Chamomile Tea Benefits

Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

I, Neerja Bhatnagar have an opportunity to make you aware with the benefits of chamomile tea.

 We all have heard a very popular say-                              
     If wealth is lost then nothing is lost, but if health is lost then everything is lost.

I strongly believe in this age old adage- ‘Health is Wealth ‘and the same must be with all of you.

Here, is the beverage which has many benefits which can help you to live long without any ailments.

This herbal tea is prized due to its innumerable healing properties to the mankind.

The chamomile tea has been a popular hot drink all over the world.

Since ages, Egyptians have been using it as a beverage and as a medicine. The chamomile tea has two basic varieties: The German chamomile tea and the other is the Roman chamomile tea.

The first one is more popular compared to the other.

The chamomile tea is very easy to prepare which involves the use of the flower heads .It is boiled in water and then consumed. It has mild fruity odour which is quite soothing.

If you are a connoisseur and a fan of tea, you will love the taste and the flavour of this tea.

After an extensive research on this subject, I have tried to mention here the following qualities of this tea. It has an impressive list of benefits which I am sure will tend you to include it in your diet.

1. It is one of the most valuable prized herbal teas due to its properties like- being anti-oxidant, having anti-anxiety quality, being anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial by nature.

2. A study of National Institute of Health [NIH] stated that chamomile tea is useful for people suffering from intestinal discomfort.

3. It is recommended by prominent Doctors that it should be brought into use by patients suffering with insomnia and sleep disorders. It calms the nerves to help the patient sleep.

4. It is also found to calm the anxiety of a person.

5. It is often recommended to patients suffering with extreme pain attacks.

6. The chamomile tea is enriched with high number of amino acids hence it comforts the person suffering with ‘Muscle twitches’.

7. It is also seen to heal victims of gastric ulcers.

8. The chamomile tea helps the female gender in comforting them during the occurrence of menstrual cramps.

9. A cup of chamomile tea can reduce cramping and pain in bowls.

10. Those who suffer with problem of bloating of intestines should include this drink in their diet plans as it is helpful in curing it.

11. It is great remedy for children who often complain with stomach ache .It is easy to feed them due to its fruity smell and good taste.

12 It is also suggested to be applied on wounds by making a concoction of chamomile tea, cooling it and then applying it on the affected area with the help of cotton or cloth since it has great inflammatory property. The poultice is also made the same way.

13. A cup of it can keep you away from the problems of cough and cold.

14. A very common ailment is’ MIGRAINE’. It is seen that persons drinking it regularly are far away from the pain and show lesser tendency to suffer from it. It soothes the patient fast if the pain has already started.

15. The tea is very effective in also curing the dark circle below eyes. The concoction of this tea can be cooled and then pressed over eye by using the cotton pad.

16. It also acts as a good healer for patients of hyperglycemia.

17. Fever, fever a common ailment often seen troubling all of us. The chamomile tea is the right medicine to be given to the person who has to be cured.

18. It protects our body from carcinogens.

19. The chamomile tea provides a great relief to the diabetes patient as it has a unique quality     of controlling the blood sugar level. It activates insulin to do its job of lowering the blood sugar level.

20. Great news for the beauty conscious people–this tea helps in improving the tone as well as the complexion when applied externally. It is used in the form of concoction.

21. It is used externally for healing of bruises, scrapes or burns. The tea bags are brought into use. The   chamomile ointment can also be used.

22The person suffering with sore throat is healed quickly and effectively with the consumption of it.

23. It acts as an analgesic by reducing the nerve excitability.

24. The agent ‘APIGENIN’ found in the tea makes it to act as a sedative.

25 It is seen to help patients suffering   with diarrhea problem.

Now the unique qualities of this tea, which helps in growing plants, are-
1. It protects the plant from ‘Fungal’ infection if the tea bags are opened and sprinkled over the plant.

2. The tea bags can also be added with the compost in the soil to make the soil fertile and rich in calcium.

So friends, seeing the health benefits of this tea, I have no possible reason to exclude chamomile tea from my daily diet.

You too can rush to add it in your diet and be satisfied.

I assure you that every sip of tea would definitely benefit your body.

I hope this article must have helped you to think over, to change your normal tea variety to this magical chamomile tea.

I take a leave hereby wishing you a good healthy cup of chamomile tea daily in your diet.

Author’s profile- Ms. Neerja Bhatnagar is an environmentalist, a lecturer, a social worker, a classical dancer and a soft-skill trainer/ consultant. She is a recipient of various academics and literary accolades including President’s Gold Medal and Directors Silver Medals at university level. Travelling and good music are her passion. Presently she is engaged in pursuing an advanced diploma in counseling and guidance.

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