Jackfruit Benefits

Health Benefits of Jackfruit

Tough on the outside, soft on the inside. That is how most of us want to be described as. I do not know about everyone who wants to be that way, but there is one thing that definitely fits the bill, and that is the Asian delight, called as Jackfruit.

Hello friends, I am Akshaya Kawle welcoming you to my article ‘Benefits of Jackfruit’. The jackfruit still remains as one the pre dominantly Asian fruits, though it has been introduced to the west. It has been difficult to find the origins of the fruit, but research has shown that the earliest traces of its cultivation have been in the western ghats of India. Today, it is found in most tropical regions.

The fruit is rich in various nutrients and provides various benefits to our health. However, there is still a huge amount of lack of awareness about the fruit in the west. You might find this one in the Asian or Indian marts, but the ignorance on the part of people can be a major reason for the fruit not being so popular in the west

O.W. Barrett wrote in 1928: “The jaks . . . are such large and interesting fruits and the trees so well-behaved that it is difficult to explain the general lack of knowledge concerning them”.

In this article, I have tried to provide enough benefits and reasons for you to include this tasty delight in your meals, in turn making you have a healthier lifestyle.

1. Instant source of energy: The fruit flesh is soft and easily digestible. It contains sucrose and fructose which quickly dissolve in our body providing for an instant source of glucose. This replenishes our energy, and revitalizes our body instantly. It also gets rid of fatigue and tiredness.

2. Cancer fighting properties: Jackfruit contains certain antioxidants which help in reducing the harmful free radicals in our body. These antioxidants include flavonoids like beta carotene and lutein. This aids in reducing the risks of cancer.

3. High on potassium content: Potassium is good for our heart. Jackfruits are a good source of potassium for our body. It controls our heart rate and calls for a healthy heart.

4. Rich in dietary fiber: Potassium and dietary fiber in the fruit also helps control blood pressure, which again makes our heart healthier.

5. Helps prevent overeating: Since Jackfruit contains dietary fiber; it slows down the chewing process, as it makes us chew the fruit thoroughly. This gives a feeling of fullness, and helps us avoid over eating. Similarly, the dietary fiber contributes in making the contents of the stomach bulkier and staying there longer; reducing the need of eating often.

6. Treats and cures fevers: Jackfruits are known to have properties which help in cooling down body temperatures. The fruit is therefore consumed at the time of fevers, as a control measure.

7. Controls blood sugar levels: Jackfruit is an excellent source of the mineral called Manganese. This mineral is responsible for regulating our blood sugar levels. Thus, proper and regular consumption of jackfruit in our daily diets can help in controlling the blood sugar levels in our body.

8. Controls thyroid: Copper is an essential element to keep our thyroid healthy. Jackfruit provides for this copper to our body. Thyroid patients should add this fruit in their diets as it can prove to be a blessing for reducing their thyroid problem.

9. Prevents hypertension: The phytonutrients in the jackfruits are valuable to our body. Apart from acting as an agent against diseases like cancer, they also help in preventing hypertension. It also helps in preventing and reducing nervousness.

10. Prevents ulcers: The regular dose of antioxidants, which our body could get from jackfruits, can help in preventing ulcers.

11. Provides for a healthy digestive system:  It helps in the times of indigestion. Regular intake of the fruit can therefore account for a healthier digestive system.

12. An excellent source of Vitamin A: Jackfruit contains high amounts of Vitamin A. This makes it a fruit for our eyes. Vitamin A gives us healthy vision and eyes. It also helps in preventing ailments like cataract, and other eye infections and diseases. It also helps prevent night blindness.

13. Rich in B complex group of vitamins: These vitamins are necessary for almost every function of our body. Jackfruit is one of the rare fruits which are high in B complex vitamins.

14. Healthy nervous system: The B complex vitamins provided by jackfruits help us in making our nervous systems healthier. This also includes effective brain functioning.

15. Stronger Immunity: Jackfruit also contains Vitamin C. This vitamin is important for us for various reasons. One of the uses of vitamin C is that it aids our white blood cells in efficiently defending our body against various infections and diseases, making our immune system stronger.

16. Helps in treatment of urinary tract infection: Vitamin C in jackfruits help in treating and clearing our urinary tracts.

17. Healthy respiratory system: Due to the vitamin C content, Jackfruits are useful in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, and chest cold.

18. Helps strengthens bones: The calcium and magnesium content in jackfruit helps in maintaining the health of our bones, aiding in healthy and strong bones.

19. Provides iron to our body: Jackfruit contains iron which helps in prevention of anemia and makes us stronger. It also aids in proper blood circulation in our body.

20. Helps prevent Blood disorders: The iron content in Jackfruit is responsible for the prevention and reduction of risks of blood disorders.

21. Source of proteins: Proteins are important for the tissue repairs in our body. Regular and proper consumption of jackfruit can provide us with the proteins necessary for the tissue repairs.

22. Healthy muscles: The muscles in our body are made up of protein. The protein content in jackfruit can therefore facilitate us with healthy muscles.

23. Anti aging properties: Jackfruit can help slow down the degeneration of cells, making your skin look young and supple.

24. Prevention of skin diseases: Jackfruit is known to have qualities which help in reducing the chances of various skin diseases and disorders, if consumed regularly, in proper amounts.

25. Low calorie content: For people trying to lose those calories, try having jackfruit regularly, as it is very low on its calorie contents.

26. Helps in preventing and controlling Obesity: Jackfruit provides energy, but do not deposit fat in the body. The fruit therefore helps prevent and control obesity.

27. Provides Carbohydrates: Jackfruit is an essential source of carbohydrates for our body. It also contains starch to some extent.

28. Healthy Hair: Due to the protein content, jackfruits can also give you healthy hair by repairing the damaged hair tissues.

29. A remedy for backaches and cramps: In today’s day and age, a lot of people, young and old, complain of backaches and cramps. One effective way of reducing your back and cramps trouble is by consuming jackfruit is proper amounts. As mentioned earlier, the fruit is high on magnesium content, which helps in preventing and curing back pains and cramps, by relaxing the muscles and muscular tension.

30. Aphrodisiac: Jackfruit seed when roasted is considered as an aphrodisiac. It helps in stimulating sexual feelings.

Jackfruit is a wholesome fruit which provides innumerous health benefits to us. It is one of the rare fruits which combine almost all the nutrients necessary to have a healthy mind and body. Not only for the health benefits, but its exotic taste also made it a very tempting snack. The fruit, as well as its seed (cooked, boiled, or roasted) can be consumed to enjoy all of its benefits.

It is a sorry state however, that not many people are aware of this wonderful fruit. Asians should work more towards the promotion of this exotic tropical blessing, so that more people all around the world can enjoy the health and beauty benefits of this fruit.

True to its very appearance, the jackfruit proves to make you strong not only from the outside, with beautiful and youthful glowing skin, but also from the inside because of its various giving’s.

Hoping you enjoyed this article, and that I have raised that urge in you to have this tasty delight. I am sure next time you will think twice before saying “Jack of all trades, master of…”

Does not stand true to our dear friend Jackfruit!

Authors Brief Bio: Akshaya Kawle is a Bachelor of Arts with Political Science Majors, is currently pursuing her MBA (HR), and is a professional swimmer, and dancer.  A keen learner, she is also pursuing a course on Counseling and Graphology. When not working on her various hobbies like driving, interacting with people, and spending time with family and her pets, she volunteers for an NGO for stray animals.

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