Cod Liver Oil Benefits

Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Hello to all my dear friends. I am back with my series of articles on dietary products. Well I don’t need to search far for a topic to share with you.

Last week I happen to see my grandma taking her caps of cod liver oil and it was then when I thought that my next research article must unveil the benefits of cod liver oil.

So here I am, Dr. Ankita Thakker presenting my research on benefits of cod liver oil.

I am sure that each of us have at least heard or taken a capsule of cod liver oil in some point of time in life. Trust me guys you will be amazed to know that it can be useful in so many ways.

Being popular since years, the advantages of it first became famous in fishing communities where fisherman use to take it to keep themselves warm in chills of the sea shore. As the name suggests it is extracted from the liver of cod fish.

It is prosperous from the point of view of nutrition. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA.

Let’s move on to see the benefits of cod liver oil:

1. It is very good to keep away those zits which bother teens a lot. It contains omega 3 fatty acids which help in keeping the skin healthy and away from bacteria’s and inflammation.

2. Omega 3 fatty acids also support in maintaining healthy cell membranes hence all the essential nutrients reach to their destination as these fatty acids ensure normal transportation of nutrients into the cells.

3. With good nutrition comes healthy skin and thus the acne are kept away and you get a beautiful glowing skin.

4. It helps in minimizing wrinkles.

5. Vitamin A contributes in giving you a mesmerizing looking skin.

6. It is effective in eczema as well. It helps in reducing the dryness and keeping the skin healthy and supple.

7. It helps in reducing the severity and spreading of psoriasis.

8. It is advantageous in Lupus as well.

9. It can be applied locally for healing of wounds and keeping the skin healthy.

10. It is good for you nail health as well.

11. Another glory to this cod liver oil is that it can give you very beautiful, lustrous hair giving due regards to the omega 3 in it. It helps in providing nutrition to the hair follicles thereby supporting hair growth. It also helps in preventing hair loss. So hereby comes another blessing to enhance your beauty.

12. The vitamin A content of this beneficial cod liver oil is very useful for improving your vision. It also helps in preventing from night blindness.

13. Vitamin A is also useful for maintaining the mucosal linings of digestive tract and thus it is very useful for keeping your digestive tract healthy.

14. Cod liver oil helps in increasing your immunity thereby preventing you from infections.

15. Cod liver oil is very important source of vitamin D. It helps in maintaining strong bones.

16. It is therefore recommended in rickets especially for children. It is a boon for both first and second childhood groups as they have a tendency of weak bones.

17. Cod liver oil is also helpful in arthritis because of its anti inflammatory properties. It also plays an important role in preventing arthritis. So the next time you have your grandparents with a tendency of weak bones start giving them cod liver oil to keep arthritis at bay.

18. Bone and muscle pains are reduced by cod liver oil, because usually these kinds of pains are due to lack of vitamin D. Cod liver oil being rich in vitamin D will palliate those aches and pains from your body.

19. So guys any difficulty climbing stairs or is walking is a pain for you, include this in your diet and watch the difference and experience the increased strength in your muscles.

20. It also helps in preventing softening of bones and thereby preventing osteoporosis.

21. Back pain is also relieved by this amazing oil.

22. It is a preventive for heart disease.

23. Cod liver oil also helps you after convalescing from heart disease as it will strengthen your heart muscles, improve the inner linings of arteries and the vitamin contents will help in absorption of nutrition. Thus helps in having a healthy happy heart.

24. DHA in cod liver oil is very beneficial for your nerves. It is very useful for the entire nervous system helping in disorders such as autism, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

25. It is again helpful in proper brain functioning.

26. Omega 3 fatty acids in cod liver oil aid in reducing stress.

27. Cod liver oil is also recommended for depression.

28. It can be recommended in Obsessive compulsive disorders as it helps in proper functioning of nervous system.

29. It is also effective in Alzheimer’s disease as it helps in better functioning of brain.

30. It helps in preventing learning disabilities in children.

31. It is also effective in handling mood swings.

32. Cod liver oil is a natural way to keep a check on your high cholesterol values.

33. It heals ulcers well because it has a very significant effect on mucosal linings.

34. Cod liver oil also prevents the occurrence of juvenile diabetes when administered in pregnant women.

35. It also helps in lowering the blood pressure.

36. Children may be prevented from ear infections by intake of cod liver oil in their regular diets.

37. A supplement of cod liver oil is very good for boosting the production of estrogen in the body. Hence is very good for women in menopause phase as it helps to fight symptoms like mood swings, depression, unhealthy skin and hair.

38. It is very effective for symptoms of gout as well.

39. It is also used as a laxative. So the next time you are constipated think of this in your usual laxative list as well.

40. It also helps in preventing the malicious disease of cancer by providing healthy nutritients to the cells and thereby maintaining their healthy growth.

41. An excellent recommendation for massages as it keeps your skin supple and keeps the joints healthy. Babies can be massaged with cod liver oil in their infancy for healthier bones and good skin.

42. It is also recommended for nursing mothers as it improves the vitamin A content and fatty acids contents in breast milk thereby helping the infant in excellent brain development and the vitamin A helps in keeping the infection away from your baby.

43. Thyroid functioning is also maintained by cod liver oil.

44. It regulates the blood sugar levels in people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

45. Tooth cavities are also prevented by this wondrous oil.

So that sums it all for me. I think its high time realizing that I need to include this in my diet as soon as possible. This grandma’s medicine is useful for all age groups was the moral of this research.

Thanks to the cod fish I must say and a suggestions for all you guys out there…

I am sure after reading this you will surely include it in your diets, as it is correctly said better late than never!!

I am going for my bottle of cod liver oil, you go get yours…

Bye for now!

Author Brief bio: Dr. Ankita Thakker is a practicing Homeopathic Consultant and is specializing in the field of psychology. She is also a Child Health Specialist, Reiki Healer, Acupressure Therapist, Clinical Research Scientist and Medical Coder and is currently working into the field of psychology.

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