Grapes Benefits

Health Benefits of Grapes

A very warm hello to all my readers. I am Akshaya Kawle, and in this article I would like to share a few benefits you can rejoice by having just a handful of grapes.

Most of us enjoy fruits. Apart from their nutritional value, they are great on our taste buds, and also a convenient way to replenish our energy. Grapes are one amongst the most popular fruits all over the world. The tiny sized fruit is a favourite with people of all ages, thanks to its great taste as well as its portability.

Grapes are one of the oldest cultivated fruits. So much so, that they have also been mentioned in the Bible, as being cultivated in the times of Noah! Therefore they have been a part of people’s healthy diet all over the world, for a very long time. They are also considered unique, since they grow on vines, and most species are non climatic, i.e. they are available at all times of the year.

The cultivation of the fruit has been said to have originated in what is known as Turkey today. Grapes are found in various colours, namely green, purple, red, and black. They not only make great nutritious snacks, but are used for various purposes like for making wine, jams, and are also used in making certain confectionaries.

There are several health benefits that consumption of grapes provide us. Some of these are:

1. Grapes contain certain antioxidants which are known to provide for a healthy heart. It helps in reducing the risks of cardio vascular diseases, heart attacks and strokes.  Especially red grape skin, which has high contents of resveratrol, an antioxidant, which keep our heart muscles flexible and healthy.

2. Regular intake of grapes can aid in preventing cancer. Many studies and researches have shown that women consuming grapes, along with their regular diets, have lesser risk of getting breast cancer, than those who do not consume the fruit. This also stands true with respect to other types of cancer.

3. Grapes also help in prevention and control of diabetes, thanks to the antioxidants present in the fruit.

4. Red grapes can help controlling platelet aggression, which is responsible for blood clotting. This helps is preventing coronary artery diseases.

5. Grapes are known to have properties which help in minimizing constipation trouble. It helps in bowel movement, avoiding constipation. It acts as a mild laxative.

6. Grapes act as a resistance against tuberculosis and blood vomiting.

7. They are considered as a health food for our livers as well, providing for healthy livers.

8. Grapes are known to have certain properties which help in cooling down fevers.

9. Grapes contain sugar which can be easily digested. Therefore it provides for instant energy.

10. They are a source of instant iron supply, which also gives us instant rejuvenation and energy.

11. Grapes have anti viral properties, which add on to our healthy lifestyles. They also have anti bacterial properties, which help us fight against various diseases, and infections.

12. Grapes are good for our brain cells, thus providing for our brain health.

13. Grapes are high in Vitamin contents. This makes it a fruit for healthy vision and eyes. The anti oxidants in grapes also help in prevention of cataract.

14. Grapes are low on calories, so it proves as an effective food for weight control.

15. Grapes contain minerals like calcium, and phosphorous, which gives us dental care and stronger teeth.

16. Grapes have anti inflammatory qualities, which help in reducing soreness or swelling.

17. Grapes are rich in a mineral called Boron. This mineral help in maintaining bones and joints health.

18. Grapes contain an antioxidant called pterostilbene, which is said to lower cholesterol levels in our body. This again results in a healthy heart and healthy lifestyle.

19. Resveratrol in grapes is said to aid in lowering the risks of Alzheimer’s disease.

20. Grapes are good for blood and help improve blood circulation in our body. It helps to remove the toxins from our body, thus acting as a blood purifier.

21. They also provide for a healthy stomach as they help clean our stomach.

22. Grapes provide for a healthy digestive system as they aid digestion. It is a healthy practice to eat grapes after your meals for better digestion, instead of having digestive pills.

23. Grapes are high on water content. Thus they also provide for healthy kidneys. It also helps in prevention of kidney and bladder stones. Grapes are also helpful for urine problems.

24. Grapes help in preventing and fighting intestine related diseases.

25. Grapes are known to be helpful for deworming our body.

26. For women suffering from menopause, grapes can prove to be a real blessing. Grapes are known to ease down symptoms of menopause such as bad temper, mood swings, etc.

27. Regular consumption of grapes increases immunity and strengthens our immune system.

28. Grapes are a source of moderate level of iron. This provides for preventing anemia.

29. Grapes are also beneficial for our nervous system since they provide the necessary minerals and vitamins.

30. Regular intake of grapes, help in preventing migraines and asthma.

31. Grape juice helps in soothing nausea and dizziness, since it is very light.

32. Grape juice can also be used as an appetizer.

33. Grapes are a great source of Vitamin A and C for our body.

34. Grapes also serve as an aphrodisiac and as sexual stimulator.

35. They are also rich in fibre and help in controlling high blood pressure levels.

36. Grapes are also a source of proteins, fibres, minerals like potassium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, small amounts of copper, etc.

Grapes have various beauty benefits too. If you include grapes in your regular diet, it will help enhancing your physical beauty too. These beauty benefits are:

37. Due to the high vitamin content of grapes, it helps making our lips softer and rosier.

38. Grapes account for a sparkle in our eyes.

39. Grapes have various benefits for our skin. It helps in reduction of wrinkles, if rubbed on skin regularly.

40. Grapes also help in maintaining the elasticity of skin, making skin firm. Grape juice is also therefore used as a toner for our skin.

41. Grape juice acts as an astringent, when applied on the face, toning the facial muscles.

42. Regular intake of grapes and grape juice is said to give our skin a youthful glow.

43. And finally, it is a tasty instant energizer and rejuvenator, which provides for all the health benefits one looks for!

I am sure next time when you go shopping; you will not forget to pick some grapes for you and your family. Be it green, purple, or red; grapes are a complete health snack for all. Not only do they provide for you inner strength, but also add on to your beauty.

The next time you are hungry, remember to pop some of these little wonders in your mouth for a wholesome nutritious, healthy, and tasty treat for you mind, body, and soul.

Go green, red, purple, or black for all the health and beauty benefits you want!

Authors Brief Bio: Akshaya Kawle is a Bachelor of Arts with Political Science Majors, is currently pursuing her MBA (HR), and is a professional swimmer, and dancer.  A keen learner, she is also pursuing a course on Counseling and Graphology. When not working on her various hobbies like driving, interacting with people, and spending time with family and her pets, she volunteers for an NGO for stray animals.

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