Lemon Juice Benefits

Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

Hey guys, I am confident that each of us has sipped this juicy stuff of lemon many a times. You must have sipped it in a restaurant or maybe at home, you might have had it on a beach or may be in a mall, lemon juice is omnipresent commodity.

So for this time, I Dr. Ankita Thakker has thought of presenting you the largest collection of benefits of lemon juice. This is based on the extensive research done on this simple yet a very vast topic.

So here by starts the list:

1. Lemon juice is the most easily available juice.

2. It is inexpensive and very much fitted to all pocket sizes.

3. It is useful as a short term preservative for variety of food stuffs.

4. Lemon juice is very good for your gastrointestinal tract.

5. It helps in easing gastric problems like nausea, heartburn.

6. It also helps in curing you from problems like belching and strengthens your digestive capacity.

7. Lemon juice is very helpful in regulating your bowel habits.

8. It is very good for relieving constipation as well as diarrhoea.

9. It aids in digestion by increasing the production of bile and therefore a friend for liver.

10. It is useful in strengthening the liver enzymes and thereby helps in better liver functioning.

11. It is also effective on irritated diaphragms which cause hiccups. So the next time your suffering from them, consider taking a glass of lemon juice.

12. It is also known to dissolve gallstones, pancreatic stones and kidney stones because the citric acid in lemon juice helps in forming the soluble complexes of calcium.

13. Lemon juice can be used to keep away the parasites away from your digestive system.

14. It is a beautifying agent as well.

15. The vitamin C in lemon juice helps your skin glow and makes it radiant and beautiful.

16. It exhibits various antiseptic properties as well and hence known to cure certain skin problems.

17. Lemon juice helps you look younger by its anti ageing effect if consumed regularly.

18. It helps in reducing the laughing lines and wrinkles thereby giving you a younger appearance.

19. It is also known to reduce blackheads and thereby avoiding the blockage of pores in your skin. This makes the skin rejuvenated and supple.
20. It has also known to remove the darkened areas on elbows and other joints where lemon juice can be applied locally for cleansing the skin of dirt and tanning.

21. It is a natural astringent for your skin.

22. Hey guys applying lemon juice helps you keep away from sun burns. Strange but true.

23. Lemon juice is effective for dark circles as well.

24. It aids in better complexion. So you can look fairer by using lemon juice externally as well as ingesting it internally.

25. Lemon juice is very useful for relaxing your feet. By applying lemon juice on sore feet and dipping them in hot water, the foot nerves are relaxed dramatically.

26. This also contributes to good sleep on account of relaxation of foot nerves.

27. After using oils in cases of psoriasis lemon juice is used for final and thorough rinsing of greasy surfaces.

28. It can be used for oily skin as well.

29. Lemon juice is again a boon on beauty as it is also know to fade the scars when applied locally.

30. It is very good for your hair as well. It gives a beautiful shine to your hair.

31. It is also known to add volume to hair.

32. It is also known to lighten your hair colour. This can be done by applying lemon juice to your hair and exposing it to sunlight for an hour and then rinsing it off.

33. The anti dandruff property is also known well about lemon juice. It helps in reducing dandruff when mixed with oil. It can be applied locally followed by rinsing.

34. It also fastens wound healing.

35. It can be used as a disinfectant in when applied on wounds. It will also stop the wound bleeding as well.

36. Ill effects of poison ivy or any allergic rash can be antidoted by applying lemon juice on the affected area. It also soothes the itching and minimizes the rash.

37. It helps in whitening you nails and makes them stronger.

38. Suffering from a corn, add some lemon juice to cotton pad and wrap it overnight, it will definitely soothe the corn pain.

39. It is also well known as a blood purifier and a cleansing agent.

40. Lemon juice can be used to burn all those extra calories in your body if consumed with lukewarm water. This aids in better digestion and tones your body by losing weight.

41. Lemon juice has great anti bacterial properties hence it can be used for gargling in problems of throat infections.

42. Lemon juice is very effective in tonsillitis for its anti infective properties.

43. So down with a sore throat? Some lemon juice will definitely help you cure it!

44. Lemon juice is very effective to keep the bad breath away.

45. It also helps in having healthier gums.

46. It can be applied locally to stop gum bleeding.

47. Lemon juice can be applied locally to ease the toothache for some time.

48. It is also effective in preventing the pus formation in teeth and also saves you from carious tooth.

49. It can be used as teeth cleanser as it is effective for tartar removal as well. Toothbrush dipped in lemon juice can help doing this.

50. Lemon juice can be a friend for people with heart problems.

51. It helps in controlling the high blood pressure.

52. Due to its high potassium content it can help you keep away from dizziness.

53. Say no to germs and bacteria with this fresh lemon juice in your routine.

54. Lemon juice is very helpful in respiratory problems and is used to keep away colds, thanks to the high citric acid content in it.

55. It is also useful in asthma as well.

56. It is also useful as an antioxidant and detoxifier for the body.

57. It can be used to remove hard stains from your clothes and your vessels as well.

58. Lemon juice is very good for it odorous contribution as it can actually freshen the air around it.

59. It is also known to have an antidote effect on various types of poisons.

60. Lemon juice has great diuretic properties.

61. It is definitely helpful for the urinary tract infections because of its diuretic and anti-infective properties.

62. People with rheumatism and arthritis are benefited by lemon juice as it gutters out the toxins out of your body.

63. It is also known to relieve headaches.

64. Lemon juice is used in case of fevers as it helps in increasing the rate of perspiration thereby regulating the body’s temperature to normal. It can be recommended in any case of fever.

65. Lemon juice is very good to rejuvenate your spirits.

66. Your mood is definitely elevated and you feel much lighter by it as it reduces your stress effectively.

67. It also helps in depressive people who feel gloomy most of the times.

68. It can easily calm your anxiety and palliate it certainly.

69. It can help you focus on what you want and help you think clearer as it soothes your mind.

70. It also improves your memory and you don’t need to strain hard to remember anything.

71. Pregnant women are recommended lemon juice as the foetus is known to develop strong bones because of this.

72. The potassium content helps in maintaining healthy brain and nerve cells.

73. It is also helpful when you’re bleeding. It is effective in nosebleeds when applied locally and it is also recommended to take lemon juice if you are suffering from frequent uterine bleeding.

74. It gives a very refreshing effect when taken after a rigorous exercise. You will definitely feel rejuvenated again.

75. It also helps in extracting the energy from other foodstuffs taken thereby making you healthier and energetic.

76. If you want to remove the strong odours of onions, garlic and such other stuffs from utensils and chopping board apply lemon and rinse it with water. This will disinfect and deodorize the vessel from its pungent odour.

77. It is effective for removing rust and discolorations.

78. It is effective in diseases such as cholera and malaria as it purifies the blood from its toxins.

79. It helps in strengthening your immune system.

80. It is very useful in cases of sunstroke or heat stroke.

81. Lemon juice is very good energy source and helps in recovering from debility and weakness.

82. It helps in increasing your vitality.

83. Lemon juice is very helpful in diabetics as it helps in better digestion. Diabetics have slower digestion capacity and lemon juice aids in their digestion if consumed regularly.

84. It is very effective in treating and preventing scurvy because of its high vitamin C content.

85. Lemon juice is rich in potassium and potassium helps in reducing the aches and pains of muscles. If you have complaints of regular cramping then a glass of lemon juice daily will definitely ease your cramps gradually.

86. It has anti cancerous properties as well since it maintains the health of cells of the body and prevents them from mutating.

87. It helps in preventing you from dehydration.

88. Drinking one glass of lemon juice has proved to be reducing the craving for alcohol.

89. Lemon juice can relieve a hangover effect as well.

90. Lemon juice is also used as an insecticide.

91. Lemon juice is used by aroma therapists to elevate the mood.

92. It can relieve your thirst immediately giving you a cooling effect.

Oh my God, it seems a big list of benefits.

I think I desperately need a fresh lemon juice glass to rejuvenate.

I will go and have mine while you start taking yours. I am sure after reading this you must be tempted to include it regularly as a part of your diet regime.

Now I get the real reason for adage, “when life throws lemons at you, make lemonade out of it.”

Bye for now…

Author Brief bio: Dr. Ankita Thakker is a practicing Homeopathic Consultant and is specializing in the field of psychology. She is also a Child Health Specialist, Reiki Healer, Acupressure Therapist, Clinical Research Scientist and Medical Coder and is currently working into the field of psychology.

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