Chickoo Benefits

Health Benefits of Chickoo

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The objective of this article is to help you know the benefits of chickoo and how it is used in home remedies to cure health problems.
Chickoo or sapota (sapodilla fruit) looks quite like a round potato, has a brown skin with a sweet and grainy flesh. It has a high latex content and is about 4 to 8 cm in diameter.

Let us make ourselves aware about the health benefits of chickoo.

1. The chickoo fruit as well as the tree have medicinal benefits and various parts of the plant are used in home remedies to cure health problems.

2. Chickoo fruit was first found in Yucatan and in south of Maxico and in north eastern Guatemala. It is also believed to be cultivated all through Central America in earlier days. It is grown in huge quantities in several states of India including Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujrat.

3. Nutritive value of chickoo – 100 gm of edible portion of chickoo contains protein of 1.10 gm, 1.90 gm of fat, with minerals about 3.9 gm, fiber with 0.60 gm and carbohydrates with 25.80 gm . Calcium content is 30 mg with energy about119.0 cal.

4. Chickoo is rich source of vitamin A and C, potassium, copper, iron and vitamins like folate, niacis and pantothenic acid.

5. Chickoo is high in tanning. So it is believed that when chickoo is boiled with water, the decoction prepared is very good for curing diarrhea.

6. A mixture made of chickoo flowers and fruits can bring relief and can prevent pulmonary problem.

7. A concoction made with the old chickoo leaves can prevent cough and cold.

8. The tea prepared with the bark of the chickoo tree helps to cure dysentery.

9. The paste prepared by the seeds of chickoo fruit is very beneficial when applied on stings and bites from venomous animals.

10. The chickoo fruit has a high latex content which is used as a crude filling for tooth cavities.

11. Chickoo fruit has rich fiber content which helps in relieving constipation.

12. Chickoo prevents cancer.

13. Chickoo contains good amount of antioxidant, vitamin A, which is very essential for normal vision.

14. Chickoo fruit is also rich in vitamin C. It helps body develop resistance against infectious agents.

15. The chickoo fruit is very good for digestion.

16. Chickoo is useful in extreme heat and it relieves the burning sensation in urine.

17. Chickoo increases semen.

18. Chickoo also cures vaat, pitt fever according to ayurveda.

19. The crushed seeds of the chickoo fruit have a diuretic action and are claimed to expel bladder stones and kidney stones.

20. The decoction of chickoo fruit mixed with chayote leaves helps to lower down blood pressure.

So, here you have 20 healthy benefits of chickoo.

I hope I am able to put across the wonderful benefits of chickoo.

It not only tastes good but is also good for your health.

Be sure to have them and reap all the health benefits of chickoo.

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