Jambul Benefits

Health Benefits of Jambul

This is Cassandra. My article is on benefits of Jambul.

Back at my house in Pune, I have this huge monsterous tree in my garden which gave fruits once a year.

The fruits were dark purple in color, some tasted sweet and some sour. When I ate it, it made my tongue purple.

The garden would be a mess with the fruits dropping on the floor cause they would leave a purple stain on the ground.

I never realised that this Jambul tree which I thought had no value but was just a good fruit to eat, till now.

The Jambul tree originated from tropical Asia and Australia.

The are many benefits which we get from the Jambul tree:

1) The jambul fruit is a medicine for those with diabetes. The seeds of the jambul contain a glucose which is believed to have the power to check the pathological conversion of increased production of glucose.

2) The seeds of this fruit are powdered and used for polyuria or production of excess urine.

3) The powdered seeds are also effective for diarrhea and dysentry.

4) The fruit is an effective food remedy for bleeding piles.

5) Natural acids in the jambul fruit play an important role in the secretion of digestive enzymes and stimulate the liver functions.

6) An infusion of the fresh tender leaves of jambul fruit, taken with honey or butter-milk, is an effective remedy for sterlity and miscarriage due to ovarian or endometruim functional disorder.

7) The fruit flesh helps in chronic coughs, asthma.

8) Also helpful in whooping cough, cough in pulmonary tuberculosis accompanied by chest pain.

9) The seeds are powdered and used for helping in digestive disorders like bloating, pain lambug, abdominal cramps.

10) The seed also used to help in an enlarged spleen.

11) The leaves and the bark of the jambul tree are used for controlling blood pressure and gingivitis.

12) The wood of the jambul tree is used in the railways, making of furniture.

13) The jambul fruit also helps in healing wounds.

14) It prevents cells from damages.

15) It is an excellent healer for gums and teeth.

16) It helps improve the immune system.

17) It also helps in reducing aging.

18) It is very helpful in lowering the risk of cancer.

19) The fruit also helps in protection from frequent infections.

20) It prevents you from frequent colds.

Now that I know all the benefits of Jambul and have shared the information with you, we all have realised the importance of the tree and that it is just not a monsterous tree but a tree with a lot of value.

Be Healthy and Smile.

Authors Brief Bio: Cassandra Barboza BA Graduate, loves Psychology and helping people find happiness in their lives. Presently doing an Advanced Diploma course in Counselling, loves to travel and make friends.

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