Fig Benefits

Health Benefits of Fig

Food can heal, follow the practical advice about the food you eat every day, how to buy, prepare and preserve them.Enjoy more years of eating well.

Figs grow on the Ficus tree, (Ficus Carica) , which is a member of mulberry family.

Staple diet of Italians, Romans and immigrants from south who came to America   and planted  the trees, harvesting the bounty in the summer. It is said that summers would not be the same without fresh figs and garden is not quite a garden without a fig tree in it.

Unique character of the plant is that the flowers cannot be seen easily and therefore Indians called it THE RAREST OF THE RARES.

They have a unique characteristic, that is,
They have an opening, called the OSTIOLE or EYE which helps in development of fruit by increasing its communication with the environment.

Figs range in color and in texture depending upon the variety.

They are dried by exposing it to sunlight or artificially which can be enjoyed throughout the year.

It has a unique taste and texture. They are lusciously sweet. Flesh is soft and creamy. Skin is smooth and seeds are crunchy.

It is native to Middle East, are one of the first fruit to be cultivated at America, Greece and Turkey.

Dried figs are much widely used as they can be stored for a longer time.

Figs are high in natural and simple sugars, minerals and fiber, fat and vitamins, flavonoids and polyphenols.

They contain good levels of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and manganese.
Dried figs contain an impressive 250 mg of calcium per100g, protein and calories.

1= The rich potassium content of figs helps to maintain the blood pressure of the body.

2= They are rich in dietary fiber which helps in weight management.

3= The leaves has healing property and also helps diabetics in reducing insulin level.

4= It reduces the risk of breast cancer.

5= Calcium present in figs helps in increasing the bone density.

6= Tryptophan in figs help in inducing good sleep and lowers the risk of disorders like insomnia.

7= It relieves fatigue and boost memory.

8= Juice of fig is delicious and gives smooth and soothing effect to irritated throat.

9= Fig consumed with milk reduce  anemia.

10= It can act as a laxative and can help to cure constipation.

11= Soaked figs consumed daily can be effective in curing piles and fissures.

12= The soluble pectin in figs can help in reducing bad cholesterol.

13= Baked figs can cure skin abscesses and boils.

14= It has high water content which helps in curing acne and pimples and can also act as a good cleanser.

15= Figs   have high calcium content and can be an alternative to milk for people who have milk allergy.

16= It helps in aiding digestion and taming bowel problems.

17= The juice of green fig can be used in treating corns.

18= Figs are excellent   aphrodisiacs.

19= Dried figs are eaten as healthy snack with nuts and honey.

20= Baked items like muffins,cakes and muesli bars can incorporate figs to enhance the taste and nutrition.

21= Combination with other fruits and dry fruits ,figs make good salad ,add cinnamon and nutmeg before serving.

22= Poach Figs can be served with Greek yoghurt or crčam.

23= Cheese can be flavored with figs, Fig butter also can be prepared.

24= Figs are added in Couscous dishes.

25= Fig tart can be prepared with walnuts by processing it.

26= Make delicious sweets, ice creams, milk shakes and lastly desserts.

27= Figs are alkaline in nature which helps to maintain the PH of the body.

28= Comercially available skin and beauty products   help in increasing the vitality of the skin.

29= Figs increases plasma anti oxidant capacity.

30= It also cures gout.

A highly preferred energy food in dry form and lip smacking varieties made from it are now cherished all around the world.

Varieties of Figs are cultivated around the world to the benefit of locals as well as tourist.

Scientifically tested, organic variety is widely cultivated in America and exported.

Romans love the fruit, it is mythologically connected in their culture. It is a gift to the world from fertility GOD, BACCHUS.

Bible denoted that each men under his own vine and fig tree, which denotes PEACE and PROSPERITY, The richness of health.

Quran denoted that the fruit descended from paradise.

It is a favorite fruit of CLEOPATRA, the most beautiful woman,as it enhanced her beauty.

So  women what are you waiting for? Not at all difficult to grab it from nearby market and kids will love the sweet  preparations.

Brief bio of Author : The author is Jigna Chinoy, a medical lab tech. ,served a well known Hematology lab and Blood bank  for over 14 yrs. Served as a hon. Prof. of general microbiology, practical microbiology and genetics, for 10 yrs at a post graduate level. Volunteered marrow donor registry of India, A yoga trainer  and a reader, a student of Diploma in Counseling and Guidance.

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