Clams Benefits

Health Benefits of Clams

Hi,I am Vanita Gupta and welcome to my article on "Benefits of Clams"

Clams are soft-bodied animals that live in shells.

Clams have a mild,salty taste and a more or less chewy texture,depending on size and variety.

They are found along the seashore of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

Varieties of Clams:
-Hard-shell clams are usually sold by size,and is often eaten raw or steamed.
-Soft-shell clams have hard,thin shells,with neck-like siphons sticking out of them.
-Surf clams have large white shells and are usually cut into strips for restaurant use.
-Razor clams are large,tough clams with shells shaped like straight razors.

The objective of this article is to help you know about the wonders of this sea food and tempt you to have at least give it a try.

Now on its benefits...

1)Nutritional Highlights: Raw Clams,3oz.(84.9g)
- vitamin B12-42mcg
- iron-11.9mg
- protein-10.9g
- fiber-0.0g
- carbohydrate-2.2g
- total fat-0.8g
- calories-63

2)Clams are high in iron,so high,that the iron content of beef's liver don't compare.It also is a good source of phosphorus,potassium,zinc,copper,
manganese and selenium.

3)Clams contain about 140mg of omega-3 fatty acids per 100g,enough to achieve optimal heart health.

4)Clam is a good source of lean protein,more than oysters and scallops.

5)Clams contain fair amounts of cholesterol.

6)Clams serve as a good source of phosphorus for the body,the nutrient required for proper formation of bones and teeth.It also helps the body utilise vitamins.

7)The protein level of clams help in building lean body mass in athletes.

8)It is a boon for individuals suffering from iron deficiency as it is a rich source of iron for the body.

9)The high amount of potassium present in clams assosts the body in maintaining blood pressure and regulating heart function ,along with other body processes.

10)It is rich in vitaminA ,which is required by the body to maintain healthy skin and also promotes vision,growth and bone development.

11)Most clams have low levels of the contaminants found in some other fish and seafood species.

12)Clams contain more of most vitamins and minerals than chicken.It makes nutritional sense to choose clam chowder over cream of chicken soup!

13)Clams are an excellent source of zinc,a mineral necessary for wound healing,healthy skin and hair,and cell and immune function.

14)Clams are an exceptional source of vitaminB12,a vitamin that is important for a healthy nervous system.

15)VitaminB12 deficiency can cause an array of problems including Alzheimer's like symptoms,problems with balance,loss of feeling in the hands and feet,depression and anxiety.

16)Clams are an excellent way to help keep the brain,spinal cord,and peripheral nerves working properly by supplying them with the B12 they need.

17)Clams are a good source of vitaminC which is important for strong connective tissue and a healthy immune system.

18)All clams are high in protein and low in fat when eaten fresh and raw and easily digestible so all those nutrients can be quickly used by the body.

19)Omega-3fatty acids play a role in preventing irregular heartbeat,reducing plaque build-up on the walls of the arteries,decreasing blood clotting,reducing blood fat,lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation.

20)Omega-3 fatty acids may play a role in reducing the risk of diabetes,enhancing bone density,aiding in neonatal development,improving the appearance of the skin,reducing depression,aiding nerve function,delaying the onset and reducing the severity of Alzheimer's disease,and reducing inflammation that is found in rheumatoid arthritis,ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

I hope i was successful in providing many nutritional benefits of Clams.

I am pretty sure you are now keen to have a taste of this amazing sea food.

I Vanita Gupta am now penning off so that you people will get all the time to give it a second thought about trying this wonderful food.

See you soon, Goodbye!

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