Garlic Benefits

Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is as good as ten mothers. A quote by Les Blank is enough to let us analyze and absorb the benefits of garlic.

It may not have  please your  nostrils but it is a wonder bulb which with its plethora  of benefits does your health loads of good.

Hello ,I Dr.Neelu Khanna will unfold to you the various benefits of this white colored  wonder bulb which not only has medicinal values but also  traditional value added to it.

People have not only worn it around their neck,they have rubbed it on their bodies ,buried it next to their coffins,they have even prayed to it.

Such is the strength of this pungent miracle called garlic.

I could go on praising this wonder but better would be if i lay down in front of you the benefits of garlic point by point.

1. Garlic mainly consists of a compound called allicin which is a pungent liquid which is responsible  for its characteristic smell.

2. Allicin contains sulphur thereby attributing to its antimicrobial effect.

3. Garlic has antibacterial and anti fungal effects too.It is attributed to the fact that garlic roughly has 1% strength of penicillin against certain types of bacteria.

4. Garlic is known to have antioxidant effect thereby  protecting the body against damaging free radicals.

5. Garlic helps in keeping the blood pressure regulated by reducing the pressure and tension as it eases the spasms of the small arteries .It modifies the heart rhythm and also relieves the symptoms of dizziness and shortness of breath.

6. Garlic is most beneficial  for the digestive system.It stimulates the peristaltic  action and secretions of gastric juices.

7. Garlic can be crushed and taken orally with milk or water to aid in digestion.

8. Heart patients reap benefits from garlic as it lowers the high cholesterol level owing to its anti oxidant property.It prevents oxidation of low density lipo protein.

9. The antiviral property of garlic helps to fight allergies.

10. Garlic is of tremendous use in diabetes as it  regulates the blood sugar levels by increasing the release of insulin.

11.  Studies have shown that garlic has the ability to reduce the growth of cancerous cells  due to the presence of germanium in it which is an anti cancerous agent.

12. Garlic tops the American national cancer institutes list of potential cancer preventive food.

13. Garlic has been effectively used for treatment of skin problems.Rubbing raw garlic on pimples helps in curing them.It has also been affective in treating acne.Eating garlic results in purification of b lood which in turn helps in a good complexion and skin.

14. Garlic promotes weight control because of the presence of the enzyme allicin in it. A study published in  American journal of hypertension reported on base of a study conducted on animals that animals supplemented with allicin reported to have stable weight or slight weight loss was noticed thus concluding that allicin has value in controlling weight.

15. Whooping cough is often treated by giving generous helpings of garlic  in syrup form.

16. Garlic has also been  found helpful in people dealing with impotence.Due to the presence of a n enzyme called nitric oxide synthase which is essential for erection.

17. Garlic taken during pregnancy helps in weight gain of babies who may be at the risk of being underweight at birth.

18. Research is still on to associate the benefits of garlic to improved memory and learning ability.

19. Garlic is most effective in curing common colds and cough.Intake of garlic improves the immune function.

20. Garlic promotes increased bile production which helps to reduce fat in the liver.

21. Garlic has similar blood thinning effects like aspirin.

22. Paste of garlic if applied on the chest as poultice cures bronchitis.

23. Pulmonary infections like tuberculosis   are controlled by garlic intake due to sulphuric acid which destroys tuberculosis germs.

24. Garlic  paste can be applied on the bites of various insects and other venomous reptiles too.

25. Garlic is a good appetite stimulant.

Hippocrates the father of unani medicine used garlic  in treating infectious diseases and prescribed it particularly for intestinal disorders.

Garlic can be taken in various forms.One can have it raw with water or with warm milk.

It is also available in capsule forms. Garlic forms  a important ingredient in cooking and is used as a spice.So do not avoid this creation of god owing to its odor rather make it a daily part of your routine.

Going by the famous saying that a nickel will get you to the subway but  garlic will get you a seat  go and grab that seat while it lasts.

On this note i leave you all to enjoy the goodness of this clove called garlic.

Author Bio Brief:The author Dr Neelu Khanna  is a Dentist  and has served  the Indian Army Dental Corps.She dabbles in poetry and has to her credit many poems.An orator who has conducted a live entertainment show for the Prime Minister and  for  The King of the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan. A keen badminton player , takes avid interest in reading.

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