Green Peas Benefits

Health Benefits of Green Peas

Hello everyone, I am Ruby Agarwal and this is my article on the benefits of peas.

Green peas, botanically classified as a fruit, have been used as vegetable, for cooking purposes, since ages. Green peas are supposed to have originated in south west Asia, specially in the Pakistan-Afghanistan region, and then spread to the temperate regions of Europe.

They can be described as the small, spherical seeds that are contained in a pod. The pod is the fruit of a trailing plant with white flowers. The pod can enclose four to ten seeds.

There are three edible types of peas:
1.The green peas.
2.The snap peas.
3.The snow peas.

Peas are rich in protein and carbohydrates but low in fats. They are a good source of fibers, vitamin A, C and B9. Whether fresh or frozen they are a good supplier of thiamin and iron.

Green peas are mainly cultivated during the cool season i.e. from the start of winters to early-summers.

Best of all, they taste good. This naturally sweet legume is a favorite of both children and adults.

We all love eating peas but are not aware of its benefits.

The health benefits of green peas are fantastic. Keep reading to find out the many different ways eating green peas can benefit you.

Health & Nutrition Benefits of Eating Green Peas

One cup of green peas packs a serious nutritional punch, providing over 50% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin K, 42% of manganese and 40% of vitamin C. In addition, green peas have almost 4 grams of protein per serving, making them one of the few vegetables that are a good source of protein. Let us now discuss the benefits in detail:

1. Being low in calories, green peas are good for those who are trying to lose weight.

2.Green peas are rich in dietary fiber, making them good for those suffering from constipation.

3. Studies have indicated that green peas might prove beneficial for those suffering from the problem of high cholesterol.

4.The high amount of iron and vitamin C in green peas has been found to help strengthen the immune system.

5.The lutein present in green peas helps reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

6.Green peas slow down the appearance of glucose in the blood and thus, help keep the energy levels steady.

7.Green peas have been found to aid energy production, nerve function and carbohydrate metabolism.

8.Green peas provide the body with those nutrients that are important for maintaining bone health.

9.The folic acid and vitamin B6 in green peas are good for promoting the cardiovascular health of an individual.

10.Green Peas contain nicotinic acid which reduces cholesterol in the blood.

11.Green Peas have the ability to dissolve clumps of red blood cells that are destined to become clots eventually. This clot prevention is due to the presence of special plant protein called lectins.

12.Green peas may help in the prevention of all forms of cancer due to its high Vitamin A and C content.

13.Green peas contain insoluble fiber which aids intestinal mobility and may help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

14.Green peas is an energy and body building food.

15.Green peas iron content can help prevent anemia. Iron is a mineral necessary for normal blood cell formation and function, whose deficiency results in anemia, fatigue, decreased immune function, and learning problems.

16.They also give relief to ulcer pains in the stomach because they help use up the stomach acids. In cases of ulcers, however, peas should be pureed.

17.Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent damage to your cells, and helps protect your body against toxins and environmental pollution.

18.Pea juice seems to be benefic for people with Celiac Disease. Those people have trouble absorbing fats and peas juice help the intestines to reabsorb food properly by mending the small intestine membrane which have been damaged by gluten.

19. They are the richest vegetable in thiamin (vitamin B1). This vitamin is essential for our energy production, nerve function and carbohydrate metabolism.

20.They also help the energy to keep steady by slowing the appearance of glucose in the blood.

Caution: Green peas contain naturally-occurring substances called purines. Purines are commonly found in plants, animals, and humans. Individual who are prone to purine-related problem (like gout and kidney problems) should avoid or limit their intake of green peas.

Green peas are easy to cook and consume, and widely popular as one of the most colorful, health packed and delicious food items.

When purchasing peas, look for ones whose pods are firm, velvety and smooth. Their color should be a lively medium green. Choose smaller ones as they tend to be sweeter.

Overall, green peas are an economical, easy, healthy vegetable to add to almost any meal and an excellent vegetable to eat on a regular basis. I personally am a very big fan of green peas and grab them everytime mom removes them from the pods.

So add them to your daily diet and make your food more healthy, colorful and interesting.The phrase "eating a rainbow" of fruits and vegetables is a simple way of remembering to get as much color variety in your diet as possible, so that you can maximize your intake of a broad range of nutrients.

Author Brief Bio: Ruby Agarwal is a psychology graduate, pursuing her MBA in Human Resource Management. She is also doing her Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Guidance. She practices Pranic Healing and is working with a few NGO’s, highly creative, loves travelling, reading and a guitar player.

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