Chilli Powder Benefits

Health Benefits of Chilli Powder

Hello everyone, I am Ruby Agarwal and this is my article on the benefits of chilli powder

Chili powder is a combination of different varieties of chili peppers ground up and most-often mixed with cumin, garlic, oregano and salt.

Chili powder is an excellent addition to many foods. One of the easiest ways to bring a dish to life is adding a dash or two of chili powder.

Spices play a very important role in Indian Cooking.  Spices were originally used in Indian cooking to not only season, but to preserve the food as refrigeration was not around.

Ever since its introduction to India in 1498, chillies have been included in Ayurvedic medicines and used as tonic to ward off many diseases.

Red Chili Powder  or Lal Mirch : Indian chili powder is made from ground chilies. The ground product ranges from orange-red, to deep, dark red. Red pepper is a pungent, hot powder with a strong bite. Paprika is a mild form of the red chili powder.

Chillies are excellent source of Vitamin, A, B, C and E with minerals like molybdenum, manganese, folate, potassium, thiamin, and copper. Chilli contains seven times more vitamin C than orange.

Chilli is hot and stimulating with very less aroma when eaten.

Chilli contains capsaicin, an alkaloid substance which makes chilli hot to taste.

The benefits of chilli powder are:
1.Capsaicin : Chillies have vitamin C and Vitamin A containing beta-carotenoids which are powerful antioxidant. These antioxidants destroy free radical bodies. The antioxidants present in the chilli wipe out the radical bodies that could build up cholesterol causing major heart diseases such as atherosclerosis.osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis.

2.Detoxicants : Chillies acts as detoxifiers as they removes waste products from our body and increases supply nutrients to the tissues.

3.It acts as gastrointestinal detoxicants helping in digestion of food.

4.Pain killer : Chillies stimulates the release of endorphins that are natural pain killers. It relieves pain caused due to shingles (Herpes Zoster), bursitis, diabetic neuropathy and muscle spasm in shoulders, and extremities. It also helps in relieving arthritic pains in the extremities.

5.Antibiotic : Chillies brings fresh blood to the site of the infection. The fresh blood fights infection. The white blood cells and leukocytes present in the fresh blood fights viruses.

6.Brain : Capsaicin stimulates brain to excrete endorphin and gives a sense of pleasure when ingested. This is the reason people get addicted to chilli.

7.Cancer : It has been noted that vitamin C, beta-carotene and folic acid found in chilli reduces the risk of colon cancer. Chillies such as red pepper have cartonoid lycopene, which prevents cancer disease.

8.Heart Attack : Chillies have vitamin B6 and folic acid. The vitamin B reduces high homocysteine level. High homocysteine levels have been shown to cause damage to blood vessels and are associated with a greatly increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

9. It also converts homocysteine into other molecules which is beneficial to lower cholesterol level.

10.Lung disease : Chillies gives relief from nasal congestion by increasing the metabolism. It also dilates airway of lungs which reduces asthma and wheezing. It relieves chronic congestion in people who are heavy drinkers.

11.Cigarette smoke contains benzopyrene which destroys the vitamin A in the body. The vitamin A present in chilli reduces inflammation of lungs and emphysema caused due to cigarette smoking.

Historically, chili powder have been used to:
12. Reduce triglycerides.

13. Soothe stomach aches.

14. Induce perspiration – used in hot climates to cool skin.

15. Increase metabolism and blood flow.

16. Fight inflammation.

17. Relieve congestion and stuffiness.

18. Clear nasal passages.

19. Boost the immune system.

20. Kill bacteria that can lead to stomach ulcers.

21. Promote weight loss. Chillies are good for slimming down as it burns the calorie easily.

22. Treat headaches, sore throats and tooth aches.

23. Stimulate saliva production.

24. Reduce fevers.

25. Promote circulation.

26. Aids in many skin conditions including psoriasis, itching and bruising.

27. Some cultures put chilli powder in their shoes to keep their feet warm.

So, here are the varied benefits of chilli powder. Before i started with this article i was not aware of even a few of them. The benefits of chilli powder are interesting and many, so all of us should add it in our daily diet to stay healthy

"Wish I had time for just one more bowl of chili." - Alleged dying words of Kit Carson (1809-1868) Frontiersman and Mountain Man.

It should be noted that chili powder should be bright in color and stored in an airtight container, away from heat and light.

Try making your own chili powder by drying different varieties of peppers and blending them in a food processor to create a powder.

So have a life full of the right amount of chillies and chill !!!

Author Brief Bio: Ruby Agarwal is a psychology graduate, pursuing her MBA in Human Resource Management. She is also doing her Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Guidance. She practices Pranic Healing and is working with a few NGO’s, highly creative, loves travelling, reading and a guitar player.

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