Celery Benefits

Health Benefits of Celery

"I am afraid of losing my obscurity . Genuineness only thrives in the dark  like, celery". These words of Aldous Leonard  gives an apt description to the enchanting  world of celery goodness.

Celery is a nice looking plant  loaded with richness of health which does minimal damage to your pocket. A commonly used vegetable used in every household celery is of great nutritional value.

Celery is a rich source of vit c , folic acid , potassium , fiber , vit B2 ,B1 ,B6 ,  E ,K. Iron, magnesium , zinc,  calcium and essential amino acids.It also contains coumarin which is   a phytochemical.

It not only has medicinal values it is also an alimentary herb.

According to  Hippocrates,  The Father of medicine celery, calms the nerves.

So I ,Dr.Neelu Khanna will calmly apprise you of the  benefits of celery.

This is based on extensive and thorough research by me on celery.

Benefits of celery:
1. Celery is known to contain  anti-cancer compounds like acetylenics and phenolic acids which  have shown to stop the growth of tumour cells. Phenolic acid blocks the action of prostaglandins which encourage the growth of tumour cells. Coumarins at the same time help prevent free radicals from damaging the cells.

2. Celery has shown to cure pain of arthritic joints by helping in clearing uric acid thus helping patients suffering from rheumatism too.

3. Celery consumed in juice form helps in reducing the cholesterol level.

4. Celery is effective in preventing cancers of the stomach and colon  due to presence of phytochemicals.

5. Celery is a boon for people suffering from the nagging problem of constipation.It has  a natural laxative effect.

6. Celery has an excellent diuretic effect due to its potassium and sodium content.It regulates the body fluids and stimulates urine production thereby maintaining the body fluids.

7. Celery helps in promoting normal kidney function by aiding elimination  of toxins from the body.It also helps in preventing of formation of kidney stones.

8. Celery intake helps in lowering the blood pressure.This is attributed to the presence of a compound called phtalides which relaxes the muscles around the  arteries and dialates the vessels allowing normal flow of blood.

9. Celery has a calming effect on the nervous system due to presence of organic alkaline minerals.Thus juice of celery is beneficial for insomniacs.

10. Celery also helps in relieving acidity.

11. Celery benefits athletes by working as a good work out tonic as it replaces lost electrolytes and rehydrates the body with   its rich minerals.

12. Celery taken in small quantities mixed in boiling water helps in treatment of cough and hoarsness.

13. Celery also acts as an aphrodisiac and helps in treating sexual disturbances like impotence and frigidity.

14. Due to its diuretic and depurative effect celery is recommended  to individuals aiming for loss of weight.

15. Hypoglycemic properties of celery make it very useful in  treating diabetes.

16. Various forms of acne and cicatrizing are also cured by celery intake.

17. Pottasium present in celery helps in promoting muscle growth.

18. Being high in salt naturally ,celery is beneficial in people who need to watch their salt intake.

19. Calcium content  present in celery is good for maintaining bone and teeth health.

20. Celery is good in cases of people who have  loss of appetite.

An interesting fact about celery is that  being a succulent plant it produces its own pesticide called psoralens.This may not go well with many people.So if you develop skin problems after eating celery avoid it.

A word of caution  here for pregnant women too.Celery consumption during pregnancy should be restricted to minimum as allergic reactions have been reported.

So this nice looking green plant is packed with all the essential minerals  and vitamins which have  a role to play in the upkeep of your health.  
Make the most of celery by using it as salad toppings ,making chutneys,using as dressings or having its juice.

Trust what the Father of medicine Hippocrates had to stay about celery and allow it to cool your nerves too.

With this i leave you all to add a dash of celery into your lives.

Author Brief Bio: Dr.Neelu Khanna is a practicing Dentist ,who has been a short service officer with the Indian Army.She is a multi tasking women who is fond of reading, writing,and is also a keen sports person.

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