Benefits of Lettuce”.

Your salad dish may include chopped-up carrots, radish, beet, onion or any other vegetable but Lettuce adds colour to your salad along with its high nutritive value.

Here, I have compiled this collection of benefits of Lettuce with the objective to help you know this live salad food and tempt you to include lettuce in your salad dish.

Lettuce is a live food and regarded as the king of salad plant. It is the most popular salad vegetable and found in several varieties. It was cultivated as a salad plant by the ancient Greeks and Romans. It reached in China in 17th Century AD and was first used in England in 1520. It is now widely cultivated in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, South America and West and Central Africa.

Now, let us make ourselves aware of the amazing benefits of lettuce:

1. Lettuce is high in health value- Lettuce is a live food with rich vitamin content. On an average 100 gm     of Lettuce contains 50 mg of calcium with 28 mg of phosphorus and iron of about 2.5 mg. There is 10 mg of vitamin C and a small amount of vitamin B complex. The calorific value is just 42.

2. The raw juice of lettuce is cool and refreshing. It carries high content of magnesium, which has exceptional power to vitalize the muscular tissues, the nerves and the brain.

3. Lettuce is helpful in constipation – As lettuce is rich in cellulose, it increases the bulk of the intestinal content and encourages peristalsis. It is therefore highly beneficial in curing chronic constipation.

4. Lettuce improves insomnia – Lettuce contains a substance called lectucarium which has the ability to induce sleep. Thus lettuce is used in the treatment of insomnia.

5. Lettuce relieves headaches – The juice of lettuce mixed with oil of roses, applied to the forehead and temples induces sleep and eases the head-ache.

6. Lettuce helps in curing anemia – Lettuce contains rich quantity of iron and adds hemoglobin to the blood. It works as an excellent tonic food for patients suffering from anemia. The iron consumed in this form is absorbed much more than that provided by iron tonics.

7. Lettuce is beneficial during pregnancy – Lettuce contains folic acid that helps in preventing anemia all through pregnancy. It is said to influence the secretion and release of progesterone hormone that is responsible for lactation in feeding mothers.

8. Lettuce is good in diabetes – Lettuce belongs to that group of vegetable which contains less than 3% of carbohydrates. It is therefore, very good for diabetic patients.

9. Lettuce is very good for those trying to loose weight as it is very low in calories.

10. The juice of Lettuce combine with carrot and spinach juice is very helpful for maintaining the normal colour of the hair.

11. Lettuce is quite beneficial for people who often suffer from the problem of nervous cough.

12. Lettuce help to reduce acidity – Lettuce has rich contents of mineral salts especially the alkaline elements. These help to reduce the acidity caused by heavy food and body acid.

13. The regular consumption of lettuce is very helpful to those suffering from gastritis.

14. Lettuce helps in improving sexual disorders – Lettuce is useful in curing several types of sexual disorders. The use of lettuce juice regularly assists in improving fertility rate and increase the sperm count. The intake of fresh lettuce improves erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in males.

15. Lettuce helps in relaxing sexual passion.

16. The juice of lettuce mixed with lime juice, mint juice and honey is as effective medicine to treat dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting, indigestion and piles.

17. The presence of beta-carotene, the chief disease fighting nutrient in lettuce helps in reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and cataracts.

18. Lettuce also helps in purification of blood. It makes the mind alert and improves the general health of the body.

19. Lettuce has been found to be beneficial in the prevention of spina bifinda and anemia.

20. Lettuce is a good source of Iron, which is the most active element in the body, therefore lettuce is very useful to meet any sudden demand of the body such as the rapid formation of red blood corpuscles in heavy loss of blood.

I am sure after going through this article and knowing several health and nutritive value of lettuce, you will make lettuce as the main food of your salad!

With this note, I Sonia Sharma making my way off this article as Its time to have fresh lettuce salad. Don’t be here guys, Give a try!

Author Brief Bio – Sonia Sharma is a Life skill teacher, Tarot Reader, Vaastu Expert, Crystal Therapist and a Reiki Healer. She is doing Advance Diploma in Guidance and Counseling Course.

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