Kumquats Benefits

Health Benefits of Kumquats

Hi,I am Vanita Gupta and welcome to my article on "Benefits of Kumquats"

Kumquats are part of Citrus family,which includes limes,oranges and lemons.

It's flesh is edible and has a close resemblance to an orange but it is smaller and has an oval shape.

It originated in China in 12th century and were introduced to Europe in 1846 by Robert Fortune.

It can be found in California,Florida,China,Japan,Indochina,Indonesia,Peru and Brazil etc.

Kumquat hybrids include the limequat,orangequat and the calamondin.

Now on to its benefits...

1)The Nutrients in about one average raw Kumquat are:
-Natural Fats
-Omega3 Fatty Acids
-Omega6 Fatty Acids
-Dietary fiber
-Natural Sugars

2)Citric acid found in the fruit may protect against kidney stone formation.

3)VitaminC,present in fruit is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent which may decrease the incidence of asthma symptoms.

4)A diet high in fiber prevents coronary heart disease.Eating fruit high in the soluble fiber protein has also been linked with reduced cholesterol levels,which protects against atherosclerosis.

5)A diet high in antioxidants may protect against the free-radical damaging effect of environmental toxins and may reduce the risk of developing chronic bronchitis.

6)Soluble fiber from fruit pectin has lowered cholesterol levels.

7)Eating a diet high in folic acid,beta-carotene,and vitaminC effectively lowered homocysteine levels.

8)Water-soluble fibers,such as the pectin found in fruit may be particularly helpful in lowering triglycerides.

9)Eating a diet high in antioxidants lowers the risk of muscular degeneration.

10)High blood levels of folate have been linked to protection against the development of cervical dysplasia.

11)Consumption of fruit is widely accepted as lowering the risk of most common cancers except prostate cancer.

12)Patients undergoing dialysis may develop low levels of vitaminC,which can lead to capillary fragility.Widespread plant compounds called flavonoids help strengthen weakened capillaries.

13)Improves wound healing.

14)Prevent cells from damages.

15)Improves gums health.

16)Improves teeth health.

17)Improves immune system.

18)Reduces aging.

19)Improves iron absorption.

20)Improves lung health.

21)Prevents from frequent colds.

22)Protects blood from over-clotting.

23)Reduces lipids.

24)Lowers risk of obesity.

25)Prevents depression.

26)Reduces fatigue.

27)Prevents from dry and itchy skin.

28)Strengthens hair and nails.

29)Improves concentration ability.

30)Reduces joint pain.

I hope i was successful in providing many health and nutritional benefits of this wonderful fruit.

I am pretty sure you are now keen to have a taste of it as i am.

I Vanita Gupta am now penning off.

See you soon,Goodbye!

Author Brief Bio-Vanita Gupta is an eminent teacher since last 18 years,teaching science as her main subject and now also running her own coaching institute.

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