Kidney Beans Benefits

Health Benefits of Kidney Beans

Kidney bean aka red bean is a common bean. This bean had a different meaning to me when growing up. I didn’t know about all the benefits or effects of Kidney beans as I know today. The only thing I associated with Kidney beans was the after effects or gas. ”Better out than in” was the term our family coined for the kidney bean. So whenever we had beans on our menu we would all yell in unison it’s time to let it out. Today I can say better things for this silent but violent bean. After some research I have found out there are great health benefits.

At this time I, Donnabelle would like to share them with you.

1. Kidney beans provide a fat free diet as they are low-fat food.

2. Its intake is particularly considered good for the diabetics and for individuals suffering from hypoglycemia.

3. It helps stabilize blood sugar.

4. Its high fiber content is instrumental in leisurely burning of food and helps get rid of constipation.

5. It helps bind the bile attached with cholesterol in the digestive track and transports it out of the body thereby reducing the cholesterol level in the body.

6. Kidney beans are rich in iron which is better source than red meat to build blood lost. It is good during menstruation and is good for pregnant or lactating mothers.

7. Kidney beans are rich in vitamins.

8. It helps boost memory and immunity in the body.

9. It is also helps reduce the quantities of homocysteine in the blood and reduce the possibility of heart strokes or vascular disease.

10. It is a good antioxidant and helps trim down chances of cancer and diabetes.

11. It is a rich source of protein.

12. It regulates the blood glucose absorption from the body.

13. Kidney beans reduce the risk of a number of inflammatory, degenerative and cardiovascular diseases and also help promote and maintain health.

14. The magnesium in kidney beans helps relieve fatigue by relaxing the muscles, nerves and blood vessels.

15. Kidney beans are rich in dietary fiber which helps reduce sugar.

16. It helps prevent the effects of asthma.

17. It helps provide relief to muscle soreness.

18. It also promotes relief for migraine headaches.

19. It is good for patients suffering from anemia because of its rich folate source.

20. Copper is found in kidney beans which is good for the red blood cell health and plays a role in collagen production too.

As the old adage says 'legumes to be poor man's meat' ...but I think it should rather be referred to as rich man's meat after looking at its various health benefits. I can say it really does help to spill the beans. I sure have how about you?

Author's Profile: Donnabelle Philips having a BLA in psychology and music is a social worker/lay counselor ,trainer and event coordinator working with women who have been rescued from human trafficking and street children. She is passionate about her work and loves to see people develop and discover their identity and strengths and overcome their weaknesses and focus on positive living. Her quote of Life: We make a living by what we get ,We make a life by what we give.

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