Horseradish Benefits

Health Benefits of Horseradish

Hi,I am Vanita Gupta and welcome to my article on "Benefits of Horseradish"

Horseradish (Armoracia rusticana) is a strong seasoning successfully used in phytotherapy.

Due to its medicinal characteristics and to the contribution it brings to the taste of meals, horseradish is one of the most used plants.

It has thick pulpy yellowy roots,spicy taste and antibiotic,anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiacal properties.

It originated in south-eastern Europe and Western Asia and it is resistant to the low temperatures as well as to droughts.

It can grow up to 2m; it has large edible leaves and a branched stem.

The objective of this article is to help you know about the wonders of this herb.

Now on to its benefits...

1) Nutrient Content: per 1 tablespoon
- potassium-44mg
- calcium-9mg
- phosphorus-5mg
- carbohydrates-1.4g
- sodium-14mg
- calories-6
- fat-0

2) As a medicine horseradish root has many curative properties: strong antibiotic,expectorant,bronchodilatator,antibacterial,corona ry vasodilatator,it increases the blood pressure,it heats up the body,stimulates the body's immune system,anti-iinflammatory,antiparasitic,antianemic,antiscorb utic,

3) Horseradish contains glucosinolates,a compound in the root that is thought to increase human resistance to cancer.It is said also that glucosinates increase the liver's ability to detoxify and eliminate carcinogens that may cause malignant tumors.

4) Horseradish has exceptionally high vitamin C content. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can repair damage cells.

5) Horseradish antibiotic properties can help cure urinary tract infections and kill bacteria in the throat.

6) Horseradish is used as a diuretic and it was used by herbalists to treat kidney stones and edema.

7) Horseradish stimulates the appetite.

8) Horseradish has aphrodisiac properties.

9) Horseradish can help cure toothaches.

10) Against bronchitis,flu and lung congestions,horseradish flour is applied like a cataplasm on the chest area for a half an hour up to an hour.This treatment is repeated once every two or three days.

11) Pains caused by rheumatism disappear if a cataplasm of horseradish is used. If a burning sensation appears the treatment is to be stopped.

12) Gargling tincture of horseradish dosed in 3-4 spoons in a glass half filled with water alleviates stomatitis.

13) Against paradontosis,the person suffering from it would need to chew grained horseradish.It can be mixed with carrots to reduce the spicy taste.This herb is great for gums because of its strong stimulating effects.

14) Horseradish syrup is recommended in case of asthma,bronchitis,breathing disorders.

15) The mixtures that can be obtained from horseradish are: tinture,horseradish vinegar, horseradish flour or horseradish cataplasm.

16) Horseradish sauce is beneficial in dissolving mucus in the nose and also helpful in sinus.The violent sensations resulting from the initial use of the sauce will gently reduce and finally almost disappear along with the mucus.

17) Horseradish is known to cure dropsy or water retention.This happens because the radish has a stimulating effect on the capillaries.Radish has a therapeutic element,a glycoside in it that is called sinigrin.

18) Horseradish is rich in vitaminC;in fact it is believed that this radish has the highest concentration of vitaminC amongst all vegetables.It is also rich in calcium,sulfur and potassium.Horseradish is also used to treat diabetes,and for treating circulatory problems.

19) Horseradish is used as a sandwich condiment,in a sauce or in any other food preparation to help one remain healthy.

20) A mild antibiotic,horseradish can stimulate urine too and is often used to treat urinary infections.

I hope i was successful in providing many medicinal and general benefits of Horseradish.

I am pretty sure you are now keen to use this highly useful herb.

I Vanita Gupta am now penning off and will definitely try to get my hands on this wonderful plant as soon as possible.

See you soon, Goodbye!

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