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Fee = Rs.9000/=

Fees are increasing to Rs.14000 on of 2011.

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Enoma's courses are recognised by the Guidance Counsellors and Family Therapists Association. All graduates are awarded a life membership to GCFTA.

Enoma's courses are also recognised by the Counsellors and Therapists Association International. All graduates are awarded a lifetime membership to CTAI.

On course completion, you can work as a Child Psychologist anywhere in India. Free Placement Assistance is provided to students on course completion.

Enoma has trained some of the finest counselors in India. Our batch profile include doctors, psychologists, counselors, nurses, mental health specialists, psychiatrists, therapists, dentists, psychology graduates, sociology graduates, theology graudates and more.

Admission Procedure

Fill up the Admission Form first...

Admission Form

Once selected, send in the documents by Courier to:
Enoma Institute,
LG-15/16, Centre Square,
Opposite Andheri Station, S.V. Road,
Andheri West, Mumbai - 400058,
Maharashtra, India.

As soon as we receive your documents we will issue you an email receipt and you will get your login details within 2 days.

You can come in personally to take your admission too.
Call us on 09820262263 between 10am to 5pm for further assistance.

Refund Policy
Students can get back 50% of the course fees if they ask for a refund on this course within 20 days of joining the same. There is a strict 'no refund' policy on this course after 20 days of the course have been completed.

Child Psychology Course Introduction

Child psychology is a branch of psychology which focuses on children from infancy through adolescence. A wide variety of topics within psychology are encompassed in child psychology, including abnormal psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, and so forth. A specialist who focuses on child psychology is known as a child psychologist, and he or she may work as a counselor to children, a researcher in studies designed to help people understand children better, or as an adviser to academic and social programs which deal with children.

A huge scope of issues is addressed in child psychology. Child psychologists study how children learn, how various behaviors develop, the impact of environment on developing children, and many other topics. Children make difficult and sometimes controversial study subjects, because they cannot grant consent in the same way adults do, and studies in child psychology must be carefully constructed as a result.

Child psychology is one of the many branches of psychology and one of the most frequently studied specialty areas. This particular branch focuses on the mind and behavior of children from prenatal development through adolescence. Child psychology deals not only with how children grow physically, but with their mental, emotional and social development as well.

This course introduces the methods, theories and main concepts used by psychologists to develop a real insight into the world of children.

Child psychology is extremely important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is being able to understand and accurately predict a reasonable norm for child development. Proper discipline, teaching styles and communication styles are all based on understanding the psychology of childhood, which changes and develops over time. Intervention on behalf of children who have been raised in difficult circumstances or faced traumatic events also hinges on understanding child psychology - children don't cope with situations in the same way adults do because they do not process information the same way and do not have the same emotional or reasoning skills.

By studying child psychology, we can better understand children and equip them to become well-adjusted, more adaptable adults who are capable of living rich and varied lives. We can help our children through crises and enrich their daily lives by interacting with them in ways that are appropriate to their developmental levels. Is it any wonder that so many people choose to study child developmental psychology every year?

Whether you're a parent, teacher, Nursery Assistant or Child Minder, this course will give you a deeper understanding of the children in your care.

What makes children tick? What factors matter most in shaping a baby or toddler's personality and behaviour? How do children develop socially and emotionally?

If you find such questions intriguing our Child Psychology Diploma is ideal. Among other things, you'll learn how children build relationships with others, how they acquire behaviour and how they develop moral judgment. You'll also study the importance of play, the development of language and the biological basis of aggression.

Historically, children were often viewed simply as smaller versions of adults. When Jean Piaget suggested that children actually think differently than adults, Albert Einstein proclaimed that the discovery was "so simple that only a genius could have thought of it."

Today, psychologists recognize that child psychology is unique and complex, but many differ in terms of the unique perspective they take when approaching development. Experts also differ in their responses to some of the bigger questions in child psychology, such as whether early experiences matter more than later ones or whether nature or nurture plays a greater role in certain aspects of development.

Child Psychology Course Syllabus

The online course covers Child Psychology adequately with over 2000 pages of course content making this course the most extensive online Child Psychology course in the world. New lessons and articles are added often.

The course material provided in the form of Articles and Ebooks covers the subject of Child Psychology almost completely. Audio lectures by Savio DSilva are a new addition to the online course. Students will get full access to new audio lectures every month.

The Course Syllabus includes
Definition of Child Psychology,

The concept of Childhood,

Early history and childhood,

Biological Factors in Child Psychology,

Prenatal Development,

250 Habits of Top Psychologists,

Types & Techniques of Counseling,

Nature vs. Nurture,

Schools of Child Psychology,

Piagetís Methods,

Vygotskyís Theory,

Eriksonís Eight Stages of Development,

Development of Language,

Situational Child Psychology,

Applied Child Psychology,

Effective Listening Skills,

Body Language,

Art of Conversation,

Psychological Testing and Children,

The First Year of Life,

The Formation of Attachments,

Development of Visual Perception,

How Children Think,

Freudís Psychodynamic Theory,

Aggression in Children,

Behaviour Modification.

Effective Parenting.

Play Therapy.

2000 Parenting & Child Articles.

6000 Self Help Articles.

Child Psychology Diploma Courses in India

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Enoma's Child Psychology courses online can be pursued by citizens of India, Australia, Singapore, Canada, United States, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Dubai, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Nepal, European Union countries and 40 other countries.

Child Psychology Courses in Mumbai, Bangalore, India

Enoma is ranked Number 1 for "counseling courses online in India". Our course has a global recognition and trains you in mastering Psychotherapy through course material in the form of over 50 Ebooks and 2,000 quality articles.

"Child Psychology is an art which you can master via our online training. I promise you that you will become a good Child Psychologist after completing our course."
- Savio DSilva (Director - Enoma)

Our students have found out already that there is no other institute, school, university, association or college training their students to be professional Counselors, Psychologists and Psychotherapists like we do.

What Students Have to Say about Enoma

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Enoma for the wonderful training in counseling. I have learnt so much in the past couple of months and also learning as the course takes it. Counseling has been my passion. After a lot of research that I did in the internet, I zeroed on Enoma, as it does not require personal contact sessions and the rating it has, I have been working as a Home Based Medical Transcriptionist and extending to my passion has been a good journey so far. The articles, assignments, chat sessions, study materials, internet links, and your evaluations have been pretty useful and enhances the knowledge. I personally take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful gesture and patience. Indeed blessed are the students of you Sir.
Thanks with Regards,
- Bhavani Raman (Enoma Graduate & Expert Counselor).
The best thing, now I realize, that happened to me by joining this course, is to have new friends and well wishers like you around me. I am sure the alumni association that will be generated by this course will go a long way even after we finish it. Sir Savio, please accept my gratitude for this new experience of my life. In fact all of us should be thankful to you for having such wonderful medium of interaction and bringing the like minded people together. Thank you once again.
- Vikas Tayal
I am very much interested in mental and emotional problems of people and want to help them in their tough situations, thats why I have done my homeopathy which is based on mental symptoms. and problems. And it is my dream profession, so when I came to know about this online course, I joined it immediately. It is very good course, with many articles, notes, and books on vast areas, to increase our knowledge and counseling skills..And chat sessions are also very helpful for us, as they have given us guidance and clear our doubts..With this course, I am making my dream come true..
Thanks and Regards,
- Sampati Nanglia (Enoma Graduate & Expert Counselor)
When i joined this course i wasnt very sure as to how things will be done. but slowly and steadily i was so impressed with the way the assignments were given and grades were given to us. everything was done so perfectly by sir. You have been such a great mentor. All the assignments given to us were designed so beautifully. The course material was vast as well as it provided us an indepth knowledge of every field of psychology. Guiding us and making us do our assignments so well was all because of ur hard work. Admitting me to ur course was itself a big thing for me because being a graduate in commerce. I'm so grateful to Sir for the same.
- Gargi Sharma (Enoma Graduate & Expert Counselor)
Initially i could'nt understand things but once I started getting into the tune of it, it got interesting. I like replying to queries as there are cases to which I can relate personally. Its fun and I also get to learn so many things. Till now its been a great learning experience and I hope I get to learn more.
- Ruby Agarwal
I don't have words to express my gratitude for the difference this counseling course and your guidance has personally made in my life. Kind Regards,
- Dr. Shalini (Enoma Graduate & Expert Counselor)
Since I graduated as a nurse I had a thirst in specializing in the field of counselling after seeing a lot of mentally affected patients in hospitals and my best subject was psychiatry. Since then I had been searching through various websites, finally I happened to see this site and went through it and liked it. I enrolled myself into Enoma, I am on the verge of finishing it. As it is said 'with great power comes great responsibility'. Skills of counselling must be used to the right people. Right time and right place.

So whoever has plans to do this course you are not late you are with the right person at the right time and right place..
1. The general course schedule and course flow is good.
2. The contents are vast, in depth and valid.
3. The articles, tips, lessons and topics are excellent.
4. Best books on related topics are from best authors.
5. On-line assignments cover most related articles sent earlier.
6. On-counselling problems very much related to day to day problems in each one's life.
As it is the best ranked counselor in India, Mr. Savio, is a good mentor, motivator, teacher and counselor.
- Mariamma Jose (Enoma Graduate & Expert Counselor)

"I have been attached to this course since the past 10 months and believe me I still feel I am a new student in the sense that everyday there is something new to learn and experience. It is a wonderful course, the entire credit of which goes to our course director, Mr.Savio DSilva, who is always open to new ideas, experimenting and implementing innovative ways to make the course more interesting. If you are sincere and regular in answering the online queries and in completing your assignments then there is nothing to stop you from becoming a good counsellor at Enoma. Should you have any problem, Mr. D'silva is a very, very helpful teacher and guide and of course, we are always there to assist you. All the best!"
- Mridu Rathi (Enoma Graduate & Expert Counselor)

Diploma Award

Students are sent their Diploma by registered post after submitting the prescribed assignments and on completion of the online exam at the end of the course. The certifications are widely recognised in the Psychotherapy industry and gives you an immense edge over therapists, psychologists, so-called counselors and psychology graduates with no formal education or training in Psychotherapy. The certification allows you to charge a premium fee for each therapy session you take up.

Director's Message

This is a refreshingly practical course in Child Psychology that fulfills not only your need to be a Child Psychologist but also trains you to earn a living as a professional Child Psychologist anywhere. The course assignments will satisfy your heart's desires and make you happy deep inside. Child Psychology is a true social service. We train you to become great Child Psychologists, not just ordinary ones. You are free to join any other course in Child Psychology if they provide even half the practical training and international exposure that our course provides each student that joins us.

"You can go ahead in joining this institute. As a student, you will have no boundaries and will learn so much than your expectations from Savio Sir. He will always be there with you in each and every step you take in becoming a good counselor. Whatever be the background, if you have inclination and dedication, you can come out as the best counselor. You will be given a chance to answer to queries while you are doing the course, which I think nobody else is offering in any college. We are also there to help you out. Good Luck and all the best" - George Kutty (Enoma Graduate & Expert Counselor)

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Best Child Psychology Course in India

There are many forms of applied child psychology, in which a psychologist actively works with children. A child psychologist might provide services to special needs children, helping kids with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and other issues, for example. Child psychologists also assist children who are psychologically troubled with counseling, therapy, and recommendations to child psychiatrists who may be able to prescribe medications and other treatments. Others may develop instruction plans designed to help children learn effectively, or work with children who are experiencing psychological trauma like the loss of a parent, a sudden move, a war, or a natural disaster.

The purpose of the Child Psychology course is to introduce the student to the methods, language and practice of child psychology. It examines the core issues in relation to psychological development including language, thinking and socialisation with particular focus on the emergence of the child as an individual. The class each week will begin with a practical case-study followed by a discussion of what child psychology offers as explanations of the phenomenon.

Enoma Institute has developed this course to give you a basic understanding of the fundamentals of child psychology in terms of growth and development and some common childhood psychological difficulties.

Topics in child psychology research are equally diverse. Many people are interested in how humans mature, from infancy through old age, and many of these researchers study child psychology. Looking at when children acquire language, how children learn about the world, and how children develop personal morals can provide interesting clues into human nature. The emotional development of children is as interesting as their physical development, and many people are intrigued by the breakthrough moments in child development, like the moment when children become self-aware, or the time at which children start to distinguish between right and wrong.

Someone who wishes to study child psychology usually starts at the undergraduate level, taking basic introductory psychology classes and moving into the field of child psychology specifically. Depending on whether the student wants to pursue applied psychology or research, he or she may take graduate courses in child psychology and pursue certification which allows the student to work with patients. Employment in this field is very diverse, and compensation tends to be quite favorable.

Most people in this field also pick a specific age range in child psychology to focus on, such as adolescent psychology or infant development. Because children grow and change so rapidly, selecting a specific age range to study allows for a greater depth of knowledge. People can also choose to delve into specific topics, like abnormal psychology, psychopharmacology, educational psychology, and psychopathology, among others.

Common Questions

What is the definition of an Online Course?
- A course offered through the internet by allowing access to course material through a website, forum or email is called an Online Course.

Are there any contact programs with the Director?
- Students can contact our course director anytime by email or on the student forum for help or other queries related to the online course. Every week the director chats with all the students about the course, answers queries and shares knowledge with the students.

Is there any Practical Training in Child Psychology given?
- You reply to real queries every week as part of your course assignments. Students also write their own articles on Child Psychology to gain more out of the online course.

Are there any practicaly assignments?
- Students need to submit weekly assignments before completing the course. These assignments are completely practical in nature and include counseling real people as well as research and article writing assignments. This is the only Child Psychology course in the world offering such quality training.

What about the course material?
- Enoma allows exclusive access to our online library of over 50 Ebooks to all students during their course tenure. There are over 10,000 articles related to different areas of Child Psychology and counseling psychology that are provided too.

Enoma also posts new articles on the forums once a month for all students. We train you in the basics of Child Psychology with a complete emphasis on current trends in the field globally.

Who issues the Diploma?
- Diplomas are issued by Enoma Institute, Mumbai. This course is widely recognised in the Child Psychology field as a top ranked course and is a vital course to complete in order to call yourself a Child Psychologist.

Is there any placement assistance provided?
- Yes, of course. Enoma provides free placement assistance after the course and will not stop providing the same until you are suitably placed.

Is there any classroom training involved?
- This is an online course so there is no question of any classroom training here.

Do I need to own a PC to join this course?
- Yes, you do need to own a PC to join this course. It would be difficult for you to complete this course if you do not own a PC.

I have other questions. Where can I send them?
- Email us on speak @ You will get a reply within 24 hours.

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