Hot Mustard Benefits

Health Benefits of Hot Mustard

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Mustard is one of the most ancient spices. Mustard seeds come from the mustard plant, which typically grows to around 10 feet and is a member of the Brassica foods found in the cruciferous plant family, which includes broccoli, cabbage, and other incredibly healthy vegetables. It is supposed that its origin is in China, then spreading to Europe and the rest of the world.

There are three varieties of mustard seed. The white (also called yellow) mustard seed (Brassica alba), the black (Brassica nigra) and brown (Brassica juncea). The later two varieties are much more hot and pungent, carrying the heat “up the nose” and capable of making eyes water. Chinese mustard is made from the stronger brown mustard seeds.

The mustard seeds are not hot or pungent until they are cracked or ground and mixed with a cold liquid, which causes a chemical reaction between two compounds present in it, myrosin and sinigrin, and creates the hot mustard oil. Many people enjoy the pungent flavor of mustard.

Mustard is used both medicinally and in the kitchen to prepare foods.  Let us see whether the benefits of hot mustard are hot or not.
1. It is popularly used as a condiment for a variety of foods. Mustard is used in Indian, French, German and Irish cuisines. Mustard is used in salad dressings, egg dishes, cheese dishes, pickles and vegetables. Mustard is rubbed over meat before roasting. It is also added to butter to give butter a pleasant flavor.

2. It is nutritional - Mustards contain abundant amounts of phytonutrients and contains a good supply of omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, magnesium, niacin, fiber, protein, selenium, the amino acid tryptophan, and some B vitamins. They also have a little protein and fiber and contain just 35 calories in two teaspoons.

3. Taking mustard tea thrice a day is a good remedy for bronchitis (Mix 1 tsp. of mustard flour in a cup of boiling water and leave for 5 minutes. Tea gets ready).

4. Muscular and skeletal pains - It stimulates circulation in pain area and thus helps to relieve pain.

5. Relieves fever and cold - Taking Mustard tea is also good for fever and cold.

6. Mustard seed has been researched for its anti-cancer effects.
7. It is a good anti-inflammatory agent. Selenium and magnesium present in hot mustard make it a good anti-inflammatory agent.

8. It is good for asthma and other respiratory problems.

9. Mustard is an excellent appetizer - If you have a kid who hasn’t been eating well, try adding some mustard to his or her diet. Mustard stimulates the flow of saliva and digestive juices which in turn enhances the appetite.

10. It is used to treat menopause.

11. Taking mustard bath is good for body pain.

12. It is used as an aromatic balm - Mustard balm aids in opening pores, easing muscle tension and soothing nerves which lead to a delightful relaxation for the body.

13. Mustard oil is good for skin inflammations.

14. It gets absorbed in the skin and hair very easily and nourish the body with essential natural vitamins and minerals.

15. It prevents tooth decay – Hideki Masuda of the Material research and Development, Laboratories at Ogawa & Co. in Japan in his test tube experiments said that certain chemicals present in hot mustard block an enzyme that the tooth attacking bacterium, streptococcus mutans uses to make plaque.

16. Hot mustard prevents cancer and is rich in vitamin C.

17. Mustard oil prevents premature graying of hair and hair loss.

18. Putting hot mustard oil 30 minutes before bathing on a daily basis is a preventive measure against any possible infection of the skin.

19. Spicy mustard can give your metabolism a boost.

20. It is used extensively for mustard rub - The Mustard Rub is warming and relieving massage oil, popular at spas, with massage therapists, chiropractors and all lovers of touch. When mustard oil is rubbed on the skin, it gets absorbed quickly and relaxes the nerves, ligaments, and muscles. To maximize its therapeutic benefits, you can apply it as a rub after a hot mustard bath.

21. Heals minor skin lacerations, cuts, and wounds.

22. Regular use of hot mustard oil helps in eliminating the diseases by removing the three ‘doshas, ‘Vata’ or air, ‘Pitta’ or heat and ‘Kapha’ or mucus- according to Ayurveda.

23. It is good for joint pain - Warm mustard oil can be used to massage arthritic joints or aching backs.

24. It is famous for its disinfecting, fungicidal, and anti-parasitic properties.

25. If mustard oil is applied on bleeding cuts, it immediately stops bleeding.

26. If you are having ear pain that starts suddenly, it can be easily cured by instilling a few drops of warm (not hot) mustard oil in the affected ear.

27. It is good for insect bite.

28. It is extremely effective in treating athlete’s foot. Grind some mustard and add it to a tub/bucket of water. Use it as a foot soak to neutralize the fungus that causes athlete’s foot.

29. Mustard contains chemical compounds like myrosin and singrin that are proven to be effective expectorants and ‘warming’ agents.

30. Mustard Plaster is good for Reynaud's Syndrome - Reynaud’s Syndrome is a circulatory problem characterized by cold, painful fingers. A mustard plaster can be prepared by grinding mustard seeds to a paste with warm water. Coat gauze with the paste and wrap around the fingers for a couple of minutes. The plaster will cause tingling and redness in the area which only means that the blood circulation has been enhanced. For people with sensitive skin, some petroleum jelly or olive oil may be used prior to applying the plaster.

31. Mustard Poultice is good for cold and congestion - Since ages, a poultice made of crushed mustard seeds, flour and water has been used to provide relief from congestion and respiratory blockages. The paste is applied to the chest and left on for 10-15 minutes. Since mustard is strong enough to burn or irritate the skin, it is better to apply a layer of petroleum jelly to prevent direct contact. The ‘heat’ from the mustard improves blood circulation to the chest and relieves lung congestion.

32. It is the best condiment for weight watchers - Mustard is surprisingly low in calories. One teaspoon of yellow mustard has only three calories and no fat.

33. It can boost the metabolism in our body - A researcher from England's Oxford Polytechnic Institute says eating a teaspoon of the hot mustard can boost the metabolism 20 to 25 percent for several hours after eating, resulting in an additional burn of about 45 calories if a 700 calorie meal is consumed.

34. The phytonutrients in mustard seed are protective against gastrointestinal cancer.

It seems all the benefits are hot.

It is due to medicinal and healing benefits of hot mustard, western culture has started incorporating this wonder oil in their diet by making it their cooking oil for preparing green vegetables, meat, pork, chicken, and to make other recipes on a daily basis.

So, start having variety of dishes prepared with this wonderful hot mustard and enjoy. Also don’t forget its medicinal values and utilize whenever you are in need.

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