Honeydew Benefits

Health Benefits of Honeydew

The botanical name of honeydew is ‘Cucumus Melo’.  It belongs to the melon family and is a juicy pale green fruit. It is the sweetest of all the melon family. Iran is famous for honeydew from ancient times.

Benefits of honeydew:
1. Honeydew is full of vitamin C, digestive enzymes, zinc and potassium. Potassium prevents our muscles from cramping.

2. Honeydew is a rich in folic acid thereby responsible for preventing birth defects in women of childbearing age.

3. Honeydew is low in sodium, free of cholesterol and fat and is a low calorie fruit therefore ideal for calorie conscious individuals who wish to lose weight.

4. Honey dew keeps the body hydrated because it has ample amount of water.

5. Honey dew aids in combating serious ailments such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

6. Because of its mouthwatering taste it makes for an ideal fruit bowl with low calories.

7. Being rich in fibre, it serves as a good laxative.

8. Honeydew seeds make an excellent snack after drying them and storing or even roasting.

9. Honeydew is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and panthothenic acid therefore helps in controlling high blood pressure, treating skin disorders and other circulatory problems.  

10. Honeydew is a rich source of vitamin B6 which is an essential nutrient for maintaining healthy nervous system and immune system.

11. Potassium aids in maintaining the body’s metabolic functions, muscle contraction and balancing the fluids inside and outside the cells.

12. Honeydew has natural sugar called fructose. People with a sweet tooth can relish honeydew.

13. It can be eaten raw or included in your fruit salad. Honeydew is used in the preparation of juices.

14. Being an excellent source of vitamin C, an antioxidant it helps to boost collagen and accounts for a younger looking skin.

15. Vitamin C from honeydew is helpful in protecting from cold and flu.

16.  Vitamin C helps in iron absorption therefore honeydew is beneficial.

17. Half a cup of honeydew is enough to provide the required amount of vitamin c.

18. Honeydew helps to maintain good heart health.

19. Panthothenic acid present in honeydew helps in treating osteoarthritis.

20. Honeydew is a healing food to treat skin disorders.

Author’s brief: Juliet Coutinho is a professional in student conduct administration in higher education since a decade. Juliet comes with 23 years of full time national and international work experience. She is passionate about her work, enjoys reading, writing, teaching, researching, mentoring and counseling on conduct and mental health issues. ‘Simple living and high thinking’ is Juliet’s philosophy of life.

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