Chocolate Benefits

Health Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolates are considered to be like the food of the gods, the ambrosia of chocoholics. This may have a ring of truth to it since chocolates are made from the tropical cacao tree seeds of Theobroma which is a Greek word meaning "food of the gods." Eating chocolates can give you a good feeling similar to physical exhilaration due to the chemical tryptophan found in chocolates.

Chocolate has health benefits?
Yes, it is true, Chocolate - real chocolate that is - is now recognized as having many qualities that can be beneficial for your health. By real chocolate I mean products containing a minimum of seventy per cent cocoa solids for plain chocolate and - if you must - a minimum thirty per cent cocoa solids for milk and white chocolate.

Other Benefits of Cooking chocolate:
• Consumption of plain, dark chocolate results in an increase in both the total antioxidant capacity and the epicatechin content of blood plasma, but that these effects are markedly reduced when the chocolate is consumed with milk or if milk is incorporated as milk chocolate.

• Chocolate contains essential trace elements and nutrients such as iron, calcium and potassium, and vitamins A, B1, C, D and E.

• Dark chocolate -- not white chocolate -- lowers high blood pressure; Blood pressure remained unchanged when you eat white chocolate. But if you eat dark chocolate, the blood pressure fall an average of five points and the diastolic, an average of two points.

• It is also said that "The Darker the Chocolate the Lower the Blood Pressure."

• It is seen that the cocoa content in the Chocolate reduces blood pressure and insulin resistance and improves endothelium-dependent vasodilation in hypertensive.

• Cocoa powder is also the highest natural source for Magnesium - Magnesium deficiency is linked with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, joint problems and pre-menstrual tension (PMT or PMS).

• Women’s always face the Problem of bloating, weight gain, headache, backaches, irritability, depression & many such disease which makes them hyper or violent at homes or at work, so  adding magnesium to a sufferer’s diet has been proved to increase pre-menstrual progesterone levels, reducing or eliminating the problem.

• Men also can take the advantage of Dark Chocolate, as the Manganese content in the Dark Plain chocolate reduces the problems of the heart diseases & also reduces hypertension. The fat in those chocolate can be considered cholesterol free, as studies indicate it does not fur up the arteries or contribute to high cholesterol levels.

• The Serotonin & Phenyl ethylamine content present in the Dark Chocolate are considered to be good for our mental health, because these two content are considered to be “Mood Lifting agents” found naturally in the Human Brains & they are released by our brain when we are feeling happy or when we feel love around us.

• So, we feel like eating chocolates when we are depressed which helps in the natural system of our body to regenerate the happiness in our life.

• Chocolate is an excellent nutritional source, a single chocolate chip can provide enough energy for the average man to walk about one hundred and seventy feet or fifty meters

• For nearly one hundred years the British and many other Armed Forces around the world have issued soldiers with 'Iron Rations' of chocolate which contained more than eighty percent of cocoa solids, so that the fighters can use those chocolate during emergencies &/ or when it comes to Morale boosting of the solders.

• Plain chocolate containing minimum 70% + cocoa solids is the healthiest and therefore the best way to satisfy a craving for chocolate.

• Chocolates stimulate endorphins giving you a warm inner glow.

• The melting sensation of chocolate in your mouth creates a kiss-like stimulation that lasts four times more than lip-locking.

• It increases brain activity and heart rate that makes you feel good inside out.

• Chocolates are known to have several health benefits that aids in prolonging life. Studies found out that people who had lived for 100 years or more (called super centenarians) had a fondness for eating chocolates.

• Chemical substances such as oleic acid and flavinoids raise good cholesterol and help in blood clotting.

• Chocolate also helps in keeping away the diseases like aiding appetite, slowing down the decline of brain function due to age, soothing the throat, and even preventing cancer.

• Eating chocolates include elevating the levels of antioxidants in the heart, which finally helps in controlling the blood pressure.

• It is also written in the medical books that if a person wants to keep the day Brighter than that person can eat a piece of chocolate each day before starting his normal routine of his day.

• You may have noticed that majority of kids drink include a glass of milk with a spoon of chocolate powder,  which is not only good in taste but, it actually gives the child the energy, the stamina & the power to fight things both mentally & Physically. This indirectly improves the health & the spirits of the child.

• Chocolate also contains a variety of minerals that are essential to good nutrition. These include calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper.

• Each of these minerals plays important roles in a variety of biological functions, including growth, bone formation, metabolism and oxygen transport within the blood.

• Study of Chocolates shows, for the first time that consumption of dark chocolate acutely decreases wave reflections, that it does not affect aortic stiffness, and that it may exert a beneficial effect on endothelial function in healthy adults.

• Chocolate consumption may exert a protective effect on the cardiovascular system; further studies are warranted to assess any long-term effects.

• A small chip of chocolate ( A Ounce ) contains  145 calories & 8 grams of carbohydrate, more than 50 % is of fiber content  which helps in a good movement of daily life.

• It also helps in blood vessels improvements, which indirectly helps in the prevention of the heart disease.

• Chocolate consumption also helps in improving the potential for improving the glucose tolerance, which is important for those people who have low-carb diets which help in minimizing blood glucose spikes.

• Flavinoids, which is also counted in the group of nutrients, is also counted for its helping nature, as it brings positive feelings in the person consuming it.

• Somehow, the chemical flavinoids have an antioxidant which can help in the prevention of cancer.

• An ounce of chocolate also contains about a quarter of iron & magnesium that we require in our daily lives.

• It is also said that the same weight also contains about a quarter of iron & manganese that we need in our daily lives.

• It must also be noted that most of the fat that is present in the normal original chocolate is all healthy fat or either monounsaturated fat or stearic acid, which is a “good saturated fat” by any measure.

• Three tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder, for about 36 calories, has the same amount of carbohydrate and fiber, but lower amounts of vitamins and minerals (and much less fat).

So, this is what you need to know about the benefits of chocolate for your day to day life.
I wish you will include a small chip of chocolate in your daily food, & along with that you also need to include a bit of work out if you have not.

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